One more month down!

Happy 2 months, Jordan!

I cannot believe we have a two month old! Everyday he is getting more fun! He smiles all of the time and he adores his papa. Marc can walk into the room, say something and Jordan’s eyes get huge and he starts to get so excited!
I have decided to stop breastfeeding, also. I am so proud of myself that I made it to two months but with me going back to work, daily events and him eating all of the time, I figured it would be easier this way. Plus, my appetite has been so small after giving birth that I wasn’t consuming enough food or water during the day to keep up with his demand. He was constantly on me, getting frustrated. Plus, I developed thrush last week and have been in constant pain. Again, I am so happy and pleased that I lasted a full 2 months!
We had our family Holiday get together this past Saturday. Jordan did great! All smiles and happy to see and meet everyone. That was also the first day of snow for winter 2008/2009. It has been bitter cold and very frozen! Baby J and I have been snuggling all day, keeping warm.
OH! And he held his bottle for the first time today! It was a little too heavy for him to keep it in his mouth but he was holding it up! He really does amaze me everyday! 🙂

One thought on “One more month down!

  1. Congrats on making it two months! That’s two weeks longer than me! I was going through the same things… Here’s hoping you don’t have too much breast pain when you stop, I was in agony for two solid weeks but my sis-in-law just stopped too and didn’t have any pain at all… Good luck!!

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