Wednesday Randoms

It is cloudy and a bit chilly here in the Seattle area – FINALLY! Call me weird but I love it when the cloud cover comes. Makes me want to stay inside, curl up with a book and a mug of tea and be totally self absorbed. Which is practically what I am doing right now that I am working from home, waiting for little J to arrive.

Here is something fun, well it is for me, that I have done in the past on other blogs of mine:

1. Four Jobs I have had in my life:
Apple Cider Presser
Yarn Department Manager
Bank Teller

2. Four films I can watch over and over again:
Grosse Point Blank
Office Space
The Terminal
Bang Bang, Your Dead

3. Four places I have lived
*All in Washington State*

4. Four TV shows I watch
Foot Ball
News, boring I know
Baby Story, although they make me cry
Anything on the Discovery channel/Learning channel

5. Four places I went on vacation
Seattle, before I moved here
Vancouver, BC
St. Louis

6. Four Internet sites I visit a lot
google – I google everything!

7. Four dishes I couldn’t/wouldn’t want to eat
testicles of animals
tongue, of any kind

8. Four dishes I love:
Sushi fo sho!
MY lasagna
steak, rare

9. Four places I would like to be right now:

I am really feeling domesticated lately, too. Obviously I have been doing a lot of crafting and sewing, but I have been wanting to get in the kitchen and start making yummy good things! I have an awesome chili recipe for my slow cooker that I have been craving and some Pumpkin Pie!
I have always had a taste for cinnamon and nutmeg and I love pumpkin pie!

One thought on “Wednesday Randoms

  1. Oh I totally craved pumpkin pie when I was preggo too! I crave it on a regular basis anyway but when I was pregnant I HAD to have it! I bought like 4 pies from Safeway over the course of 2 months! I guess that is probably why I still have a bunch of weight to loose!

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