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I know…

I know Easter was last weekend… but I think this picture is adorable.

Jordan Easter 22

I know it’s simple… but one of my favorite things to eat is avocado on toast.

avocado on toast 

I know I don’t eat them… but these egg coasters are a must have.

egg coasters

I know spring is here… but I miss autumn.

autumn I know I blog on the internet… but I love writing in my journal.


I know I need to wake up early… but I love staying up late.

alarm clock


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8 in 2

The past 6 months have been pretty emotional and draining. While I keep my personal life separate from my blog I can’t help but to want to reach out and talk. To express my feelings, to share my thoughts and to ask for help and support.

I used to be able to do that. But a few individuals made me think twice about what I share. Using my very own innocent words against me in a way that made me want to go into hiding. I hate that there are people out there that think they have to power to do that to me. It makes me sick to my stomach every single day of my life.

But I cannot live in fear and in pain. I have nothing to hide nor should I feel bad about what I think or do. I am stronger than that. I am me and nothing more or less.


Well a little more.

It started at Christmas… and hasn’t ever stopped.


Like this…


I am an emotional eater. Always have been. Luckily I learned to control my cravings by eating healthy foods, working out and not letting myself eat an over abundance amount of sweets or carbs. I joke that I could easily be a 125 pound diabetic. No joke. 

Ok, so take the sweets. Add no running or gym time and add a new job that has me sitting most of the day. And what does that equal?

10 pounds.

I haven’t had to worry about my weight in a few years and it felt amazing. I ate clean and I felt healthy. The past few months I have slowly felt my pants get tighter and seen my love handles start to emerge. I feel yuck. I feel heavy. I feel soft and out of shape. And I am definitely not looking forward to summer.

10 pounds is not a lot. And I am not over weight. But 10 pounds is a lot when it is un wanted and un needed.

I pretty much need to kick myself in the ass and start to get on track again. I have started working at the gym again which has helped my overall mood and stress levels. And it helps me eat more consciously and effectively. 

I know this post is a total contradiction to my last post. But sometimes a cupcake IS needed.

So here is my plan: lose a pound a week for the next 2 months. That will put me down in my normal weight which is between 120 – 123.

This is not a diet. Because I don’t diet. I pretty much hate everything about that four letter word. I just need something to get myself back on track with my eating and exercise level. To remind myself how amazing I feel when I eat a high raw diet and when I am able sweat 4-5 times a week.

So thank you for letting me ramble. Thank you for the support and thank you for the strength. You are all amazing and I am so glad I can be part of such a positive blogging community.




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Change vs. being comfortable

Hey all! Happy Monday! How was your day?
Mine started off with some protein.
4 scrambled egg whites with green onion, faux sausage and cilantro. Topped with fresh avocado, sri racha and 2 slices of sprouted toast.
Muy Bueno!
I tried something new for lunch: Tabouli
I bought this at World Market a few weeks back. I really liked the simple ingredient list!
This was my first Tabouli experience, too.
DSC03810 DSC03811
I mixed fresh tomato and jicama with it.
And a side of Baby Bok Choy.
My reaction – I think I need an acquired taste for this as I found myself not enjoying it. I think it was the lemon and mint. Bummer.
And J kept me company, of course =)
DSC03815 DSC03816  
What a handsome lil devil!
It was pouring today so we just stayed in, cuddled, played and goofed off.
Marc is in meetings all night tonight so I was on my own for dinner. I heated up some butternut squash and vegan chili and layered it on a bed of romaine, topped with cilantro, green onion and a side of tortilla chips.
DSC03822 DSC03823
Very full now! BUT I think I might have to have some ice cream in a bit! 😉


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Monday blues?

Hey guys! Happy Monday! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

Sorry about no post yesterday – I really just too busy and then I left my camera in the car and was too lazy to go out and retrieve it… sad huh! 😉

Yesterday was spent watching football and relaxing! For breakfast I made a lovely Green Monster!


  • Almond milk
  • Almond butter
  • frozen mango, peach, grapes
  • fresh organic strawberries
  • half of an orange


Lunch was delish, too!



San Pel


A garden burger topped with melted brie, hummus and hot sauce, along with avocado, lettuce and raw sunflower seeds. But my favorite part was the mound of butternut squash topped with brown sugar and walnuts… I could eat butternut squash all day!

