So I have been a bad blogger

I haven’t updated in forever! With working full time now my time is very limited and I seem to not be able to do a lot of the things I was used to doing. Although, a few unfortunate events happened at work and I am now back at home. It’s a catch 22 – I get more work done when I am at the office but now I get to spend my days with Baby J again. I am still planning on going into the office a few times a week when Marc can watch him but I am not on a schedule. We are still throwing the idea around of me staying at home, not working but for now this is the next best thing.

So a major event happened a few days ago: Baby J has turned 4 months! I really cannot believe it! Wait… don’t I say that every month? He is so much fun now and has brought so much joy into our household! Marc and I cannot even think what our lives were like before him. He is almost rolling now; he gets up onto his side but cannot get past his shoulder. And he has learned to yell, too. It is quite funny to listen to! I need to capture it on video but since he is sick again, his yelling has been cut back. I did take this video this morning. He is just so darn cute!
(and dont mind my stupid, lets talk in baby talk all of the time, voice. I guess that’s one of the characteristics of being a mom 🙂

One thought on “So I have been a bad blogger

  1. Wow, so I guess you guys don’t need to use Kindercare then! That is awesome!! I did notice the other day that he was really getting ready to start rolling! Better watch out after that comes crawling!!

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