Goooood morning and happy Saturday!

challenge pic2On February 28th I am hosting a FREE 5 Day Clean Eating group! Are you going to be there with us? If so, join TODAY!

In this FREE group you will learn the in’s and out’s of Clean Eating, why it is SO important, how you can make lifestyle changes that will last, why Clean Eating is the umbrella to many healthy eating lifestyles (vegetarian, vegan, paleo, etc) and how you can be successful with your own Clean Eating journey!

In this FREE group you will receive recipes, meal prep tips, worksheets, meal plans, grocery lists, be able to ask me direct questions, connect with other clean eating individuals and so much more!

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So let me ask you again: ARE YOU IN? If so, please find my private facebook group and ask to be added – simple right??!! You will receive more information and directions once you are added to the group!


I cannot wait to see you all there with all of us!

XxOo Tasha


Take Action Steps EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!


If you are wanting something better in your current life – better career, healthier body, fulfilling relationships, financial freedom… you do know that YOU are the only one that can give that to you, right?

One thing that I routinely hear from people (clients, friends, family) is that there is a HUGE “wanting to change” but no action steps to actually do that.

I never knew the power of self discipline until I started reading/listening to personal development on a daily basis.And self discipline is still something that I HAVE to work on each and every day.

Here’s the thing – you must take small action steps every single day in order for you to see change. Healthy people are not gifted a toned body – they work for it. Successful people hustle and work their tails off every single day. And while we live in an era of impatience – wanting to see results NOW – you must remember that 99.99% of the time your goals WILL take time. But you MUST start taking action steps TODAY in order for you to achieve them!

You are worth EVERYTHING you desire out of life! The question is: are you willing to take the action to get there?

XxOo Tasha


Transformation Monday– Shannon Robert’s Story

Happy Monday all! Now that Valentine’s Day is over, are you ready to start rekindling the relationship with YOURSELF? Remember: the greatest love story you will ever have is the one with YOURSELF!


(Not sure if the LOVE YOUR BODY Challenge is right for you? Have 5-15 pounds to lose after having a baby? Then keep reading! ♥)

This is Shannon Roberts – “I was at my heaviest weight after I had my first baby. I had a healthy pregnancy, but my baby was nearly 3 weeks late, and I gained weight quickly in my 3rd trimester.

The pic on the left is me 8 weeks after my c-section. I thought I would never get back in shape! I did the 21 Day Fix before I had the baby, and knew it was the way to get my body back. I needed to lose the weight and feel like me again!

The pic on the right is me after a couple rounds. I lost 17.6 lbs and 11.5 inches!! I was not a one round success. It took some time, but I got there! If you are in the same boat, in here to tell you that you CAN do this!!!”

Pretty amazing, right??!!

February’s LOVE YOUR BODY Challenge focuses on fitness, nutrition and developing a loving relationship with your body! Are you needing support, motivation and a proven plan to be able to start living your healthiest life? We would LOVE to have you!

We have 5 more spots available before the challenge officially opens Monday February 22nd! Email us – coachtashakaye@gmail.com to get ALL of the details! ❤ ❤

XxOo Tasha Kaye


Love–The Soul’s Journey



Happy Valentines Day!!!

Today I want to remind you that the greatest love you should ever experience is the love you give yourself.

Remember: It’s all about falling in love with yourself and sharing that love with someone who appreciates you, rather than looking for love to compensate for a self love deficit. ‪#‎selfloveisthebestlove‬

Head on over to the blog this morning – I share a deep message about love and how you already have everything that you need or that you may be looking for! ❤ ❤

XxOo Tasha


Tuesday Morning Motivation–The LOVE Edition

Hey loves!! I hope you’re having an AMAZING February so far!! This month is all about LOVE and I want you to remember that the greatest LOVE you can ever experience is the LOVE you have for yourself! 

We ALL want to look and feel our best, be surrounded by positive and uplifting people, and do more of what makes us happy! Make sure you are providing that for yourself each and every day! Eat nutrient dense food – choose a career path that excites you – move your body daily.  


There’s hard work involved, but it will absolutely be worth it. Don’t settle for anything less!

Need some help in this area? Reach out to me! Let’s chat! I have helped hundreds of individuals get on the path to their BEST self-love story! Email me directly at: coachtashakaye@gmail.com

I hope these emails are helpful! For more tips, nutrition, and workout ideas, check out my facebook at www.facebook.com/thecleaneatingmama

Have a great week! 

