sewing, teedle designs

Trading + Dreaming

I have traded food for fabric this weekend.


Many people know I love sewing and creating, but very few know that one of my life goals and dreams is to solely work for myself, crafting and creating everyday.

I have recently found a building that has single offices for rent for entrepreneurs, hobbyists, or anyone who needs a space to call their own. I have been looking for a small space to be able to work in for a few years and I was so thrilled to actually see a building close to home! Since, I have been creating and sewing non-stop.

I guess I am trying to prove it to myself that I am actually good enough to call this my profession and solely depend on my talent for income. Being your own boss is a pretty scary thought in this economy but I know I have drive and quality to be successful and grow. It will take time and dedication – something I feel I do not have at times.

Here are some of my latest creations from this weekend. You can view all of my items here.

Fabric Bordered Washcloths

cloth green floral2 cloth pink floral2 

Market Bags

earthbag4earthbag2  fruitbag2

Do you have a dream or wish in your life that is or has been so close to actually becoming reality? How do you keep yourself calm?


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