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Work Eats

For some reason I thought yesterday was Tuesday… and some other people did too. Strange.

I am starting to get the hang of packing my lunch daily and prepping for the week on Sunday. One thing that I have noticed is that I am not snacking nearly as much as I did at home. In turn my pants are fitting looser. Not that I need to lose weight but obviously my body is adjusting to my eating patterns and losing weight naturally. I am still eating my fair share of healthy fats… and sweets…

I typically start out with my travel mug of decaf coffee that I press at home. Sometimes I will add vanilla soymilk for a treat.

Breakfast was an organic gala apple cut up with some almond butter and cinnamon. Apples are very filling for me and this held me over all morning long.

Lunch was raw goodness!

Romaine hearts, bell pepper, cilantro, avocado, sunflower seeds, salsa, red onion, radishes, salt and pepper and a tad of olive oil. I also had some blue corn chips for crunch.

Snack was more cherries. I am going to miss them once they are out of season. =(

Dinner was a noodle/kale dish that I created. 

I sauteed yellow onion and mushrooms in EVOO with a little salt and chili powder. Then I added left over whole wheat noodles and a teaspoon of minced garlic. Let that cook for a few minutes. I then added washed kale with a tablespoon of water. Cover and let steamed. I served with some freshly squeezed lemon juice. 
It was light yet filling! 

Have a great Tuesday!
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Half way

Wednesday is here and gone. Only two more days until the weekend!

I had a great run tonight. 4.7 miles in 41 minutes.
Dear Creepy Guy – Thank you for complimenting me on my physique… kind of. No, not really, actually.
I was running and I ran past this older guy who said" “It’s working!”… I shyly smiled and ran faster to get away from him. It actually really freaked me out and I ran a different way home. Some people should just keep there mouth shut.

Today’s eats:
Breakfast – a peach and banana smoothie


Lunch – a Mexican salad. Romaine, black beans, black olives, sunflower seeds, cilantro, avocado, red onion and salsa.



With a side of blue corn tortilla chips.


I either need to make some reusable baggies or make some. Any recommendations?

Snack – more rainier cherries


Dinner – a refreshing bowl of raw veggies, a falafel patty and some hummus.


And a bowl of cereal, mixed kinds, with soy milk. AND some chocolate chips for good measure. 😉


Thanks for the breakfast ideas! Overnight oats is probably a great way to go. Although I loved the idea of making a breakfast sandwich with avocado, belle pepper, onion and so on. I actually prefer savory breakfasts over sweet.
Have a wonderful Thursday!


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Worky work

Hey guys! I feel like I have been away from all of you forever! =( This work thing has really messed with my entire, finely tuned schedule. I am still trying to find a balance within my day. Running, personal time, relaxing… I do miss not being able to make a fresh breakfast at home. I am in desperate need of breakfast ideas! Preferably raw. I know shakes are are a great item to take with me but I need more ideas… HELP!

Today’s eats were:

Breakfast – A half of an almond butter and pumpkin jam sandwich on sprouted bread.

Lunch -  salad with romaine, fresh basil and cilantro, sundried tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumber, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, EVOO and a dash of salt and pepper.
I have been packing a lot of salads for lunch – they are pretty much the best lunch for eating at work!


With some fresh summer fruit. Rainer cherries are my absolute favorite cherry! They are only available for a short period of time so I make sure I buy and eat my fair share.


Dinner was a hot bowl of spaghetti squash with mushroom ragu.


I do love my pasta but I am becoming more and more fond of eating vegetables as noodles. My next kitchen gadget – a spiralizer!

I am so in love with this color combination.


I started cutting small squares out of fabric with no real plan or idea. I finally came up with a sweet baby quilt pattern. Random placement of squares gives this sweet quilt a unique and country feel.


A perfect way to end the day.

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Meeting goals and gaining strength!

I had an amazing run today! I felt strong, fast and powerful!

4.55 miles in 40:35!
Mile 1
– 9:06
Mile 2 – 9:21
Mile 3 – 8:41 !!!
Mile 4 – 8:38 !!!!!!
Mile .55 – 4.46

I cannot believe I am seeing my miles below 9 minutes! I am so happy about this and it only makes me want to keep getting stronger and faster. I run a trail and has a lot of little, but steep, hills. It is doing wonders for my backside 😉

I started off this rocking day with some tofu.


The norm – sautéed onion, red bell pepper, tofu, spices and a side of toast with avocado. Toast with avocado is sooooo much better than butter! Even fake butter!


