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It’s Monday! How has your morning been?

I love Monday’s because I always wake up to a new update from Natalie at nono2yoyo and her Project Feed Me. Have you checked it out yet? We are already on week 5! I can’t believe how fast it has gone by!

Here is a picture of my stash!


I have been following her suggestions for the most part but I am always grabbing things out of my own pantry if they haven’t been used in a while – still good, of course. This weeks suggestion was peanut butter… I have a jar of almond butter back there! And I will probably grab another one while I am running errands today.

Natalie also has a great give away on her blog today! Check it out!


Will you be doing anything soon to help out families in need? Now that the Holiday’s are upon us this might be a good time for you to volunteer or donate. While money may be tight, sparing a few hours of your day is a wonderful way to show that you care! Your time and energy will not be forgotten or un recognized!

I feel it is very important to give back. When J get’s a little older, we want to teach him the importance of helping and caring; and to show him just how lucky and fortunate he really is. Kids these days get way to wrapped up in monetary items, whining and throwing fits if they don’t get their way. It’s the parents job to instill the moral values that have gotten lost over the years of cell phones, computers, iPods and game systems.

Need some help finding help near you? Here are some links that will put you in the right direction:

Or just Google “volunteer” in your area. It’s amazing how far your time and effort will go!


I am off to go meet some girls from a local pregnancy and parent board at a fun kids play place. Should be fun!


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