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What is more convenient than raw food?

I love eating raw food. Fruit, vegetables, nuts… and I know that my body feels amazing when I eat raw food. When I went vegetarian several years ago, it was a goal of mine to eat a vegan diet. Then … Continue reading

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Raw Summer Salads

As the hot summer sun shines down on me, I crave and eat more raw food than any other time of the year. As my passion for clean eating deepens, it only makes sense to eat most, if not all, … Continue reading

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{recipe} Raw Cucumber Salsa

Chips and salsa – a match made in heaven. I prefer my salsa to always be chunky and fresh with LOTS of cilantro, jalapeno and lime. For this salsa, or salad, I mixed crisp cucumbers, spicy jalapenos, chopped cilantro, scallions, … Continue reading

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Food Journal

Since I have been back on my raw food journey again, also known as my 80/20 plan (80% raw/20%cooked vegan), my main goal is to always share my eats with all of you. I want to share with you for … Continue reading

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Juice + Eats + Composting Adventure

The sun kept shining all day today. It wasn’t extremely warm, low 70’s, but warm enough to feel comfortable. However, I am still turning my heat on at night. Crazy huh! My 80/20 eats have been amazing! I am trying … Continue reading

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Raw Zucchini Pasta with Vegetable Ragu

If you are looking for a new way to incorporate more veggies into your diet, try raw zucchini noodles. I use my spiralizer but you could easily cut small strips with a knife or use shreds from a grater. They … Continue reading

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Rays + Raw Zucchini Pasta + Healthy Women Healthy World

Wednesday – the only day out of the week that will produce rays of sun in Seattle.   Ok – I don’t hate the sun. I just don’t like to be overly hot. And I really do prefer cloudy days … Continue reading

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