Seattle’s weather has been pretty crappy this week and because of this I have been craving hit soup. I started pulling vegetables out of my fridge and came up with a fantastic vegetable soup!



I will post the recipe tonight Here is the recipe – it is very fresh and lively tasting! I had a small bowl before my run. Powered by veggies!! haha

I had a snack this afternoon which consisted of a bowl of cereal.


So, what happens when you haven’t checked the mail box in… 4 days? You get a ton of pleasant surprises!

Rick from Book Publishing Company contacted me a few weeks ago asking me if I would like to receive some books for review. Free cookbooks? YES PLEASE!


I picked 2 vegan and 2 raw cook books. Living in the Raw, Raw for Dessert, Local Bounty and Sweet Utopia. I have spent the entire evening drooling over pictures and planning out future meals. They are all wonderful books and I cannot wait to start cooking! I especially love Living in the Raw – the recipes are very simple with easy ingredients. I want to eat more raw as I feel my best when I eat this way. I really need a dehydrator, now!

I also was happy to see these magazines, too.


My weakness are magazines. I love them. I save each and every issue for YEARS! I always reference back to them from time to time and find joy in reading the material – it never seems to get old or be dated.

Dinner was another bowl of beans, rice and avocado.


Here is a video that I forgot to upload a few days ago. J is talking so much! He is such a little character, too. 😉

Some of you may have seen my facebook message about my Amazon store. I am very excited about this! I am still adding items but I wanted to team up with Amazon to enable me to showcase my favorite items; from cookbooks, kitchen items and health and beauty. I am still adding products and will let you all know when I do.

I actually purchase quite a bit from Amazon. With their unbeatable pricing and free shipping, you can’t lose! Plus, they are a Seattle based company, did you know that? Yup, good ole Seattle. =)

Do you purchase online?


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Reader question answered + eats on Monday

Welcome back, Monday. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! =)

I promise this post wont be as long as yesterdays. So let me just jump right into things:


Tofu scramble + romaine lettuce + avocado + whole wheat wrap = BREAKFAST
I love the bright yellow color the turmeric gives.


Falafel salad for lunch.


Peas, romaine, cucumber, red onion, home made croutons, 2 falafel patties crumbled, hummus, avocado, dried basil and EVOO.


After all of the complex flavors of today’s eats I decided to keep it simple for dinner/


Beans, rice and a side of edamame.
I seasoned the rice with salt, pepper, garlic powder and dried basil. Then topped it with creamy avocado.


Fresh edamame with a small pinch of sea salt.


Over the next week I am planning on answering some questions by my readers. I am very late on some of these so I apologize in advance! =( I have about a dozen emails starred in my inbox… no joke.

Here is a question from Tammy regarding transitioning into veganism:

First off I just want to say how much I love your blog!!  Your story is one that I can really relate to – struggling with feelings about food/eating disorders/trying to go veg, etc…..
Today I am a clean eater that wants to take the step to eliminate meat/poultry/fish etc from my diet.  It is this nagging feeling I have had since I was a child and really want to make that final step to being truly health aware.

I have 2 little boys – My oldest is 4 and he has never eaten any meat ever. A natural vegetarian I have been told. Interesting. That and picky! 🙂 My little one is 17 months next week. I want them to have healthy and strong body and minds.

Can you help me by giving me a very very basic run down of your daily menu template of sorts? I am not sure how to describe it but I will tell you my current "template" and maybe you could help by sharing your version.

  • Currently I eat cold or hot cereal for breakfast (some times adding fruit and/or nuts) and with skim milk.
  • I eat a mid morning snack that is usually a bit more carbs like a small whole grain bagel with nut butter or something similar.  Fruit on the side.
  • Lunch is always a loaded salad (with chicken right now) with olive oil OR soup OR a chicken wrap
  • Mid afternoon snack is often veggies and hummus or another salad or yogurt and granola and fruit.
  • Dinner is always a meat protein with tons of veggies (sometimes in an ezekiel wrap).

Can you help?

