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PCC Grocery Haul

Hey friends!

I have another fun grocery haul post for you! I have been working with Traina PR and ProYo Frozen Yogurt to help spread the word about an AMAZING protein packed frozen yogurt product (review coming soon!). ProYo is stocked in our local Seattle/North West PCC Natural Foods but unfortunately I don’t shop there often as it is a little far from me. So I figured while I was there I would shop around and pick up some items I needed!

pcc 15

PCC Market is unique to the Northwest – Seattle Area. They are similar to Whole Foods but on a smaller scale. They focus on more local products and showcase small businesses vs. large corporations. Like I mentioned above, I normally do not shop there as it is a little far from me but yesterday reminded me why I love it there! I will probably make it a habit to shop there more often now! 🙂

pcc 1

I forgot my re-usable bags – bummer! But I will make good use of the paper bags 😉

pcc 2

PCC has AMAZING produce! Mostly Organic and as local as possible. I picked up some carrots (these suckers are HUGE!), brussel sprouts, a POM, cilantro, cameo apples, green bananas, lettuce, Japanese sweet potatoes, avocado, red bell pepper, yellow onion and collard greens.

pcc 3

Some “healthy” snacks and dinner options: Larabars, sprouted bread, root chips, sparkling water, plain yogurt, ground turkey and chicken breasts, veggie patties and fresh pasta.

pcc product collage

These are two fun items I picked up that I have never tried before! Chez Marie veggie patties and Rising Moon Organic four cheese tortelloni! I will let you know how they taste! 😉

pcc 6

I picked Jordan up some fun “healthy” food too! Natures Path Amazon Flakes, Earth’s Best Organic Waffles, strawberry honey yogurt, Annies Mac n’ Cheese, Z-Bar fruit snacks, vitamins and some cute finger puppets. 😉

Some other fun finds:

PCC makes their own granola – and while I usually make my own, this was calling name!

pcc 8

Goji Berries for the WIN!

pcc 9

I also picked up a 6 pack of Blue Sky soda. I should have read the ingredients BEFORE buying it as there is caramel color in it. I don’t drink soda normally… but everyone once in a while it just sounds good! I thought this would be OK to have on hand. And these will probably last the entire year, too! lol

pcc 7

I also found a premium dog food, AvoDerm, for our dog that has avocado in it! Great for her coat and skin!

pcc 14       
And of course an new magazine to read – I just love magazines!

pcc 13


Did you go grocery shopping this week? If so, did you find and fun finds?

Have a beautiful and healthy day!

XxOo Tasha


Meals – Day 2 Tuesday

Tuesday is done!
I felt AMAZING today with my eats!

I started the day with my protein oats again!


1/3 cup organic oats with a scoop of my ViShape Powder and black coffee. I never used to eat oats as they seemed to go right through me and not keep me full. Now that I am adding my protein powder, they are sticking with me! And they taste AMAZING! I am LOVING my ViShape!


Snack was a ripe banana! Did you know that I have never like bananas? Yup! NEVER! Over the past few months though, I have forced myself to eat bananas and now I eat one a day! But they have to be SUPER RIPE! Lots of spots!


I came home and quickly mixed this salad together – it was similar to last night’s dinner. Romaine lettuce + dried cranberries + 1/3 cup chickpeas + 2 teaspoons feta + red onion + red bell pepper + frozen peas + basil + dill + olive oil. YUM!!! I NEVER add dressing to my salads – I always drizzle olive oil with dried herbs and pepper. When I add feta or gorgonzola this adds salt and flavor, too!

I started to feel a little nauseous at about 4PM today which was very strange. It felt like I was car sick – headache, sensitive to light, dizzy… I am not sure where this came from or why. I sipped a little 7-UP to calm my stomach which helped!

After I started to feel a bit better I went to the grocery store to buy veggies and protein!


A full fridge is a happy fridge!


