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Product Review – ONE Coconut Water

Coconut water is nothing new. However, it has gained a massive amount of popularity in the past few years. Not only does it taste amazing, it is very beneficial to your health!coconut

But… what is REALLY the deal with coconut water?

Here is a breakdown:

Coconut Water Health Benefits

  • helps promote weight loss
  • boost your immune system
  • fight viruses
  • boost poor circulation
  • aids digestion by removing toxins
  • boost thyroid health
  • keep body at proper temperature
  • carry nutrients and oxygen to cells
  • help break up kidney stones
  • great for liver problems such as hepatitis
  • reduce urinary problems
  • helps eliminate swelling in hands and feet
  • good for burns
  • good for hangovers

ONE Coconut Water was very generous and sent me a few samples of their coconut water.

coconut water

These little refreshing jewels have been the highlight of my week! Sweet, simple and refreshing. If I start to feel sluggish I pass on the coffee and drink a coconut water.

Why ONE?

O.N.E., One Natural Experience, is an all-natural beverage company with a deep commitment to the Earth and its people. Our products are responsibly sourced and harvested, filtered naturally and packaged in eco-friendly Tetra Paks. O.N.E. is actively helping educate people worldwide about issues of hydration and the prevention of childhood obesity, and we donate the profits from O.N.E. Water to support educational efforts. At O.N.E., we believe that the success of our company can, and will, be in harmony with environmental sustainability and good corporate citizenship.

Our founder, Rodrigo Veloso, is from Brazil, where he grew up drinking coconut water – both for its health benefits and delicious taste. Brazilians give coconut water to their babies when they’re sick, as a treat for kids when they’re hot and tired from playing, and of course everyone on the beautiful beaches of Brazil refreshes by drinking cool, coconut water.

Thanks so much, ONE Coconut Water! You now have a new fan of your product!


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