Doctor Doctor!

Our first appointment went very well! Dr. Rogers is a very warm doctor with a great sense of humor. We both liked him which is a plus! And he will be the one that will be delivering so I wont have to see an unfamiliar face staring in my uterus!
My blood pressure was great! My weight is great and his nurse reassured me to not worry about nutrition at this point as I need to eat whatever tastes good to me and what I can keep down. My prenatal vitamins are perfect for me and the baby and it looks as though I don’t need to change a thing. =)
I did have to give up 3 viles of blood for the numerous tests that they do, resulting in me almost passing out a minute later. The worst part of the appointment but I drank some water and cooled down and felt better.
I can still continue my work out routine, although I havnt gone in a week, I can still eat cooked lunch meat and he told me to try to live a normal life as much as possible. I still am feeling queesy but eating helps me a lot. It’s not helping my clothes but I guess that is what I am in for. haha
My vision of staying this small, trim, cute pregnant girl are quickly vanishing. Oh well.

Happy 7 weeks today! Itty Bitty is the size of a bluberry, and already I can tell that this little blueberry has some kick in it!

2 thoughts on “Doctor Doctor!

  1. Tasha, I am so happy things are going well. You are going to be beautiful no matter how “big” you get 🙂 I know you will do everything you can to have a healthy baby and that definetaly means eat…Love you!!

  2. oh man seriously your blog i really making me relive pregnancy! I remember when I finally realized that I wasn’t going to be the skinny all belly cute prego girl! But as cute as that is there are deffinently pluses to being big prego! People always notice you are pregnant so you usually get more special treatment, which also means so sympaty too since no one can’t help but notice you!.But the best part is….being able to eat till you are full and not having to worry about that natural suck-in the gut rutine! enjoy the belly while you can 🙂

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