We had a breakthrough!

:crosses fingers that this will stay!:
So, Baby J is horrible at sleeping. I love him, but this is not his best side. I have been having to co sleep with him the past 3 weeks because it is the only way I was able to get any sleep. The down side: Marc was worried that he might squish him so he slept on the couch. AND Baby J takes after his father’s bad eating habits and is super loud! I know it wakes Marc up and I feel awful since he has to get up so early and go to work.
I have been trying to get him on a routine at night but I ended up so frustrated after he was down for 5 minutes then right back awake. So I bagged the idea. Well the past few nights I have been trying to go back to his night time routine again. He is now 12 pounds and I have read that they are able to sleep longer once they have enough weight on them.
So last night I bathed Baby J at 8, lotion and massaged him, fed him, rocked him and put him down in his crib. Some other problems that we were having is when I went to put him down he would automatically wake up. Turns out he is a tummy sleeper. Fine, we got that area worked out, but he was still waking up. So the genius I am patted his back once he was down for a few minutes and he was out like a light! Ok, so I did add some baby crack in this little experiment, too.
Baby Crack – white noise. You can buy special machines that play the sound of rain, ocean and so forth but all I do is turn one of his monitor handset’s on without the main componet and all it is is static.
Baby J slept until 12:30! For him this is AMAZING! He has never slept this long with me holding him in bed. I also upped his food intake from 4 oz to 5 oz. Little piglet… he just wants to grow and grow!

3 thoughts on “We had a breakthrough!”

  1. YAY! Hopefully it keeps going well for you guys! Sleep has been one of our biggest pains with Naomi, actually our only pain! We are now on night 3 of sleep training, I should have done it forever ago but it’s really hard to just listen to her cry for 45 min! We get back from Chelan on Wednesday so maybe we could do coffee or lunch on Thursday or Friday? Let me know!! Love ya!

  2. I just noticed your comment on my blog. I’m horrible at checking/updating that thing. I just did an update now and was looking to see when my last one was and I saw your comment. Anyway, HELLO!

  3. I am so glad that he is sleeping longer for you. I will bring the sound machine down with me on friday night. Baby J will love it, and so will Mama and Pappa.I Love You All…Mom

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