11/7/2020 {Food Journal} Full Day of Clean Eating Plant Based Style

Hello hello! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!Today's post is another what I ate in a day! This was from this past Wednesday. I started the day with black coffee and water. Then around 10AM I had a super food smoothie. I blended it up before I headed off to the office for… Continue reading 11/7/2020 {Food Journal} Full Day of Clean Eating Plant Based Style

Food Journal

11/2/2020 {Food Journal} Full Day of Clean Eating

Hello friends! I thought it would be fun to document a full day of eating! I always start the day off with black coffee and water. I wasn't too hungry for breakfast so I had two scrambled eggs with spinach and a whole wheat english muffin. I topped the eggs with Franks hot sauce -… Continue reading 11/2/2020 {Food Journal} Full Day of Clean Eating

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Guest Post – Pretty In Pink Fitness { RECIPE! }

Hey friends! I have a very special treat for you! Upala from Pretty In Pink Fitness is dropping by to share an amazing recipe! Her stuffed bell pepper recipe is perfect for cold winter nights! I hope you enjoy 😉 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Stuffed Bell Peppers I love to take unhealthy recipes of my favorite foods and… Continue reading Guest Post – Pretty In Pink Fitness { RECIPE! }


Meals – Day 1 Monday

Happy Monday! I wanted to quickly post my meals and snacks today. If you have been following me on my facebook page or instagram account, I have been posting some of my meals there. Ever since I mentioned that I am going to start training for  body/bikini competition, I have been getting massive amounts of… Continue reading Meals – Day 1 Monday


Drinks that Detox your Body!

I received an amazing email this morning from The Alternative Daily and I had to share! View the web page here, and remember to sign up for their daily newsletter that is always packed with valuable information! Your gut is the powerhouse for your entire body. When you eat or drink the wrong foods, you… Continue reading Drinks that Detox your Body!

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Clean Eating Summer School – Gimme Some Sugar!

Hey Clean Eaters! On my facebook page I asked you to tell me what is most challenging about Clean Eating. I received a lot of responses and I am happy to announce that all of your questions will be answered in my Clean Eating Summer School edition! Looking for more Clean Eating Summer School posts?… Continue reading Clean Eating Summer School – Gimme Some Sugar!

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{Friday Recipe Link Love} 7.19.13

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! Today I wanted to share some great recipes and dishes I have been seeing all around the internet. Enjoy! 101 Cookbooks {Cilantro Salad} The Simple Vegenista {Raw Chocolate Pudding: 3 Ways} The Naked Bite {Raw Zucchini Pasta with Sun Dried Tomato Cashew Sauce} Cook Eat… Continue reading {Friday Recipe Link Love} 7.19.13

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AMAZING Watermelon Juice

As soon as I tasted this wonderfully, AMAZING juice I knew I had to share this! It is SO SO easy yet so satisfying! 1/3 of a LARGE seedless watermelon, or a blender full (you can make as little or as much juice as you want)10 frozen strawberries Blend Blend Blend! Blend your watermelon first.… Continue reading AMAZING Watermelon Juice