The Soup That Made Me Famous

I admit: I am famous.

Actually… THIS soup is famous, not me. And I am totally OK with that! THIS soup deserves all of the fame and praise. Because THIS soup is really that AWESOME!


This is my Magical Healing Soup. When I created this soup for my family I was knee deep in tissues from runny noses and dozens of used tea bags due to sore throats. We were ALL sick and NOTHING was working. So like any SANE person would do when they are sick, I got cooking.

I know food can be healing, but just how healing I was soon going to find out. Within a matter of a few hours after eating this soup we ALL started to feel better! And within a few days we were all jumping around, feeling amazing!

So yes, this soup is magical. It’s the healing vegetables and broth… and the LOVE! Psst… can I tell you a secret? LOVE is the secret ingredient! When you make this soup for your loved ones to help heal them it turns this soup from ordinary to POWERFUL!

Want the recipe? Check it out here!

Sending you love and health during these winter months!

XxOo Tasha


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Remember: it is never too late to start feeling healthy!

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