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A little late… oops!

Hey guys! So yesterday was a little crazy AND I managed to fall asleep on the couch early, again! What is going on with me?! I was right in the middle of a post so I might as well finish it…


I woke up too early this yesterday morning. Errr…. correction. J woke me up too early. 6am on the dot. I still have no idea why he is waking up so early. Marc says it’s because of the time change. Could be, but it still sucks.

Coffee, coffee and more coffee.

Last night The night before I decided to not hit the gym – my nose was running and I sneezed over 20 times yesterday the day before.

So this yesterday morning I checked out our On Demand and did the 30 Day Shred. It felt great! I haven’t done this is months! My legs were strong but my upper body is lacking – especially my shoulders.




I was feeling warm, a bit sweaty and great energy so I decided to check out the yoga section yoga. I found one for beginners, (Yoga virgin here!), said “Namaste” and started in. A big FAIL! I only did it for about 2 minutes and gave up. I kept having to look at the TV screen every two seconds, as soon as I was in a position she changed it and I just could not keep up. I was very disappointed :(  I have heard that a class is better for learning than doing it at home. My gym has some yoga classes and i might take them up on their offer – they come with my membership, anyway.

I made a shake after my little workout:


  • Almond milk
  • almond butter
  • spinach leaves
  • a half of an orange
  • strawberries
  • blueberries

After I showered, J and I went to Costco. The day started out sunny and nice BUT it eventually turned into rain AND HAIL again. One our way to Costco I drove through a cloud burst – it was raining SO hard! AND THEN I drove through a hail storm! I couldn’t see anything and there was an inch of hail stuck under the wipers when I got to Costco. I drove maybe a mile and then all of a sudden it just stopped. It was the strangest thing! I’m gald it stopped before we arrived because there was no way I was going to walk with J out in it.

We were only there for a little bit – I needed only a handful of items. After we got back home I was starving. And guess how the weather was now?! SUNNY! I couldn’t believe it! Seattle’s weather is crazy, I tell you!

I made myself a veggie burger – yum!


I piles on lettuce, tomato, onion, swiss cheese, avocado and salsa. It was messy but very filling!

I bought some avocados at Costco – they were on sale because they were VERY ripe. I was only able to salvage 2 out of the bag of five for eating. And what do you make with ripe avocados?



I just eyeballed some cilantro, onion, tomato, and mashed it all together with 3 large Hass avocados. Added a bunch of salt and pepper and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Holy Guacamole!


A perfect snack! And those flax and soy tortilla chips are a new favorite of mine! Trader Joe shoppers – check them out!

Marc and I did dinner sololy, yet together. He wanted left over tacos with guac, obviously, and I was craving sweets! So I made a piping hot bowl of oats with almond butter, honey, ( we are out of maple syrup – boo), dried cranberries, granola for crunch and cinnamon.


I ate as much as I could, half of the bowl. It was dense and filling! AND exactly what I wanted and needed! And like I mentioned earlier – I fell asleep at about 10, on the couch! I may have to switch my blogging time from late night to something a little earlier. I usually blog late at night after Marc has fallen asleep because it feels like “my time” and it’s a nice way to relax before bed.


J let me sleep in until 7 this morning! Thanks, J! The first thing I noticed when I rolled out of bed were my legs – they were burning! You know… the GOOD kind of burn. Jillian never fails me! It’s amazing how even a 25 minute workout can make you feel your muscles again.

I started off with some coffee and a shake.


If you have noticed I have stopped calling them Green Monster’s because… well… mine are never green. =)

It’s Saturday! What are your plans?


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Needle and thread

Thank you to everyone that has given me kind words the past few days – I promise not to depress this blog anymore! You guys are awesome! xx oo
Fortunately for you AND me I woke up in a better mood. Feeling great and thinking positive. I am starting to feel better from this nagging cold and decided to go back to making a shake for breakfast – I just didn’t have the taste for it the past week.

