Jordan got a bottle..

and I got a Bud Light.
This afternoon was a hard one. He woke up ate, ate and ate and would not go to sleep. He stayed awake for 5 hours, very cranky and I lost it. Sitting in his room, nursing and crying. Ugh – I told myself to be strong, I told myself not to over react but I guess it just had to happen. All I could think about were the things that I wanted to get done. I guess I must start thinking like a mom and putting my list on hold. Marc is at a meeting tonight as well and wont be home until about 9 or 10… I am sure this had something to do with my little out burst as well.
I feel better now that he is sleeping and I am putting some warm soup in my belly… also a cold beer. 🙂 I just had to!

1 thought on “Jordan got a bottle..”

  1. Oh how I remember those days! I actually miss those times when Nay would sleep a lot and I could shower or take a nap or eat! And I also remember those times when she wouldn’t stop crying and I couldn’t figure out why and it was just so heartbreaking all I would do was cry right along with her! Love you Tash! Let me know if you need anything ever! P.S. That reminds me do you guys have a swing?

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