Happy Holidays!

Well now that the holidays are pretty much over with, I have a few minutes to write and update.
The past week has been wonderful and relaxing! We were pretty much snowed in and Marc has had the past 9 days off, which was much needed for all three of us. He has been so busy with his wrestling tournament and refereeing that I barely saw him the past month. I ended up sitting at home all day and all night wondering what the hell I did to myself… I guess the postpartum emotions are still lingering.
Baby J is growing so fast! He has been sleeping 7-8 hours a night now which helps me tremendously through out the day! He is becoming such a little man and gaining weight like a little champ. Even though he is only 2 and half months old, it seems like he has been with us forever.
Christmas was a blast! Very relaxed. My mom and her boyfriend came over to spend the day at our home. Marc made an amazing prime rib dinner with acorn squash, fresh green beans and stuffing. And there was lots of beer and wine, too.
Marc and I do our gift giving non traditional: we pretty much buy our own gifts during the month. This year my gifts were all about getting myself back to the “pre pregnant” Tasha. I have a new tanning package, a full foil and new hair cut and a new gym membership. Marc got an electric toothbrush, a new cell phone and new dvd’s.
However my mom spoiled all of us! *she always does :)*
My problem is I can never remember what I need or want so I am already planning my list for next year. So far I have: cookie sheets, a Dyson and a new camera… Marc, make note.

I hope everyone else had a great holiday!

1 thought on “Happy Holidays!”

  1. oh my gosh..i’ve always wanted a dyson!i hate cleaning, especially vacuuming but that thing is so damn cool…the baby is darling…he looks so much like marc!!!

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