  • Almond milk
  • Chocolate Superfood (Amazing Grass)
  • frozen medley of berries (strawberries, blue berries, raspberries, blackberries)
  • an entire organic honeycrisp apple

SWEET but good! I even had some left over that I am giving J for breakfast, too. We don’t have anything planned today but if the weather holds out we may go for a walk in his wagon. He loves his wagon!
So I wanted to touch base on something that has always made me, me. Sewing. Since I have made this blog about my health and nutrition I very rarely touch base on anything but that. Not that I am going to stray away but I do need to incorporate more of my personal ambitions and feelings into this blog… for my own well being and personal outlet. I don’t think you will mind… it’s just more details into my life. 🙂
This is the adorable fabric I found yesterday!
DSC02768 DSC02764  DSC02766 DSC02767
Some clearance Halloween fabric, kids/baby fabric and some holiday prints. What do I plan to make with this? Well, let me be honest: 4 out of 5 times I go to the fabric store I have no immediate plans of making anything in particular. I just LOVE looking at the new fabric selections and seeing what is on sale. Eventually I take a fabric print and match it with coordinating prints and colors and sew something together, but I really have a habit of buying on impulse. 🙂
A little background on my sewing:
I began sewing at a very early age; second grade so that made me… 7 or 8, right? We would sew in school and I remember making a cat pillow. I still have it! I was so proud!
My family and I would visit my Great Grandma in California every summer and I dedicate my passion and talent to her. She gave me the tools to start and to succeed. We would sit and embroider, crochet, and she taught me to sew on her machine. I would come back home begging my mom to take me to the craft store so I could stock up on supplies like thread, needles, fabric and patterns. I remember sitting in my room, patiently stitching, creating works of art. I loved every second of it.
In high school I started making my own clothes. I could never figure out how to read clothing patterns so I would sew by eyeballing it, dissecting it in my head and figuring out the easiest way to put it back together. Sometimes it didn’t turn out the way I hoped, but most of the time it did. Granted, I was a hippy in high school and wore patchwork clothing… aahhhh the good ol’ days! If you have ever gone to a Phish show or any other classic rock concert, you will recognize them!
It was fun while it lasted but after high school I grew out of them and really out of sewing. I was busy and just didn’t find the time. I would make a bag here or there but nothing big. I started working at a craft store, Craft Warehouse, and eventually became the Yarn Department Manager, working directing in the quilting and fabric department of the store. I was in Heaven! Surrounded by fabric, sewing notions, patterns and creative people, the sewing bug hit me again – this time I was bound and determined to make a quilt!
Quilting is different from plain sewing. You have to piece shapes of fabric together, making sure they line up correctly – one small mistake and your entire quilt is thrown off! It was frustrating but I stuck with it. I found patterns that were for beginners and just had fun. I love quilting. This is mainly what I make today – quilts for babies and children. They are fast enough that I can make in a few days time and I feel very proud to have put my love and dedication into an item that will fill a child’s heart for ever.
Here are some of the quilts I have made this past year:
il_430xN.70010916 4282_1095723047499_1659284355_231396_6234173_n 4282_1095723167502_1659284355_231399_7003767_n 4282_1095723847519_1659284355_231403_6609597_n 4282_1095947053099_1659284355_231907_2602887_n
Nerdy Owl is the name of my business. i have this little owl stuffed animal that is reading a book and is wearing a pair of glasses. The cutest little thing ever! I sell my work but at a low cost to not really make any extra income. Basically to pay for materials – I enjoy sewing and giving a quality product to those that love my work. Plus, everyone is trying to save money these days – there would be no way for me to charge an arm and a leg.
I want to put my online store link here BUT I want you to know that in no way, shape or form am I doing this to gain customers. I genuinely want to share my creations with you! NOT to make money.

Please feel free to visit my new craft blog, too! NerdyOwlHome
Phew – that was long winded and if you read that then you deserve a piece of chocolate!
Have a great day everyone!!

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The rain in Seattle has come back – not hard but it is raining.
I just arrived back home from the gym. Marc is having a “boys night” tonight so I made sure I went morning. Knee still feels AWESOME! I still am taking it slow as I do not want to injure it again but I did some much needed speed work and stairs.

I am now sipping on a Green Monster – I have missed it! I haven’t had one in like 4 days…


  • almond milk
  • spinach
  • Amazing Grass
  • frozen strawberries
  • frozen blueberries
  • almond butter
  • half of an apple

Green Monster – I sure did miss you!

Not much of an agenda today, we may be going to visit Marc’s grandparents for a bit. I DO need to clean the fridge out. SO MANY tupperware containers, leftovers, veggies and I can’t see anything! PLUS something spilled and I need to clean it up – yuck.

Have a wonderful day!

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Sunday supreme

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! Relaxing, I hope 🙂
I haven’t been able to get on today; it’s football day and Marc has been glued to both the TV and – hence, me posting at 3-something this afternoon.

I just got home from doing a bit of “me” shopping. NEW SHOES! For both me and the baby; his feet are growing so fast… still not walking yet but soon! I had to get a pair of heel type shoes that I can wear with jeans.