I was getting a little stir crazy so I mentioned to Marc that we should go down to grab some lattes and walk around our little shopping center that is near us.

I grabbed a soy chai tea latte and a cranberry bliss bar… let me just say that I thought I loved the cranberry bliss bars, but I was extremely disappointed! I ate one bite and threw the rest away! And that was after they forgot to give it to me and I had to run back after we had already walk about a block… oh well.

Do you STILL have Thanksgiving leftovers? WE DO! I have been having Turkey sammy’s every night for dinner… actually I love them!


A toasted bagel loaded with cream cheese, cranberry sauce, turkey, spinach leaves and melted cheddar. Ooey, gooey GOODNESS! And a carrot with some hummus =)

This morning I am eating some oats!


I am off to the chiropractor today – I have a pinched nerve in my lower right hip and it kills! I haven’t been to the gym the past few days because I know I wouldn’t be able to deal with the pain. And I really don’t want to aggravate it any more. I hate having lower back problems…

And of course, more cuteness for you this fine Monday morning!


He loves getting into the kitchen cabinets. We don’t mind as there is nothing that he can break at his level. We call him “Our Little Chef”!

Have a wonderful Monday!




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Needle and thread

Thank you to everyone that has given me kind words the past few days – I promise not to depress this blog anymore! You guys are awesome! xx oo
Fortunately for you AND me I woke up in a better mood. Feeling great and thinking positive. I am starting to feel better from this nagging cold and decided to go back to making a shake for breakfast – I just didn’t have the taste for it the past week.

  • Almond milk
  • Chocolate Superfood (Amazing Grass)
  • frozen medley of berries (strawberries, blue berries, raspberries, blackberries)
  • an entire organic honeycrisp apple

SWEET but good! I even had some left over that I am giving J for breakfast, too. We don’t have anything planned today but if the weather holds out we may go for a walk in his wagon. He loves his wagon!
So I wanted to touch base on something that has always made me, me. Sewing. Since I have made this blog about my health and nutrition I very rarely touch base on anything but that. Not that I am going to stray away but I do need to incorporate more of my personal ambitions and feelings into this blog… for my own well being and personal outlet. I don’t think you will mind… it’s just more details into my life. 🙂
This is the adorable fabric I found yesterday!
DSC02768 DSC02764  DSC02766 DSC02767
Some clearance Halloween fabric, kids/baby fabric and some holiday prints. What do I plan to make with this? Well, let me be honest: 4 out of 5 times I go to the fabric store I have no immediate plans of making anything in particular. I just LOVE looking at the new fabric selections and seeing what is on sale. Eventually I take a fabric print and match it with coordinating prints and colors and sew something together, but I really have a habit of buying on impulse. 🙂
A little background on my sewing:
I began sewing at a very early age; second grade so that made me… 7 or 8, right? We would sew in school and I remember making a cat pillow. I still have it! I was so proud!
My family and I would visit my Great Grandma in California every summer and I dedicate my passion and talent to her. She gave me the tools to start and to succeed. We would sit and embroider, crochet, and she taught me to sew on her machine. I would come back home begging my mom to take me to the craft store so I could stock up on supplies like thread, needles, fabric and patterns. I remember sitting in my room, patiently stitching, creating works of art. I loved every second of it.
In high school I started making my own clothes. I could never figure out how to read clothing patterns so I would sew by eyeballing it, dissecting it in my head and figuring out the easiest way to put it back together. Sometimes it didn’t turn out the way I hoped, but most of the time it did. Granted, I was a hippy in high school and wore patchwork clothing… aahhhh the good ol’ days! If you have ever gone to a Phish show or any other classic rock concert, you will recognize them!
It was fun while it lasted but after high school I grew out of them and really out of sewing. I was busy and just didn’t find the time. I would make a bag here or there but nothing big. I started working at a craft store, Craft Warehouse, and eventually became the Yarn Department Manager, working directing in the quilting and fabric department of the store. I was in Heaven! Surrounded by fabric, sewing notions, patterns and creative people, the sewing bug hit me again – this time I was bound and determined to make a quilt!
Quilting is different from plain sewing. You have to piece shapes of fabric together, making sure they line up correctly – one small mistake and your entire quilt is thrown off! It was frustrating but I stuck with it. I found patterns that were for beginners and just had fun. I love quilting. This is mainly what I make today – quilts for babies and children. They are fast enough that I can make in a few days time and I feel very proud to have put my love and dedication into an item that will fill a child’s heart for ever.
Here are some of the quilts I have made this past year:
il_430xN.70010916 4282_1095723047499_1659284355_231396_6234173_n 4282_1095723167502_1659284355_231399_7003767_n 4282_1095723847519_1659284355_231403_6609597_n 4282_1095947053099_1659284355_231907_2602887_n
Nerdy Owl is the name of my business. i have this little owl stuffed animal that is reading a book and is wearing a pair of glasses. The cutest little thing ever! I sell my work but at a low cost to not really make any extra income. Basically to pay for materials – I enjoy sewing and giving a quality product to those that love my work. Plus, everyone is trying to save money these days – there would be no way for me to charge an arm and a leg.
I want to put my online store link here BUT I want you to know that in no way, shape or form am I doing this to gain customers. I genuinely want to share my creations with you! NOT to make money.

