Happy Birthday, Derby!

Derby is 4 months old today!

Marc and I are still in dis-belief that he is ONLY 4 months old. We got him when he was only 6 weeks old, just a tiny little thing! Now he is huge and is almost as big as Lilly. I bet in a few more months he will be the exact same size as her, and she is coming up on 3 years old already!

Derby at 6 weeks

Derby now

He is such a good dog, though. Lilly is a wonderful big sister and has taught him so well… we didn’t have to do much with him at all! He is very loyal, loving and independent. Oh, and he is a mamma’s boy! But I guess that was bound to happen as Lilly is a daddy’s girl. From the very first day we got him I was always holding him, making sure he went outside and teaching him how to sit, shake and lay down. And we are both very excited to have our baby around our pups. They will both be in his life for many years to come; to watch over him, to help him when he falls, to offer sloppy licks with he cries or to clean up after a popsicle. 🙂

Other random things:

I have not been feeling well at all lately. We had a huge heat surge this past weekend that put me over the edge from bearable to miserable. My ankles are so swollen right now, even with me putting them up all of the time. i keep getting headaches and my nausea seems to come and go again. Luckily I can work from home which has been a lifesaver! I go in when I need to and stay home when I am feeling shitty. Thank goodness for wi-fi and cell phones!

We are very excited for football season again, if you didn’t already know. We signed up for our fantasy football league a few weeks back. It is official! We named ourselves “Kayesters 5″… as of right now we are still only 4 but we have high hopes that the 5th will be helping us pick our players in no time!

Happy Wednesday to everyone! Only 2 more days left!!

One thought on “Happy Birthday, Derby!

  1. I just wanted to let you know what a great blog you have! I linked from the Nest and read all the way back to your first post. What an awesome journal of your pregnancy journey! Best wishes to you and Marc and Baby Jordan who will be joining you soon!!!

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