Advertising on The Clean Eating Mama is a wonderful way to get your business noticed! I take pride in my blog and work hard to constantly keep it fresh and inviting!

The Internet is quickly becoming the medium of choice for marketers and statistically proven that Food, Health and Mom Bloggers are increasingly influential in getting the word out to decision makers about the newest and hottest health products on the market.

Blog advertising is a great way to get your company, product or brand noticed by readers who are not only health conscious, but are conscious about the Earth, animals and living a more sustainable life.

If you want your brand or company noticed by thousands of health and Earth conscious readers contact me at thecleaneatingmama {at} gmail {dot} com or click here.

Last updated July 5th, 2012

  • Over 40,000 Monthly Page Views
  • Over 50,000 Monthly Unique Visitors
  • Over  800 TwitterFollowers (cleaneatingmama)

Side Bar Ad –  Size 250×250*  (Limited Spots Available)

$50 / 1 month  •  $125/ 3 months  •  $250/6 months

Your ad will appear in the right-hand sidebar. This ad would appear daily. See below for more services featured with this ad.

How it works

If you are interested in advertising, email me thecleaneatingmama(at)gmail(dot)com to discuss details about your ad, banner HTML code or button creation (if needed) and email address to send PayPal invoice to.  I will be in contact with you shortly for ad approval. I will send you a PayPal invoice and once I receive your payment, your button will go up with in 24 hours of receiving payment.

One ad month equals 4 weeks or one calendar month if beginning at the first of a month. A paypal invoice will be sent to renew one week before the ad expires.  If you wish to continue, just pay the invoice and you ad will stay up with out interruption.  Ads will be removed without notice at the end of paid time, if payment has not been made, however, ads can be renewed for placement at any time.

Please note that not all websites, products and services are a good fit for The Clean Eating Mama blog readers, therefore not all ads will be accepted for placement. Prices are subject to change without notice.

*Additional Services to the ad mentioned above:

  • You will also have the option to sponsor a giveaway on my blog. Each giveaway is a fabulous post dedicated to your brand!

When your ad goes up I will introduce you as a new sponsor at the bottom of a post, if you take out a 6 + month ad spot you have the option of sponsoring a giveaway for free. Giveaways have proven to be a great way to get readers’ attention and send them to your site to learn more about your products and services. It is basically a post dedicated to you and your brand!  I do great write ups, then I tweet and announce on Facebook about the giveaway.  I direct my readers to your site and ask them to Twitter about you, hopefully bringing you lots of traffic! I can also direct them to sign up for your e-newsletters, subscribe to your blog, join you on Facebook etc. Each giveaway will run for an entire week and I will promote the giveaway on Twitter and  a link to the giveaway will stay in my sidebar for the entire week so it’s visible from any page on my blog.

$100 Per Giveaway Post, which includes an automatic spot on my sidebar for ONE month.

Giveaway must be appropriate for my site and readers and have a value of $20 or more. ( I would gladly work with you on your product if it does not meet this criteria) You may only do ONE giveaway per month.

One FREE Giveaway post is offered with 3+ month Ad spots.

  • While you advertise on my blog I will also Twitter and Facebook about you periodically during the time you are advertising on my blog. These two sites have become one of the fastest growing social media web sites and strongest tool to spread the word through the internet community. I am very active on both almost daily. My followers interact and retweet with me on a regular basis. If you have a sale or a new product you would like mentioned, don’t hesitate to let me know! I LOVE to spread the word!!

A “Sponsored by” Tag:

$25 / 1 week OR purchase a lifetime spot (email me for rates as I base it on popularity of the post)Your logo or button displayed prominently at the end of posts. This option runs for one week (I generally post 4-6 times a week) and will allow your ad to be seen by all readers.

sample of lifetime tag sponsor

Facebook Promotion – (Limited Availability):

Get noticed on Facebook through my Fan Page promotions! I tag your fan page and link to your web site for great exposure to your company.

Gain fans and get hits… it’s cheaper and more personal than doing an actual Facebook Ad!

$30 for 4 mentions per month (once per week). Invoiced monthly.

Blog Post Advertorial:

A blog post advertorial is another great way to introduce your product, but is just a one time posting. I will review a product or selection of products that are sent to me.  If it’s a food related product, I can provide a recipe including the product or use of the product. A thorough blog post, including pictures, with mention and links back to your website will be included in this individual post. 3 month sidebar ad is included. In addition, providing a giveaway to The Clean Eating Mama readers is a greater way to increase brand awareness and is suggested, but not required. Tweets in association with the blog post plus Facebook mentions are included in this campaign. Cost:  Due to time involved in writing, this option starts at $350 plus product for review (please contact me via  email me to discuss)

sample of post advertorial

**Giveaway must be appropriate for my site and readers and have a value of $20 or more.


Partnering with The Clean Eating Mama as a brand ambassador is the perfect way to introduce your product to our readers throughout a series of blog posts. Over the course of 12 months, I will review a product that is sent to me and, if it’s food related, I will provide a recipe including the use of the product to our readers. A thorough blog post, including pictures, with mention and links back to your company will be included in each  post. A sidebar ad is included for the duration of the contract. In addition, providing at least one giveaway to The Clean Eating Mama readers during the course of 12 months is a greater way to increase brand awareness, but is not required. During the 12 months I will represent your brand, link to your brand in posts and  tweets as well as Facebook mentions on a regular basis. I will be your voice! Number of blog posts will vary according to contract.  Cost: due to time involved in writing, this option starts at $2,000 for 12 months plus product for review. (Contract time can be a shorter duration and/or more involved… chat with me if you are interested)

In addition to my blog, I am open to help promote Clean Eating and Living products and companies whenever and where ever possible. Need an extra hand at your event booth? Need someone to help pass out samples? Would you like The Clean Eating Mama to be at a special event? Contact me today! I LOVE building long lasting partnerships with companies around the world! LET ME BE YOUR VOICE!

Conference Sponsorships:

I would love to represent brands that I believe in at conferences and events.  Please contact me for more details on what a sponsorship entails and how I can promote your brand at the most popular blogging conference.

**If you choose to advertise with The Clean Eating Mama, you’ll be joining other reputable brands and companies like Whole Foods, Cocomoe Joe, Spices Inc., Nature Box, Stoneyfield, Larabar, Sokenbicha, and many, many more, who chose to partner with The Clean Eating Mama to get the good word out about their products.

Blogger Events:

I would thoroughly enjoy participating in “food blogger events”, to learn more about companies and to consult on how to bring their products to readers through the blogging community. If you are hosting a blogger event, please contact me to see if I’d be available for attendance.

I’m pretty easy to work with!

Please contact me if you have other ideas or questions

and visit my Disclosure Policy.

Thanks for considering The Clean Eating Mama!


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