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THE BIG 200!

My blog is 200 posts old!!

In honor of this momentous occasion I am doing a giveaway!


Spices Inc. contacted me a few days ago and has offered this wonderful spice set to one lucky winner!

This spice set is called When You Don’t Know What Else To Get Spice Set. It contains one each of the following:

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  • Garlic & Herb
  • Pumpkin Pie Spice

I LOVE this set because you can use it for breakfast, lunch and dinner with little thinking! Turn ordinary dishes in to spectacular dishes!

Spices Inc. has only been selling spices online for a few years. They have a passion for good, quality spices and their spices are hand picked by the owners themselves. They offer organic, salt-free and a wide variety of unique and popular spices and blends for every dish. You can read their entire story here.

I have yet to sample any for myself but just by talking with Greg from Spices Inc., I can guarantee you will be receiving the highest quality of product. You will absolutely love them!

How to enter: (leave a separate comment for every task you complete)

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I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of my fans and readers. I love educating you about my healthy eating practices and love reading your blogs as well. I love you all!!! xoxoxo


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Little words

Hey all! How was your Wednesday?

Mine was fairly uneventful – chores, returned some library books, played with J… the norm.

Breakfast was juice!


The norm – 1 beet, 1 pear, 2 carrots, 4 strawberries, 3 clementines, blended with 1 banana, flax meal and ice.

Lunch was simple!


Yogurt, strawberries, trail mix, organic apple and almond butter.

I made J some Annie’s orgaic mac and cheese and of course I had to have some, too. When it came to my own dinner I wasn’t too hungry.


A yummy hummus platter of carrots, edamame, hummus and couscous.

……   I really have nothing else to say ….. isn’t that a first!


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Shushi <3


Hi all!

Just showin some love again – every time I take a picture he gets more and more adorable!

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday – it was a busy day of running errands and catching up. I am right in the middle of writing a health article that I will be posting later today. It’s pretty informational so it may be a tad boring but it will be worth reading – I promise!

We all went to sushi yesterday for lunch!






I think was called a Kamikaze Roll – it was a variation of a spicy tuna roll and it was DELISHISH!


And my favorite – tuna poke salad. THE BEST I’VE HAD!

It’s the kind of sushi place that has the conveyer belt – which can be iffy – but this place serves fresh sushi and GOOD sushi at that!

After lunch we went to the mall for a little shopping – it wasn’t too bad when we first arrived but at about 4:00 it was starting to get busier.

So you are going to hate me – I didn’t eat dinner last night. I had a Larabar about 5:30 and didn’t eat anything else. NOTHING sounded good! I kept telling myself that I needed to eat but I just never did. Oh well…

And speaking of Larabar, the kind folks sent me a t-shirt AND a bracelet!

Larabartshirt DSC03425

I put them on as soon as I opened the package! THANKS LARABAR!

Well, I am off to write my article. Have a great day!

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Tofu plus Giveaway!

Hey all!
No food pictures right now but I wanted to link OhSheGlows new blog post – It’s quite funny and true!
I REALLY want this shirt!!! Hopefully Santa will buy this… I promise I’ve been a good girl!

But the best thing….
It’s GIVE AWAY TIME! It is now over! Congrats foodcents!

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Juice me well!

Happy Thursday, everyone! I hope everyone is having a great day.

Me – not so much. Still feeling like crap; if I had sick days I would have used one today. =( Oh well…

The bad thing about me when I get sick is my lack of appetite. Although I think it’s a combination of laziness and not wanting to eat. But it’s critical to get as many nutrients into my body to help fight off the yucky – I made a KILLER juice drink this morning! I really love juicing!


Look how pretty this is! I juiced an apple, a beet, 2 cups of baby spinach, 4 clementines, a large carrot, then threw the juice in the blender with a few ice cubes and a banana. WOW – It was a great combo!

What is your favorite combo for juicing?

I have just been lounging around today – still in my pj’s, no shower, no care. I did fix my blog roll, though. I had ALL of my links in one area which was a little confusing. Now they are split up for easier access. It took FOREVER!

I finally at lunch at 2 – tomato soup, a half of a plain bagel, some veggies and hummus. I call it my “comfort food plate”.


The soup was a little acidic so I didn’t eat that much but everything else was great! And of course: a piece of chocolate. NEVER too sick for chocolate! 😉


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STOP! It’s Kobacha time!

How is your Tuesday going?

Mine has been good, besides the fact that my throat is killing me. Great – not another cold! I am hoping that it will just pass; I really don’t want to be like I was a month ago. =(

So I am hoping some green tea and a gingerbread cookie will make me feel better.


Marc was out of town last night for some meetings – it was quiet this morning. I made a hot cup of coffee with some peppermint hot chocolate. Tasted so good!


I think my wrapping job from last night turned out pretty good! 😉



Like our tree skirt?! lol – I bought Hanukah fabric last year and just wrapped it around the base! Marc loves it =)

Camera fun with J!




And of course with Lilly, too!


The breakfast time – granola, dried cranberries and almond milk.


