Do you really know?

I am: an individual who thrives off of creativity and uniqueness.
I think: everything happens for a reason; whether we see it now or later in life.
I know: that my instinct is stronger than my thoughts.
I want: to be loved unconditionally.
I dislike: closed mindedness.
I miss: living in the woods, where the sky was so clear you could see ALL of the stars at night!
I fear: the unknown. I liked to be as prepared as possible.
I hear: Pearl Jam
I smell: like spit up… love ya Baby J!
I crave: the energy working out gives me.
I cry: a lot more now then I ever have! Damn pregnancy hormones…
I search: to find the answers to EVERYTHING!
I wonder: what my life will be like in 5 years.
I regret: nothing. I have learned from everything. No reason to be stuck on the past when the future is happening right now.
I love: merlot after a days work.
I care: what others think too much.
I always: over analyze
I worry: about the smallest of things.
I am not: a confrontational person.
I remember: the memories that made me hurt more than the memories that made me smile.
I believe: in karma.
I dance: … I do?
I sing: in the car
I don’t always: think positivly
I argue: only when I think I have a valid point.
I write: quite a bit, although I hate my handwriting.
I win: at Pictionary
I lose: nothing. However I seem to LOVE to misplace things!
I wish: for world peace.
I listen: more than I speak.
I don’t understand: algebra
I can usually be found: at home, at the library or holding Baby J
I am scared: of being emotionally hurt
I forget: and forgive to easily, although I HATE holding grudges against anyone. Humans make mistakes, right?
I am happy: when others are happy around me.

This is me.

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