Where has the time gone?

WOW! I cannot believe this is the first time I have been able to get some blogging done in 24 hours! Seriously, where has the time gone?!

I apologize for the looooooong and delayed post tonight =)

Where did I leave off… oh yes. Dinner!
I made Baby J Annie’s organic pasta with cheese. I added some bits of chicken and green beans for a well rounded meal At first he kept spitting it out (which was hilarious!) but after I put it on his tray he was shoving his face full of it!
I really like Annie’s spin on boxed macaroni and cheese. Just look at the comparison between Kraft and Annie’s:

Annie’s, hands down is the clear choice!

Little hands! 🙂

I caught Marc taking a few bits too – he actually loved this stuff!

I love these bags of organic veggies from Fred Meyer. You throw the entire bag in the micro for 4 minutes and you have steamed veggies just like that! My freezer is full of them as they are a blessing in disguise when it comes to meals for Baby J – convenient yet healthy!

While Jordan was eating I made myself a wheat grass and juice slammer – I had to do something about my head!

It wasn’t too bad until I got to the end – THICK and kinda gross! I added a tad more juice and down the hatch! It seemed to do something for me as I had energy to go to the gym last night. I drank a small protein shake 30 minutes before going and I didn’t really have a lot of energy to run. I did but it wasn’t as great as I normally do. So I did some weight training and called it a night. Came home, showered and snacked on an apple with honey and AB and a piece of sprouted bread with AB on it, as well.

Oh and speaking of freezer – look what came to our door yesterday!

Our new fridge! I just love it! I love how HUGE the inside is – both doors open up to the fridge and the freezer is down below. There will be no more “I didn’t see it – it was in the back behind the soy milk!” excuses. It has two ice settings, too; Crushed and cubed. Energy efficient, LCD light inside and BEAUTIFUL! =)

OK, so on to today.
One Green Monster – check.

Actually my monster’s are becoming more Red than green. I think they are pretty!

I had to go run some errands and pick up the rest of Jordan’s birthday items. Before I left I snagged a Odwalla bar from the pantry and chased it with water.

I had to make a stop at Target and to the craft store. Baby J LOVES to shop and I love having him around. I talk to him, make faces, let him decide what I should buy… it is a good excuse to use to the hubby: “Jordan wanted it, not me!” 😉

I met Marc for a quick bite at a Terriyaki place – I had a basic chicken with rice bowl. Nothing fancy and I ate most of the chicken and a few bites of rice.
Four hours later and I was done shopping!

Dinner was thawed left over lasagna and a huge salad. I LOVE my lasagna! I ate all of it up and left half of the salad. I just wasn’t feeling it tonight.

My dad is staying the night tonight and Jordan absolutely adores his Grandpa! Have a great night everyone!

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