I hadn’t eaten lunch yet so I quickly made some Amy’s organic chili with avocado, olives, hot sauce, raw sunflower seeds, and a nice bowl of chips and salsa:



It definitely has a kick to it! Water, water, water…

I was so excited to see my new oven that Marc made me try it out with a batch of chocolate banana bread.
I love my banana bread recipe but he was craving chocolate so I melted some semi sweet chips in a double broiler and added a layer to the middle.


In the oven it went!


OMG – it was amazing! The chocolate made it rich and dessert like! You can view the recipe here.


I looked at Marc and said it needed a dollop of almond or peanut butter on the top… he just smiled and said ” Yup, that sounds like something you would do.”. 🙂
I didn’t try it because I was just eating some bites off of his piece but I will definitely try it before it’s gone!

I wasn’t feeling too well when I got up, and still don’t, so I opted for a good ole smoothie.


  • almond milk
  • frozen strawberries
  • frozen blueberries
  • a scoop of Amazing Grass, chocolate
  • a peach
  • an orange
  • some ice

I had to use the peach and orange as they were getting very old! It tasted pretty darn good, too. 🙂

Even after last night’s baking, I was still busy in the kitchen this morning. I had to make Jordan some dinner options – Annie’s Organic mac and cheese with carrots and peas, and I took apart my pomegranate that was sitting on the counter. I plan on making a pom recipe soon!


It took a while but I finally got all of the seeds out.


Now I just need to find a good recipe!

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Putting my feet up

Good evening everyone!

This is one of my favorite pictures of us from his Birthday party! I love you, Jordan!

This is how I relaxed last night:

Um – yea, it’s a little contradicting but it was the prefect combo! I have a huge weakness for jelly bellies and when I saw them on the honor bar I snagged them! Then Marcus caught wind of my noshing and ate all the good ones – brat. 😉

I love this book, by the way. I have Michael Pollan’s other book, too, Omnivore’s Dilemma. After I finish this one I plan on picking it up. In Defense of Food is why I eat the way I do. For those that care about the food they eat, this is a MUST READ! I am planning on doing a book review after I finish – pick it up today!

I woke up not feeling that great – that time of the month PLUS too rich of a dinner. I didn’t even eat lunch until after 3! My stomach was bloated all day today and no appetite. I did my body some good, though, and made a nice, cold Green Monster.

  • Almond Milk
  • Spinach
  • Chocolate Amazing Grass
  • Frozen Blueberries
  • Frozen Strawberries
  • One Orange

It was definitely what I needed! I felt refreshed and energized. It’s strange when I can’t drink these everyday – it’s like I go through withdrawals!

A few hours later I ended up what was considered my dinner – Oikos yogurt (honey flavored), almond butter, granola and an apple.

This ALWAYS fills me up and is so satisfying. I can honestly say that this bowl of goodness is MY comfort food!

As I sit here yawning, I must say good night – see you tomorrow!


Project Feed Me

For those of you that are following No No 2 Yo Yo’s Project Feed Me, this week she recommends Tuna! I was at the store today and I totally forgot to look before I headed out, but don’t fret! I will be sure to grab my canned food items! 😉


Free stuff!

Here is a great give away for 100 calorie HEALTHY chips! AND a cute lunch bag! 😉


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Good morning!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

I made a very PINK Green Monster for the road.

  • almond milk
  • almond butter
  • a huge amount of strawberries
  • blueberries
  • an entire orange
  • a scoop of amazing grass

YUM! I love the orange in it! And I packed some snacks for today and tomorrow.

Well I am off to continue packing before I get in trouble – have a great day everyone!

AND remember to check back this afternoon as I announce the lucky winner of the Stonyfield giveaway! Good luck everyone!

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A new PR!

I just ran 5 miles in under 50 minutes with a PR of 9:31 for 3 miles – OMG. I am on cloud nine right now! I have never ran this fast or far before – I am a newbie runner :). The last mile was hell! I had to stop in middle of it, take a breath and a swig of water and get right back into it. But I did it! YAY! This is one of my items on my 101 list, too!

I fueled this morning on a piece of sprouted toast with almond butter and a 1/3 of a honey crisp apple.

I was drenched when I arrived back home! But nothing beats a good sweat!

I quickly refreshed with a green Green Monster! (Marc wanted to take the picture so I give all of the credit to him!)

PS – Baby J LOVES Green Monsters and here is proof! (don’t mine me, I am completely soaked still and pre-showered)

It a beautiful day in Seattle! Hope everyone has a great day!