I write my shopping list down for you tomorrow – it’s getting pretty late here!
But it included lots of produce (asparagus, yams, apples, spinach, bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, parsley, melon), lean ground turkey, organic chicken breasts, quinoa, millet, beans, frozen peaches, oats and eggs. There was some stuff for Jordan, too!

As I put away my groceries I sipped on a shake.


This purple beauty had blueberries, strawberries, frozen banana, ViShape Powder, water, almond milk and peanut butter. I didn’t finish it all so I saved it for in the morning.

I also consumed 2 liters of water today! YEA!

I was going to head to the gym this afternoon but as soon as I started to feel sick I knew that would have been a bad idea. I am hoping tomorrow that I will be back up in the gym! I cannot wait!

There have been SO MANY of you contacting me about my program and sharing your thoughts and insight. Thank you ALL SO MUCH! This means more to me then you realize!

If you are wanting more information on my program or would like to say HI, please contact me!


Tasha and Jordan


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Grocery Haul

I love showing you what I buy at the grocery store. It is one of my most requested blog post topics! I tend to buy the same food over and over {I love my staples!} but this is a great learning tool for every one that needs clean eating inspiration and to really see what you should be buying.

Most people want to eat healthier but they simply do not know where to start. Learning how to shop again is like learning how to walk again. There will be temptation to reach for a bag of chips, a box of cookies or that tempting dessert from the bakery. With time and dedication, these temptations will no longer be an issue. It will become instinctive to buy healthy items so your kitchen is fully stocked with healthy food for you and your family to enjoy.

I buy a lot of fresh produce, especially in the summer. I eat a very high raw diet {which is the cleanest and healthiest for you!} and my son LOVES all kinds of fresh fruit. He eats a very high raw diet as well.

grocery (2)

As you can see there is a ton of variety here. I was out of most of my produce so I had to stock up again. I do try to buy all organic if it is available. And remember to carry a list of the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen around with you – this helps you prioritize between organic and non-organic.

Produce – cauliflower, organic apples, grapefruit, red bell pepper, red onion, bananas, kale, celery, cucumber, strawberries, figs, apricots, nectarines, spinach and a huge watermelon.


Frozen fruit for smoothies, natural peanut butter, maple syrup, ground turkey, canned beans, rice crackers, semi sweet chocolate chips, salsa, kalamata olives and dark chocolate.

grocery (4)

I do buy Jordan some fun stuff. Trader Joes has a great selection of healthy food for kids. Keep in mind that he eats a diet very high in raw foods and low processed foods. Fun foods will last him quite a while as I make sure to balance everything. Macaroni and Cheese, Joe’s O’s {like spaghetti O’s but MUCH better}, toaster waffles, applesauce packets, yogurt, corn dogs {he loves corn dogs!}

grocery (3)

I also stopped at Whole Foods for a few items: gluten free bread, bulk beans and grains {in the paper bags}, almonds, tamari {gluten free soy sauce}, bars for me and Jordan and natural graham cereal for Jordan.

grocery (5)    
This was the first time I picked up this gluten free bread and it’s very good! I don’t eat a lot of bread so this loaf will last me 3 weeks or so in the fridge. Gluten free bread can be pricey {this loaf was over 5$} but since it lasts me so long I think it’s very reasonable. 

So there you go! This shopping trip was last weekend and I am needing to head to the market again this week. I will be sure to keep posting my grocery hauls for you to see!

Have questions? Leave a comment or shoot me an email!

Healthy Eating!



Trader Joes Grocery Haul

I really REALLY love shopping at Trader Joes. I shop at Fred Meyer because they have a huge Organic selection and at Trader Joes. Fred Meyer has a rewards card and at 4 months you get a rebate along with great coupons. This time I got over $13 back and a TON of coupons for fresh produce!

This time I did my shopping all at Trader Joes.


I hadn’t done a large grocery haul in a few weeks and I was out of a lot of things. It was time to stock up!


Bag 1: Frozen fruit for munching and smoothies, frozen green beans and peas, fresh broccoli, turkey corn dogs, guac, hummus, pot stickers, yogurt, waffles and ground turkey.