When J took a nap I decided it would be a good time to make my Kobacha squash – my first time preparing it!

It was VERY hard to cut into! Dense with tough skin!



I used an ice cream scoop to get the “guts’ out – worked like a charm!


I cubed the squash, put it all in a cake pan, drizzled a bit of evoo and some sea salt. Covered it with foil, baked in oven on 375 F for 25-30 minutes and viola!


Tasty! It was more mild than butter nut and very delicious!

I rinsed off the seeds and roasted them after the squash came out. Just a dab of EVOO and some sea salt.




I didn’t care for them, though. They were a lot thicker than pumpkin seeds. I couldn’t really eat them whole because they were so fibrous yet it was painstakingly slow to crack them. So, I tossed them =(

Overall I am very pleased with my whole Kobacha experience! =) I just LOVE squash!

Lunch was late – around 2:30. An easy mexican style salad. Black beans cooked with taco seasoning, over romain lettuce, topped with shredded cheddar and black olives. Along with some salsa, tortilla chips and a carrot.



And a piece of sea salt dark chocolate for dessert 😉


  Marc will be back tonight – I have no idea what we are doing for dinner. All I know is that I am drinking tea all night to help my throat!     

Health News

8 worst Holiday foods to eat:,,20322475,00.html

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Happy “soggy” Thursday, everyone! How was your night?

It must be the rain because I am feeling a bit soggy myself. Fortunately I feel well enough that I am going to be going back to the gym, starting tonight. Marc canceled his boys night since some of them were sick and is having a conference call at home tonight. After not going to the gym for more than a week I really need a good sweat!

Woke up, made some coffee and made a big ol bowl of goodness:


  • Honey Oikos yogurt
  • Organic applecrisp
  • granola
  • almond butter
  • dried cranberries

A+! I love the honey flavor of Oikos – not too sweet but not too sour; perfect!

Look how cute J looks! He really does look more and more like a Little BIG kid! lol


I tried yet again for a video of him walking – no such luck. But it sure is cute! 😉

After Marc left around 10:45, I went upstairs to shower and get ready, thinking I might run over to Costco to pick up some essentials. I didn’t think it was raining outside all THAT bad… think again! It’s pouring and I really don’t feel like dragging not only Jordan but myself out in it. Yuck!

So I went into the kitchen to make some lunch – another bowl of goodness!


  • Lettuce
  • tomatoe
  • onion
  • black beans
  • cheddar
  • salsa
  • chips

I love taco leftovers!


Now that J has been with us for over a year, I am finding myself having to upgrade his baby items in his room. For instance, his First Year Calendar. This is a calendar that helps you document their achievements and special outings through their first year. I really slacked on the last two months and had to quickly update and remember. I finished but now I am in search of another calendar to take it’s place – I still want to document his years to come and the achievements he will make.


I don’t know what I am going to do today, now. I have some jazz playing in the background (I love jazz!) and I am being peaceful. J is down for a nap, too. I do need to vacuum… but what fun is that?!


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Have a great day!


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No regrets

After writing last nights post about trying to balance, I really feel the need to get back to my old self. Not that I regret anything that I have done in my life, but there are still SO MANY experiences that I want to do that I never did when I had the chance… and sadly I don’t see myself doing them anytime soon. Sad.
I am not trying to play the Pitty Me card but I guess I need to come back to reality. Now I know some of you are thinking: Why not?! GO FOR IT! … Easier said than done.
I had always wanted to join the Peace Corps. To travel world wide, helping people in need. OR to travel afar, living and helping families out with their farms and gardens; in return getting a place to sleep and food in my belly – like WWOOF.
I simply cannot do those any longer – now that I have a child that needs me and a husband that cares about me, I cannot up and leave like I used to be able to.
The unfortunate thing is that when I was able too I never took the chance.
Believe me, I love my life and I feel very fortunate to have what I do… but often times I sit and think about what my “other” life could have been like. I’m not a religious person but I hope that I could come back to this Earth and relive my dreams over again.


This morning I was craving something other than the “A-Typical” breakfast. So what did I have?


Veggies, cheese, crackers and hummus – awesome! It really hit the spot! I also started the day off with some yummy coffee and then switched it up to tea – trying to keep my throat warm and happy. 🙂

I’m not sure what I have planned today. It’s quite sunny out so we may end up taking some time to enjoy the day outside.


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Have a great Tuesday everyone!


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Eating Well Magazine Give Away!!

Hi guys! I had such a good time with my give away featuring Cooking Light magazine that I wanted to do it again! This time I am giving away an entire year of Eating Well magazine – I am a recent reader and LOVE the nutrition articles, as well as the recipes.
If you are a fan of Clean Eating magazine then you will absolutely LOVE this!
The magazine focus’s on healthy living and eating, while giving great incite on to WHY we should be eating healthy.
I am so excited about this giveaway!

This give away is open to USA bloggers only – sorry 😦
The cut off date is midnight on October 31st. I will be picking a number via on November 1st and announcing it that day.

There are more ways to enter! For every task you do leave a separate comment for more chances to win.

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