Happy "Full-Term" to me!

37 weeks!

I am officially full term!
So what does that mean?? Well… it means a few things actually.
ONE: I can have Jordan at anytime and he would be 100% perfect and healthy. *hint hint*
THREE: Only a few more weeks left of this pregnancy… can you believe it?!

I do like the look of my bare belly, though. I have had minimal problems with this area. No stretch marks, (the lines that you see are my veins being stretched out) belly button has not “fully” popped yet – a tad on top that you can see in the picture and it is as smooth as a… well, baby’s butt!

Nursery is ALMOST completed. Damn Babies R Us has not gotten our dresser/changing table in yet and that is the last piece we are waiting on. I did paint his letters the other weekend and hung them up above his crib. I really like how they turned out!

And here is his finished blanket.

I guess there is ALWAYS more that could be done but I am not worrying about it.
Marc and I are picking up something very special and important today in a few hours… but you will just have to wait until next weekend to find out!

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