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Chores chores & more chores

The thing I don’t like about coming back home from a trip are the chores that await you. From unpacking, laundry, cleaning up and organizing – it is hard to relax after relaxation. :sigh:

We ate too well this weekend and my stomach is paying the price today. Too much oil and sugar and not enough good stuff. I was very bloated and heavy feeling all day but I did enjoyed myself this weekend.
So I started off my day with a normal Green Monster.

  • almond milk
  • frozen blueberries
  • frozen peaches
  • frozen strawberries
  • amazing meal

I think I am adding too much frozen fruit and not enough fresh – they are not very sweet and since I have no juice from fresh I have to add water and it makes it watered down. (duh moment) I did pick up some fresh peaches at the store today so I will try adding some more fresh instead.

After some “chores” I ended up eating lunch at about 1:30. A nice big salad – just what my body needed!

  • fresh Romain
  • chicken chunks
  • avocado
  • feta
  • quinoa
  • a dash of EVOO
  • fresh basil
  • s & p
  • toasted sesame seeds
  • and Mary’s Gone Crackers

Hit the spot! I really needed some greens in me today!

A few hours later I snacked on an apple pie Larabar – this was much better than the cashew one I had a few days ago. Sweet but not too sweet, cinnamon and chewy!

We mimicked the refreshing starter salad from our dinner at The Mark so I opted to run to the store to buy some fresh organic spring mix, scallops and fresh locally grown tomatoes. I also picked up some more Chobani yogurt and fruit.
Marc made a home made balsamic vinaigrette and tossed some gorgonzola cheese in. Delish! He pan grilled the scallops with a little EVOO and chopped fresh garlic. I must have had a sesame craving today because I added more to the top.

The tomatoes were sweet and juicy – it really does make a HUGE difference in produce when you can buy locally grown. Plus it helps the locally economy and helps your mom and pop farmers. I would sacrifice a few extra dollars knowing that I was consuming a local product.
What is your favorite local item that you purchase?

I know this post doesn’t have much flare but I am drained tonight. But I have some fun post’s coming up so don’t miss them 🙂
Good night!

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Eyes. Are. Heavy.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday.
I, however, am exhausted! I stayed up until 2 last night working on my iPod and just overall not sleepy and I woke up this morning and went straight to a spinning class. No coffee, either. Yikes!
But I loved the spinning class – this was my first one! It was an hour of leg burning, sweat dripping, heart pounding intensity. My legs are very sore right now, too. I have always wanted to attend one and I have heard nothing but great things about them. I am glad I did!
I woke up and toasted a piece of spouted bread with almond butter. I knew I needed some fuel for my class!
Afterwords I made myself a chilly, red green monster – it was so soothing! Almond milk, strawberries, a peach, half of an orange, a scoop of Amazing Meal (my last one! more is on the way :), blueberries and some water.

We made an amazing run to Costco grabbing some bananas, chicken, brussel sprouts, avocado, strawberries and melon. It wasn’t that crowded, either! Made a quick stop at Target to pick up some personal items and them home I went. I was starving and tired! I was comforted by a nice warm bowl of lentil soup. It hit the spot!

I feel like I need some coffee, though. All I have is decaf so I may take a run to go grab some while Marc is out. Maybe….

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I ended the day with a nice slow run and a few minutes on the stair stepper at the gym last night. It helped my mood tremendously and I feel so much better today! Amazing what a good sweat can do for your body and soul!
The not so nice this was I ended up getting a blister on top of a healing blister – right on my left big toe! Luckily it doesn’t hurt but today I am going to go get fitted for running shoes – finally!
I also ended up watching a replay (a very old replay) of Ironman 2005. What an emotional journey those participants go through. I even recognized the oldest runner from my Runner’s World magazine, Ed Wolfgram. Wow – really puts things in perspective when a 25 year old is complaining about not wanting to do something! 😉

Well today really feels like fall! Cloudy, rainy, windy… I love it! Unfortunately I woke up at 5:30am and could not get back to sleep. I came downstairs and started reading Anthony Bourdain’s book Kitchen Confidential – I just love him! The only TV show I practically watch is No Reservations. His writing is humorous, true and un-censored – he writes it how it is!

After a chapter and making some coffee, which I didn’t drink, I tried to lay back down again. I woke back up at 7:30 when I heard Jordan stirring. I was exhausted still but glad I went back to bed.

I started to get very hungry so I made myself a VERY red Green Monster! Pretty, huh!?

Almond milk, Amazing Meal, strawberries, blueberries, peaches and half of an orange. Tasty!

Have an amazing day everyone!