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond!! You are wonderful and inspirational 🙂

Take care!! – Tammy

Thanks, Tammy! What a great question. I know how difficult making meals that are both interesting and great tasting can be. You are on a great track and I fully understand you wanting to eliminate meat from your everyday diet.
I started eliminating meat one meal at a time. Having a meat-eating husband I found myself face-to-plate with meat quite often. Since I am a stay at home mom, I eventually eliminated meat from breakfast, then lunch, and then I popped the big statement one night: “I want to be a vegetarian.” At first I don’t think he believed me and still offered me meat at home and when we ate out. My family didn’t quite understand, either. Saying, “Just this once – it wont matter!” I never gave in and it is getting easier and easier.
But I will admit I was a little lost with what I was going to eat. Having relied on meat so much in the past it was mind boggling to NOT eat it any longer. Luckily the plethora of wonderful food bloggers helped me see past the meat. Whether I was randomly clicking blog rolls and looking for “vegetarian” tags or Google searching, inspiration was all around me!
Tammy, you are on a perfect path! In fact, you really don’t need to change much at all. It’s easy to substitute meat for beans, tofu, seitan or meatless-meat products. And I have said it before, right now is the best time to be vegetarian! There are so many great products out there!
However, if you are still wanting to eat clean, like I do, be very careful about the meat-less products. There are some pretty weird ingredients  in them. I buy faux sausage and “chicken” nuggets for J but I pass on the stuff for me.

  • For your lunch salad, swap beans for your chicken – I love garbanzo, black or pinto beans.  For wraps I always use A LOT of hummus and fresh veggies – YUM!
  • To sub a piece of meat at dinner may seem a bit challenging. I love making a pot of hearty vegetarian chili, a spinach meat-less lasagna or making something simple like beans, rice and greens. Remember to keep the ingredients fresh and hearty. If pasta sauce seems boring with meat, add olives, fresh basil, onion and red bell pepper to add texture, taste and color.
  • Invest in a vegetarian cookbook or magazine subscription. It helps to see eye appealing recipes for inspiration. Oh, and Google is your friend! =)
  • Last but not least – start slow! if you go full force you may feel over whelmed and become frustrated.

Well Tammy I really hope this helps your quest for become vegetarian! If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to to ask!


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Weekend treats + eats

Hello hello!

This may be the longest post in the history of TCEM but I hope you enjoy!

I had a fabulous weekend – finally some decent weather in Seattle!

Saturday I woke up and ate a piece of toast +PB and consumed a cup of coffee.


I knew Seattle was going to get pretty warm, in the 80’s in some areas (!!!) so I went on an early run. I ran 6.40 miles in 58.37. I was pretty hot and sweaty after that!

I was craving something cool and semi sweet and I knew just thing to ease my post run craving.

DSC05740Shredded wheat, kashi Go Lean, almond milk, strawberries, cranberries and toasted coconut!


I was still hungry after my shower, this time for something savory. Beans, rice, salsa and cilantro. Simple is always good!


Let me ask you this: what does one do on a warm, sunny Saturday afternoon? Get ice cream, of course!

Everyone in the car!


And if you are wondering, J is still way to young and small to be without a car seat. I had to put it in and the little monkey beat me to it! I think he feels like a big boy sitting in the car. =)


YAY for ice cream!


 DSC05751 DSC05752 DSC05753 DSC05754

I choose a soy Cinnamon Swirl – my favorite! I absolutely love cinnamon!


Now to walk off that ice cream – what a beautiful day!

DSC05759 DSC05760

DSC05762 DSC05763 


Even though we live in the suburbs, nature is in arms length. This is also my running trail as I love looking at green while I run.

 DSC05766 DSC05770



We also found several families of duck and geese. You should have seen J! He was so excited, he ran right up to them and wanted to touch them. Of course I was right there making sure he didn’t get to close, but they seemed friendly. Of course I am sure they were just looking for hand outs – I don’t feed wild animals, period.

       DSC05774  DSC05776  DSC05778 DSC05779DSC05780

Let me just say that J zonked out as soon as he took his bath and was all snuggly in his jammies. He was one tired boy from all of the running around.

I was still a little full from ice cream so I ended up eating late, like 9 – crazy for me. I made a home made vegetable ragu with whole wheat noodles and sweet peas.


I sautéed yellow onions, kalamata olives, garlic, fresh basil and parsley, mushrooms, red bell pepper and a little of jarred sauce. It was so fresh tasting with the herbs and I love the addition of kalamata olives to my sauce – delish!


Today is my Mom’s Birthday!


There were a TON of good eats, vegan of course 😉


 DSC05786 DSC05787

My plate consisted of a veggie burger with the trimmings (lettuce, pickle, tomato, mustard, ketchup, onion) green salad with homemade garlic-lemon dressing, orzo Mediterranean salad that my Grandma bought for me =),  and raw veggies!


After lunch, there was some play time!