Please feel free to visit my new craft blog, too! NerdyOwlHome
Phew – that was long winded and if you read that then you deserve a piece of chocolate!
Have a great day everyone!!

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Go away sickness!

Happy Monday!
Today was an uneventful day but I can’t believe it’s already after 3pm! I didn’t get to bed last night until after 1 and my sweet, sweet baby boy woke my up at 6:30am. None the less, I was exhausted!
I did some dishes and helped myself to a warm, comforting cup of coffee!

It was a great cup of coffee! No creamer, no sweetener – I love my coffee black and to be able to taste all of the wonderful notes. I guess you can say I treat my coffee like my wine. I love trying different brands and different blends. And no, I am not talking about Folgers. I tend to support locally and stick with my new favorite brand – Seattle’s Best. This particular blend is Autumn Reserve. Smooth yet hearty!

For breakfast I made a Green Monster – what else?!

A satisfying blend of Almond Milk, Amazing Meal, frozen peaches, frozen strawberries and two clementines. Smooth and creamy – I blended it a bit longer than usual and it was like drinking a milkshake!

So since I was still tired I just sat around and did some window shopping online, read blogs and tried to get myself motivated. I didn’t even take a shower until 11:45! I guess I did get a little motivation as I curled my hair today – I haven’t done this in years and with Baby J crawling at my feet I think it turned out pretty good!

I was actually inspired by Angela’s hair. For some reason I have never been able to do this to my hair. I have extremely thin hair and curls never seem to stay. All I do in the morning is take the flat iron to it and call it good.
I really like it curled and plan to do it more often. I think it would be a cute flirty way to do my hair for a night out on the town!

So after I was done making faces in the mirror it was time for lunch – I was starving!
A simple flat bread wrap with a tablespoon of panag curry sauce from the other night, roasted bell pepper, a few pieces of chicken and 2 leaves of lettuce. I LOVE curry and this was fab!

Oh, and a homemade chocolate chip cookie that I made last night. These bad boys are deadly and addictive!

Then the worst part of my day: I feel like I am getting a sinus infection. 😦
Not even 30 minutes after I ate lunch my head started to feeling fuzzy, eyes are watering and a lot of sinus pressure. Ugh – I really hope I can pump it out fast! Unfortunately I don’t have any sick days being a stay at home mom and Jordan has no mercy on me! 🙂
I took some vitamins and chased it down with a healthy glass of juice.

I am planning on running after I put Jordan down for the night so hopefully I will start to feel better soon!

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Good Morning, world!

Jenna showed us her morning face and I thought I would do same! 🙂

My morning face says: I am so excited for this morning because I am finally going to attend my first spinning class at Gold’s. YAY! Those cyclists have always intimidated me but my aunt Jerri started going a few months back and she loved them! She was an absolute beginner as well and said it was perfect. Now that I have started running I think spinning will help build my leg endurance and be a nice change from my cardio.

While drinking some coffee I know I have to get some fuel in so I ate a half of a clif bar.

Have a wonderful morning!