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Coming Clean – Big News!

Ok you guys… this is it. Time to let the cat out the bag and come clean!

I am a Beach Body Coach! Woot woot!!!

team freedom1

This has taken me a very long time to announce and to come out with because I wanted to make sure this is REALLY where my heart was taking me. And after some serious talks with myself, dreams, signs, my true passion and calling, this new path cannot be held back any longer! I actually signed up to be a coach last September because I wanted to get the coaches discount. I fell in love with the fitness programs and with the nutrition supplement (Shakeology) and knew I needed that discount to help my new healthy habit. But coaching wasn’t something that I was ready to dive into – I tried and the timing felt off. Plus I was working on my own coaching at the time.

And honestly I have been very hesitant to even announce this today – this post has taken me days to write. Why? Because I wanted to make sure that this is a positive move for not only me, but my family, friends, current clients, readers, subscribers and followers.

But when you know, YOU KNOW!


So why have I decided to be a Beach Body coach? There were many deciding factors but two main reasons really stand out.

My love for health, fitness and helping others! This was a no brainer for me! I currently have my own coaching business that is centered around self love, health, nutrition and honoring your body. But I noticed a HUGE gap in the fitness side because I am not a personal trainer and I was not giving professional fitness advice or offering fitness programs. And many people either could not get to a gym or had the motivation to workout on their own and ALWAYS asked me for fitness advice. Most of my clients actually order Beach Body programs and they have amazing fitness results, along with myself! I have ALWAYS loved Beach Body fitness programs and has helped me maintain an active fitness routine and has made working out FUN!

Building a team of freedom and passion! This it what I am super amped up about! Every single client that I have worked with – and pretty much everyone that I have ever talked to – has complained in one way or another about their current position at work and/or their career. Whether it’s because they have no time for their family, not enough freedom, not enough compensation, they lack passion in their work, etc… this is a HUGE problem that I see on a daily basis and one that I have struggled with too! This was one of the main reasons I started my own private health coaching business and blog so I could build the life I wanted.

But there was one key missing from this: helping others by building a full of passionate individuals that were desiring the same! I absolutely love team building and helping others achieve their goals in business and life! And while I have loved coaching and will continue to offer my services, I wanted to be on a platform that allowed others to shine bright along with me!

And so Team Freedom was created!

Team Freedom represents:

  • Loving yourself enough to live a healthy life!
  • Following your passion to help others and help raise them up even higher!
  • Being the person that you know you were created to be!
  • Creating a life that you are proud to be living!
  • Free to be happy and healthy each and every morning you wake up!

And don’t worry – The Clean Eating Mama will still be the same. But I am planning on making it bigger and better with the help of my new coaching programs, partnering with Team Beach Body and allowing myself to open up and grow! I have never seen so many amazing independent opportunities in business as I have today. It really is amazing! And if you are remotely intrigued by this post then I highly encourage you to connect with me – let’s chat! Friend to friend! ❤

XxOo Tasha

1 thought on “Coming Clean – Big News!”

  1. Hi Tasha,
    I was wondering how being a beachbody coach has gone with you running your own blog? I was thinking of becoming a coach myself but I wanted to have my wellness blog up and running first since that is my first passion. Have you found it fulfilling or distracting? I would love any insight. Thank you! Anne Marie

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