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The Clean Eating Bracelet

Mary, the inventor of the Clean Eating Bracelet, contacted me a few weeks ago asking if I wouldn’t mind taking a look at her product. After reviewing her website I thought it was an amazing tool especially for those of you that are new to clean eating. 
The Clean Eating Bracelet is NOT a diet bracelet. It is a stylish tool that helps individuals keep track of how many healthy servings of fresh food they are eating on a daily basis. Each color represents a food group:

BLUE beads represent servings of whole-grain and complex CARBOHYDRATES. The ORIGINAL BRACELET has 8 blue beads for 8 carb servings per day.
RED beads are used to represent lean and low-fat protein servings. There are 6 red beads, and this category includes dairy, if you choose to eat dairy.
PURPLE beads are used for FRUIT servings. Three “fruit beads” are included in the ORIGINAL BRACELET.
GREEN beads represent VEGETABLE servings, and there are 4 of these on the ORIGINAL BRACELET.
Along with this beautiful bracelet, she also includes pamphlets explaining what a serving counts as and describes a Clean Eating Diet. She has named her eating plan the ARCH eating plan, which you can read about here. And again, this is NOT a diet bracelet that counts calories. This is a tool that helps you remember to eat a balanced diet while looking stylish. In fact, I wear mine quite a bit just because I like it so much! =)
I frequently receive emails from individuals how are very new to eating clean and ask me for advice and tools to help them achieve their goal of changing the way of eating. I highly recommend this bracelet to those that need a little reminder and help along the way.
Along with creating bracelets, Mary has a life coaching business called Powerful Mind Coaching, specializing in individuals needs to gain that often “missing” feeling back into their life. She is such an inspiring woman who has helped so many regain that feeling of wellness through positive reassurance and guidance.
Mary, thank you for allowing me to help spread your work and word, Mary! Keep up the fantastic job!
For those that have questions about this bracelet, feel free to contact myself or Mary at anytime.
These opinions are mine solely and I was not paid or bribed to review this product.

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