Back to square one

I am finally in my last week before hitting the big three-o – 30. And it feels like I still have so much to do! Maybe it is my instinct to always be prepared and ready or it’s my little brain worried and over thinking. I am not stressed but I know if I keep procrastinating I will become more and more stressed.
We are back to square one with Jordan’s nursery. We received the bedding last week but the more I was looking at it the more I felt I wasted too much money on it! Granted it is sooo adorable and everything matched but the biggest and most expensive item in the set were the bumpers. Well, Marc and I are not using bumpers. Yes they are cute and do serve a purpose but we think the risks outweigh the benefits entirely. Here is one story So without the bumpers, I am left with a diaper holder (I am using the dresser top as Jordan’s changing table and am using the top drawer for his diapers), a fitted sheet (ANY sheet will work for me and I have a feeling they will be getting changed often), the valance was too small so I would have purchased another one, the blanket itself was adorable but it felt like it was made out of cheap, low tread count fabric – and being the quilter I am I was looking at it thinking “This would take me less than a day to make and it would be SOOO much better!” and lastly the skirting – again, the crafty side of me was thinking how easy it would be to recreate it.
So here I sit, waiting to go to the fabric store to pick out my own fabric and replicate the collection for less than half the price and full of love from Mama to Jordan 🙂

The next few weekends are going to be very busy for Marc and I. August 29th – 31st we are heading up North to Canada to go to the Stone Temple Pilots concert in Vancouver, BC. This will be the first time I have been to Canada and looking forward to a little getaway. Hopefully I will be feeling ok as I will be 33 weeks then.
The weekend after is our big family Baby Shower! I am really excited to see everyone!
THEN the following weekend we have our friends Baby Shower.
From then on out Marc and I will be busy finalizing everything and prepping for the day Jordan makes his way into our life permanently. 🙂
Hopefully we can take some kind of mini, mini vacation before then… I have a feeling Marc and I will be needing it!

2 thoughts on “Back to square one”

  1. hey! omg…you guys are going to love canada! if you get a chance to have ketchup chips (so good!) and tell the cute canadian guys i said, “whats up, eh?” ; )

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