XxOo Tasha


Kale – Do you love it or hate it?

Hey Clean Eaters! Happy Monday!

I wouldn’t say that I have ever hated it… but there was a time I NEVER ate it because I was scared to try it! But over the years I have created more and more recipes with it and let’s just say I ADORE it now!

I created 2 recipes that are simple and tasty enough that even if you THINK you don’t like kale, you will definitely love these dishes!


Head on over to the blog to get the recipe!


Are you WANTING to start eating clean but have NO IDEA where to start?

Then you need my Clean Eating 101 Guidebook!

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This guide book is FILLED with valuable information that will help you jumpstart your clean eating journey, weight loss tips that will LAST, over 50 RECIPES, meal planners, personal development and much more!

No matter where you are on you healthy living journey, this guide book breaks down the basics and allows you to start living a HEALTHIER life TODAY!

Want more information? Click HERE to read more and to purchase!


Health Bullies – They are real!

Why do unhealthy people make healthy people feel bad?

Do you know someone that is a health bully? You know, that person who makes fun of you or others for making healthy choices. Maybe it’s a Co-worker, friend, family member… they are the person that is always right there snickering about what you are eating and telling you what a waste of time exercise is.

This happens A LOT! Most everyone that I have talked with has stated that there has been someone in their life that was not supportive about their healthy lifestyle. It’s sad… but oh-so common.

I tackle this common problem and give some advice to help you cope with a health bully. Come on over to the blog to find out how you can keep your sanity and confidence!



The Soup That Made Me Famous

I admit: I am famous.

Actually… THIS soup is famous, not me. And I am totally OK with that! THIS soup deserves all of the fame and praise. Because THIS soup is really that AWESOME!


This is my Magical Healing Soup. When I created this soup for my family I was knee deep in tissues from runny noses and dozens of used tea bags due to sore throats. We were ALL sick and NOTHING was working. So like any SANE person would do when they are sick, I got cooking.

I know food can be healing, but just how healing I was soon going to find out. Within a matter of a few hours after eating this soup we ALL started to feel better! And within a few days we were all jumping around, feeling amazing!

So yes, this soup is magical. It’s the healing vegetables and broth… and the LOVE! Psst… can I tell you a secret? LOVE is the secret ingredient! When you make this soup for your loved ones to help heal them it turns this soup from ordinary to POWERFUL!

Want the recipe? Check it out here!

Sending you love and health during these winter months!

XxOo Tasha


Are you looking to clean up your health this year? Be sure to check out my Clean Eating 101 Guide! Over 50 recipes, my secret tips and tricks, meal plan ideas and so much more!

Remember: it is never too late to start feeling healthy!

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Are you accepting reality or resisting it?


Let me ask you a question: are you struggling with someone in your life right now? Are you feeling pain or sorrow or confusion?

Well, you are not alone right now. And I am here to give you some advice that may end your suffering and pain… or at lease give you some much needed rest.


Acceptance is the KEY to living a life of happiness!


Because when you ACCEPT situations, people and problems for what they are, you can move through them with ease and peace. You suffer because of the story you are telling yourself. You think you must control the situation in order for it to be correct.

If you are sitting there and are in some kind of pain, please head on over to my blog to read about how you can end it right now!

XxOo Tasha


Regret… let that shit go!


We all have past memories. Some are good and some are not so good. Some of us are very good about leaving the past in the past but most of us like to re-live the past over… and over… and over again.

This year I am not doing resolutions. I am not even doing goals (not currently, at least) but what I am doing is moving towards feelings. Asking myself – how do I want to feel?

Regret is something I am tired of feeling. Regret does not allow movement. Or peace. Or growth. Regret keeps us re-living our “mistakes” over and over again.

Not this year. Not ever again.

Does this resonate with you? Are you or have you been living in the past? Stop. NOW!

Click here to join me on the blog to read about how you can start living in the past and start living today!

XxOo Tasha

PS – Is your goal this year to lose weight? Did you know that more than 50% of people make this their number one goal?

What if I told you that you could you look and feel healthier without counting calories or fad diets. Cool right??!!

My Clean Eating 101 Guidebook is my go-to approach to food, self love and NON-dieting! It’s about living HEALTHY and feeling AMAZING! Stop wasting money and time looking for the next big-weight loss breakthrough. Simply EAT CLEAN and your life will be transformed!

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