DSC05810DSC05791 DSC05792

I know my mom is going to shoot me for putting this up, but I think J’s face is effing hilarious!!!


And of course there were presents – many presents!

  DSC05798 DSC05799 DSC05800 DSC05801

My beautiful Mama!


She loves grapes and has grape decor in her kitchen and dining area. A few years ago I had made her a set of placemats, but over the years they have started to look a little… meh. I surprised her with a brand new set of placemats. She loved them!


They are made out of batik fabric. I appliquéd a grape motif on the front of each one, then quilted the entire top. They turned out great!


DSC05812 DSC05813 DSC05814 DSC05815 

Happy Birthday again, Mom! I hope you enjoyed your special day!

Phew… well that’s a wrap!


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I’m roasted

What I love about being a vegan is that all of my meals consist of vegetables. An enormous amount of vegetables, in fact. And you know what? I am 100% content with this!

You are going to laugh at me… I totally forgot what I ate for breakfast. I didn’t even take a picture to document! I was in a hurry to take Lilly to the groomers and in the shuffle of getting everyone loaded into the car it totally slipped my mind. But I am please to announce that we have a clean, super yummy smelling dog in the house now. It had been way to long since we took her to the groomers.


Lunch was my infamous pizza sandwich.


What’s a pizza sandwich, you may ask? It’s a delicious combination of my basil cheese spread, yellow onion, red bell pepper, sundried tomatoes, fresh basil leaves and avocado.


And a side of marinara for dipping.


I made yet another batch of Cashew Herb Spread. This spread is so versatile and complex tasting, yet so simple to make.


J and I hit Costco after his nap and picked up a few things… like Pita chips and salsa. This is a warning: pita chips will be featured a lot for next week! 😉

For some reason I felt that today was kind of a carby day so I wanted to fill up on simple vegetables. I roasted some organic carrots and a half of a sweet potato.


I drizzled each with some EVOO, then the carrots were seasoned with salt, pepper and basil. The sweet potato was coated with cinnamon. Mmmmm… then some ketchup / Sriracha dipping sauce for the potatoes.

I created a salad that used up some leftover vegetables and beans that have been in the fridge too long. I served them their evection notice.


Romaine lettuce, roasted beets, yellow pepper, red onion, fresh basil, white beans, salt, pepper, EVOO and freshly roasted sunflower and soy nuts.



Have a yummy weekend all!


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Time warp

What a day! It was a very positive and uplifting kind of day. =)
I started out with a wonderful rice and veggie wrap for breakfast.
I sautéed yellow onion, orange and yellow bell pepper and white beans in a skillet with some EVOO, salt and garlic powder. I heated up some brown rice and stuffed it in a whole wheat wrap. I then topped it with avocado and hot sauce.
Full or protein, carbs and flavor – a great meal!
Around noon I started to feel a chocolate craving coming on. It had been a while since I made my CCB’s so I immediately started prepping for this wonderful treat.
Here is the original recipe. Today I toasted the coconut and added a small dollop of peanut butter. Mmmmm these are so good! AND healthy!
I had two. Quality control! 😉
When Marc came home this afternoon from a meeting I decided to lace up and go for a run. It had been POURING all morning long, but luckily the clouds broke and the sun came out. I had a great run!
I was in such a positive mood when I arrived back at home. It’s amazing how exercise helps your entire well being.
I showered, then we went grocery shopping. We were both starving so we stopped and ate terriyaki before entering the store. As you can see, I never ate lunch before my run at 2:30. Only my protein packed breakfast and healthy CCB’s. It was 4:30 before I ate!
Tip: BAD idea to shop when you are hungry! I have made that mistake too many times!
I ordered Tofu Terriyaki with brown rice.
And a TON of sriracha hot sauce!
I was only able to eat half, so I packed up the rest to take home. Leftovers, YESSSS!
I settled for something light for dinner: half of an orange and a bowl of shredded wheat, topped with strawberries and almond milk
This orange was so sweet and juicy! I cannot wait to eat more tomorrow!DSC05720


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Reaching in

Good morning!
Here I am. Blogging at 5:30 in the morning. Wow. A sight that NEVER is seen! I ended up falling asleep on the couch last night and never woke up to go to bed until 5:00 this morning, TV still on. I sat up and saw that it was light out and immediately I was awake. I know I am going to be one tired mama this afternoon.
Here are some oats that I just HAD to share with you!
PB, J & B Oats

  • 1 serving of oats
  • 1 small banana cut into pieces
  • 1 tablespoon flax meal
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon almond or peanut butter
  • 1 tablespoon jam of your choice, I used strawberry

Cook oats to your liking; then add all of the ingredients on top of the hot oats! Easy peasy!

