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Happy Monday! I hope today started the week off with a bang AND I know a lot of you have short weeks this week. Score for Thanksgiving! =) So I noticed a trend yesterday as I was going through my … Continue reading

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Almost Monday…

Good evening, all! How was your Sunday? Relaxing I hope! I started the day off feeling yucky – bloated and just not myself. My stomach was hard and I was not enjoying it at all. Yuck. Do you ever do … Continue reading

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My forgetful mind!

Coffee anyone? I posted three posts yesterday but in all of them I forgot to write my eats for the day. In fact, I forgot to take pictures of my lunch! Wait, what did I even have? I know I … Continue reading

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A little late… oops!

Hey guys! So yesterday was a little crazy AND I managed to fall asleep on the couch early, again! What is going on with me?! I was right in the middle of a post so I might as well finish … Continue reading

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Needle and thread

Thank you to everyone that has given me kind words the past few days – I promise not to depress this blog anymore! You guys are awesome! xx ooFortunately for you AND me I woke up in a better mood. … Continue reading

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The rain in Seattle has come back – not hard but it is raining.I just arrived back home from the gym. Marc is having a “boys night” tonight so I made sure I went morning. Knee still feels AWESOME! I … Continue reading

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Sunday supreme

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! Relaxing, I hope 🙂I haven’t been able to get on today; it’s football day and Marc has been glued to both the TV and – hence, me posting at 3-something this afternoon. … Continue reading

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