Here we go again…

I have the itch again.
No, I don’t have some rare skin disease… the itch to start sewing again. It comes and goes as time passes. I was sewing a lot before Baby J was born and then I had no time or any desire to even look at my fabric stash. Well, my little cousin is expecting a girl in late spring and I have been searching the net for ideas. Duh – of course I have the itch! Every time I start looking at blogs, websites, craft sites, I get the desire and need to start up again. there are about 5 plastic totes in the garage, stuffed full of fabric that I have collected through the years.

I am wanting to try some new techniques, though. I love modern, non-traditional quilts. And I have finally gotten the courage to start free style quilting on my machine.

So, if my blog gets taken over by pieces of fabric… well… so be it 🙂

2 thoughts on “Here we go again…

  1. Hi Tasha, I hope that the three of you start to get better soon. You need to update your blog soon. I posted some new pics. of Jordan on my space.Love You

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