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These companies were so nice to send me some samples to try. I love supporting healthy companies and help spread the word!

The Bliss Bar

These are AMAZING little disks of goodness!


The Bliss Bars are raw, vegan (some have honey), gluten free and were created to NOURISH, ACTIVATE, and ILLUMINATE your lifestyle experience.

As health and yoga teachers we were continually being asked, “What should I eat?” So in 2005, we turned our life into a superfood experiment. Raising a young child and committed to eating organic, we soon learned the challenges of making healthy choices, especially on the go. Our mission was clear: find the most potent superfoods on the planet to fuel the body, illuminate the mind and feel the bliss. Thus, The Bliss Bar was born, super-mom tested & kid approved!


They sent me five flavors to try: Coconut Goji, Chia Mulberry, Amazon Chocolate, Chocolate Goji and Honey Gold. They were all amazing! But my favorite was the Coconut Goji! And I LOVE that the last ingredient is Love & Light! Every product should have Love & Light on their ingredient list!

They are made in Ashland Oregon. I am not entirely sure what stores you can purchase them at but you can order them online. I would highly recommend ordering some! They are a perfect snack to take to work or when you are traveling. These didn’t last very long in my house – I ate one about an hour before I went to gym in the morning. It was the perfect pre-gym snack!
Check out their website and their facebook page!


Califia Farms

I have always been a huge fan of almond milk! I have been drinking non-dairy milk for years now. And almond milk has always been my absolute favorite. I do try to make my own when I can – it’s actually really simple! – but there are times when I buy the store bought kind. But beware clean eaters: watch those ingredients lists! Some have added ingredients that you may not want. And I always by the unsweetened kind. If I need to sweeten it up I will add blended dates or maple syrup.


Califia Farms makes delicious almond milk! It has a very pleasant almond taste to it. Almost like the real, homemade stuff! It is soy free, gluten free and non GMO. Great with cookies, added in smoothies or added to your favorite hot or cold cereal!


They even have a new line of iced coffee, too! I believe this will be available in the Seattle area either this month or next. I am excited to try those flavors, too! I will let you know what I think of them!


Califia Farms almond milk is now in ALL Whole Foods so be sure to pick some up the next time you are at the market! You will be pleasantly surprised by how amazing their almond milk is!


Be sure to check out Califia Farms website and be sure to say HI on their facebook page!


Tipu’s Chai

I LOOOOOOVE Chai! It’s sweet yet spicy and good either iced or hot. It’s a drink that I can enjoy all year long if I am not feeling like having my usual coffee.

Tipu’s Chai is a bit special, though. Bipin Patel created this unique chai based on his Grandmother’s recipe to serve in his Indian restaurant in Montana. It became so popular that he closed his restaurant and focused on his chai. It really is that amazing!

They make 3 flavors: Unsweetened, Sweetened and Chai Latte. I love the Chai Latte blend. It has powdered soy milk in it so all I have to do is add hot water and drink!


I really love what this company stands behind!


We strive to align ourselves with organic, Fair Trade, and sustainable business practices , while working to ensure we are an economically and socially responsible company.Tipu’s Chai aims to promote peace, social welfare, and environmental sustainability.

Cruise on over to their website and spend a few minutes reading about their mission and history. If you see this amazing tea in Whole Foods or any other store please take some home with you! Or feel free to purchase straight from their website! This is by far the best chai I have had!


I wanted to say THANK YOU to Bliss Bar, Califia Farms and Tipu’s Chai for sharing their wonderful products with me so I could share them with all of you!

NOTE: I was given free product in return for a product review. I was not paid for these reviews and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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