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Clean Eating: Money + Planning – Readers on the Loose!

I received this email from a long time reader. We have communicated back and forth via email but I wanted to answer her question on my blog as I feel it would help others. These are very common questions relating to money and organizing. Enjoy!

Remember folks, my answers are based on my nutrition background and my personal opinion. I am not a Registered Dietician nor a Doctor, but an individual that strives for optimal health. What works for me may not always work for you.


Hi Tasha,

We were in touch once, a while back and I had a couple questions for you.  I try very hard, (failing too often) to eat clean. I don’t know why I struggle so much with it. It just is easier and less mindful to eat convenient boxed foods.  I have two little boys, 3 and 1 and I notice that my 3 year old doesn’t like meals…but snacks. I really want to start making food my priority. 

I guess I have two main questions for you. One is do you find that eating lots of fruits and veggies can get expensive?

Secondly, do you know what you are going to make for meals ahead of time? For example do you have a menu for the week and do you prep those meals once a week.

I am just looking for any little tid-bits that will help me get organize and finally loose my last 10 lbs and keep my family happy and most importantly healthy.

Thanks again.  Your blog is excellent and you are a great writer!

First off, you are definitely far from failing! You are trying your best at the given moment. While there may be slip ups here and there, you are still doing better then you were before. Try to look at the positive side of things, jump back on your feet and keep moving forward!

One is do you find that eating lots of fruits and veggies can get expensive? Yes and no. I eat mostly raw fruits and vegetables so there is not a need for me to buy anything else. However, Jordan needs to eat more than just fruits and vegetables; whole wheat pastas, coconut yogurt, crackers, etc. I also try to buy what is in season. This helps on price and gives me produce that tastes the freshest. One of my favorite things to do is make a trip to the local farmers markets. I do find that some can be more expensive than the grocery store BUT I am all about supporting local farmers and their business. Plus, their produce ALWAYS tastes amazing!

My advice is buy only a few items at a time. If you need to make another trip to the store then you can do that. I would rather see my produce not go to waste and over buying can lead to that. Also, be sure to properly store your produce; fruit with the fruit and vegetables with vegetables. Take your produce out of those bags and store fresh herbs in glasses of water. Produce is very delicate and needs to be handled with care. 

Do you know what you are going to make for meals ahead of time? For example do you have a menu for the week and do you prep those meals once a week.italian food  – Unfortunately not. Most of the time it’s just me and Jordan, and sometimes just me. It has always been a struggle for me to decided what I’m going to feel like eating a few hours or a day ahead. Some nights all I have for dinner is a Green Smoothie or a bowl of cereal depending on how I feel, or how lazy I am. I plan a bit better with Jordan’s dinner. But I must admit he, too, is a snacker. A GOOD snacker. A lot of fruit, hummus with vegetables, raisins, apple sauce, nuts, coconut/almond milk and so on. As long as he is eating healthy I am ok with him not really eating “meals”. Plus, he always wants a bite of whatever I am having which is always welcomed.

Tid-Bits and tricks: My weight can fluctuate 3-5 pounds depending on my salt intake, water retention and how many calories I am burning/eating. The main thing that always sneaks up on me is my sugar intake. Oh boy do I LOVE sugar! But if make a hard effort not to eat it, my cravings go away and it’s MUCH easier for me to say no.

Portion control can also be a struggle. I can survive just fine on minimal amounts of food. Some days I am more hungry than others but I listen to my body and go with the flow. If I am feeling “heavy or bloated” I watch my sodium, eat mostly raw food and watch my portions! We all plateau at some point. Try to eat a HIGH calorie day, or two, then go back to eating normally or a little below normal. You should see some weight loss after that.

Try to keep “easy” foods out of the kitchen. However, I know with children it makes it tough. Try to buy healthy snacks but keep it at a minimum. Keep baby carrots and cut up celery in the fridge when snack attacks happen. Most time I want something crunchy and this does the trick! It’s all about knowing your weaknesses and trying to be good to your body. If you try, you will never fail.


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