Speaking of strawberries – Look what I was able to harvest yesterday!
Juicy, sweet… nothing says summer like fresh picked strawberries!
Now if Seattle could only start to see some sun the rest of my strawberries would ripen! It has been non-stop raining the past 10 days or so. I’ve been lucky to get in my runs in between clouds but it really puts a damper on the entire day.
I did a 4 mile run yesterday – it wasn’t my best run by any means. I had zero energy and ended up walking for a few minutes. BUT at least I got out there and did some miles. I had a few Mary’s Crackers with hummus for lunch then went on my run at about 3:30. Oh well – you win some, you lose some.
I showered as soon as I arrived back home, then proceeded to eat the first thing I saw in the fridge. I was starving!
Veggie Pizza? Oh yes please! This was leftover from the weekend. We ordered a few pizzas from Papa Murphy’s – mine share was a gourmet veggie with no cheese. DELISH! It had spinach, zucchini, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and tomato sauce. I really needed basil so I had a side of my cashew spread and dobbed a little on each bite I took. Mmmmmm…
This is a great vegan option! A basic dough recipe and all veggies – it doesn’t get any better than that! My mom asked me if pizza with no cheese was good… I guess pizza with no cheese looks pretty plain and boring. And I admit, my favorite part of pizza is the cheese. But I LOVE an all veggie pizza! It tastes like heaven! But the veggies have to be quality, too. Fresh, aromatic tomato sauce, lots of herbs – all the elements make up for the loss of cheese. Plus, cheese is fatty and not heart healthy so you don’t feel weighed down after eating a slice, or three.
What is your pizza topping of choice?


Question of the day: What’s your favorite poem? (And if you don’t have one, why?)
I love poetry, always have. In high school I wrote poems on a daily basis and aced my Creative Writing class. I was an emotional writer – if I was sad, I wrote. If I was happy, I wrote. If I was in love, I wrote. I would write about fruit, nature, the sky, animals; any subject or item that meant something to me.
I have been out of High School for 8 years and I have yet to write another poem. Just writing that makes me really sad. I miss it terribly. I know I should try to write again. It’s not for the lack of paper or pens, as I have a ton of these, it’s the lack of inspiration. But, you see, inspiration is all around me. I could make anything inspiration if I really tried.
My bedroom was my writing area. It was a place that was all of my own, with all of my belongings and kept just how I liked it. I felt comfortable; at peace. Even though I now live in my very own home, I do not have a place of my very own. A corner, a room, a chair. There are too many distractions, to much “us” and not enough “me”. I feel that this is a horrible excuse but it makes perfect sense to me.
I hope to write poetry again, someday.
This is one of my favorite poems:

The Guitar – Federico Garcia Lorca

The weeping of the guitar
The goblets of dawn
are smashed.
The weeping of the guitar
to silence it.
to silence it.
It weeps monotonously
as water weeps
as the wind weeps
over snowfields.
to silence it.
It weeps for distant
Hot southern sands
yearning for white camellias.
Weeps arrow without target
evening without morning
and the first dead bird
on the branch.
Oh, guitar!
Heart mortally wounded
by five swords.
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Fact: I never have matching socks. Ever. No, there isn’t a monster in the dryer that eats them; I’m just lazy and throw all of my socks into my drawer with no organization or reason. Then when I go to grab a pair of socks I am never in any mood to search and find a matching pair. Alas – my mismatched feet.
Breakfast was another yummy bowl of cold cereal. I mixed plain shredded wheat bits, Kashi twigs, dried cranberries, roasted almonds and almond milk.

Pre-run I had a piece of toast with Cashew Spread.


I had a nice 4 mile run this afternoon. Very refreshing! I showered and then made a huge salad for lunch.

  • romaine lettuce
  • red bell pepper
  • avocado
  • red onion
  • sundried tomatoes
  • artichoke hearts
  • soy nuts and sunflower seeds
  • cucumber slices
  • hummus
  • EVOO
  • salt and pepper

Super fresh, super tasty – it really hit the spot!
Dinner was a comforting mug of lentil soup, with another piece of toast with Cashew Spread. Can you tell I am pretty much obsessed with this spread?! If you haven’t made it yet, DO! You will not be disappointed!

I have been sleepy all day – time to get some shut eye!