So we got a new look

I was bored out of my head with the old look… this seems to be much more inviting to my fellow readers.

How is everyone doing? Me… I could be better. I need a vacation! Correction: Marc and I BOTH need a vacation! We have both been exhausted and a little burnt out from the daily grind.
Now that each week is going by faster and faster and I am getting bigger and bigger, I want nothing more than to just stay home and think about my new family. Concentration has been very lacking as of the past few weeks. I am getting frustrated at work, I don’t want to talk on the phone, I don’t want to reply to my emails, I just want everyone to leave me alone!
But I am loving the cooler weather now. The ankles are not as big but still a little swelling as well as in my hands. And I was doing so well! Grrrr

I did have a nice surprise waiting for me on the doorstep: Jordan’s bedding has finally arrived! It is even more adorable than the pictures! However, IKEA is still out of the crib that we wanted. They were supposed to get a huge shipment in the past week and they only received 10 and they have so many people wait listed that we are not even close to getting it in a timely fashion. So back to square one: crib shopping.

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