Bag 2 & 3: White wine, beans, tomato sauce, bananas, lemons, limes, cucumbers, sea salt, salsa, sparkling water, honey dew melon, red potatoes, coffee.


Bag 4: cilantro, plain Greek yogurt, dark chocolate, carrots, celery, apples, romaine, kale, avocados.


Bag 5: organic beef jerky, 100% apple juice boxes, applesauce, almond chocolate milk, buttermilk pancake mix, red thai curry sauce, sri racha, organic peanut butter, pistachios, taco seasoning, assortment of natural nut bars and fruit leather, almond chocolate granola, gummy vitamins.

I also picked up a bag of these tortilla chips and had a light snack with some guacamole.



I love posting my grocery haul for you! I remember when I first starting reading blogs and transitioning into a cleaner life style, I searched high and low for grocery ideas and tips for shopping.

I must admit this trip was a little out of the ordinary and I purchased a few things that I normally do not. I am feeding two others besides me and I do like to keep some faster food options for nights that we are running errands or need a quick dinner.

And I didn’t pick up a lot of my fresh veggies because I am trying to by them as I need to limit waste. I tend to buy so much fresh produce that I wont use it all before it turns. Since I am now working from home I have time to plan and prep my meals and have the time and option to buy fresh produce as I need to.

Question: Did you grocery shop this weekend? How was your grocery haul?

Healthy Eating

Grocery Haul!

Hey loves!

I LOVE grocery shopping! Probably one of my favorite things to do… ever! Clothes shopping? Not so much… shoe shopping? Nah. But grocery shopping… YES!!!

grocery trip 1

We were at Trader Joes and Jordan always likes to pick flowers up for me… I LOVE tulips so her picked me out a small bouquet of pink tulips. So sweet! 😉

So here is what my haul consisted of:

Let’s start with the produce!

grocer trip 3

Pretty usual and basic today! For fruit I picked up some oranges, apples, lemons and bags of frozen berries, strawberries and cherries. I prefer veggies over fruit so my fruit load is always MUCH MORE than my fruit! Carrots, celery, onions (yellow and red), avocado, cucumber, red bell pepper, greens (spinach and kale), heirloom tomatoes and cauliflower. I am upping my clean eating and raw food consumption during my 90 day challenge so I wanted to make sure I have plenty of options!

Baking and Spices!

grocery trip 2

Nothing exciting going on here… some pure maple syrup, cocoa powder for my shakes, some random spices I was out of and a box of pancake mix for Jordan on the weekend… he LOVES pancakes! He is DEFINETLY my child! 😉

Random finds!

grocery trip 5

Almond milk (both for home and at my office), hummus, beans, Greek yogurt, quick cooking barley, vegan chocolate chip cookies (for my occasional cookie with coffee ;), dish soap and my beautiful flowers from my favorite little man!

Jordan’s food!

  grocery trip 4 

Ok, so before anyone starts freaking out about all of the “snack” food, I do want to mention that he eats A LOT of fresh vegetables and fruit. He LOVES apples, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers, frozen berries and spinach (in his smoothies, of course!).
He does get a “special” cereal (Panda Cereal!), real fruit yogurt, Organic Z bars, banana chips, gluten free mac and cheese, Smart Dogs (vegan, 100% protein dogs. I eat them too!), chicken noodle soup (for nights that we are busy!), vitamins, 100% fruit Crushers (they are pureed fruit, 100%), and fruit leather. This will last him all week and then some. He knows that he doesn’t get snack on a daily basis but when I buy snacks that are REAL FOOD he thinks he is getting a treat but I know they are at least healthy.

So that is it!

I feel SO MUCH better after I grocery shop! Just seeing all that wonderful produce makes my stomach rumble and my mouth water! 🙂

Do you like grocery shopping? What store do you tend to shop at?

Be Beautiful, Be Healthy, Be YOU!