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Homemaker Love

My apron was on all day yesterday; I cooked, cleaned, sewed and played.  I decided to grow an avocado plant. I have heard it’s easy, and with the amount of avocado’s I eat I thought what the heck!    Grow … Continue reading

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Baby Steps!!!!

Guess what I did tonight?! …. I ran a mile! I am so thrilled over this little milestone! Since my back injury I have yet to run even a few feet, let alone a mile. I took it nice and … Continue reading

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At a loss

Hey guys! Happy Hump Day! Sorry for my sporadic posting; I have not been in the best mood. I am very concerned about my back, still. I have yet to find any relief and it’s not getting any better. I … Continue reading

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Back Update

Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts! It means more to me than you know! =) I went to the chiropractor this morning. He spent a good 20 minutes watching me walk errrr waddle, measuring to see how … Continue reading

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Out of commission

Hey guys! How was the weekend? Mine started great – it was a beautiful day on Saturday. I made coffee, played with J, cleaned a bit and thought about what we were going to do. While J was napping I … Continue reading

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1 little monkey…

Thanks for the kind comments on my Vegan Banana Bread Muffins – they are pretty amazing, if I must say so. I was drinking my coffee and thought, A muffin would be pretty good right about now! And so into … Continue reading

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Weekend Pics + FAQ’s

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? I have seen a lot of you were having wonderful weather and were able to get out of the house – I love that spring is finally here! =) We were able to get … Continue reading

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Modge Podge

It’s Friday! Another BEAUTIFUL day here in Seattle – I swear it looks like it should be 80 degrees outside! I am here wearing my capris, a tank top and some sandals. Speaking of sandals, these are my most favorite … Continue reading

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8 week training plan

The dream of running a half marathon is still fresh in my mind but I cannot get past certain barriers; like running more than 6 miles and to start to really push myself. After looking at several half marathon plans, … Continue reading

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Exercise Chart for 2010

 My goal for 2010 is to keep track of all of my workouts Not only will this hold me accountable for everything that I do but I will also be able to keep track of my mileage ran. 1.1.10 Treadmill: … Continue reading

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