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Are your dreams TOO BIG? 4 ways to turn your DREAMS into a REALITY!

Hey friends!

Can you do me a favor? Look at your life and ask yourself if you are playing it safe. Are you stepping out of your comfort zone to allow your dreams to happen? Or are you sitting back thinking you are not worthy of achieving great things in your life.

If you are dreaming BIG then you are doing it right! I was asked the other day by a friend of mine “How are you able to dream so big? Whenever I dream big I fall back to the ground!”. I was taken back a bit, smiled and then asked her a simple question: “How do you know I haven’t fallen, too?”

Look, I know dreams are scary. They can be intimidating, confusing and will put you in a dizzy trying to figure out if you should peruse them or forget about them. But I also know what it feels like to have this strong powerful pull towards something in your life! This, my friends, is YOUR DREAM! No matter how big or small! No matter if people agree with it or disagree with it… you must start looking at your dreams and start believing in them!! They were put in your life for a reason! 


Your dreams should scare you into stepping up and taking action in your life. If you are unhappy – CHANGE! If you want more – CHANGE! If you need a change – CHANGE!

Here are some simple steps that you can use to start turning your dreams into a reality!

1. Be specific! Goals must be specific – get rid of the vague language like “a little”, “some” or “more”. Put a number down and be exact! “ I want to lose 20 pounds”, “ I want to make $75,000”, “I would like to attend 4 business events”.

2. Make goals simple!  Clear and focused is the key here. Do not get to caught up in the story of your goal or what that goal may look like under a microscope. Let that happen once you reach your goal!

3. Goals must be tangible! Save the abstract for the art gallery. Your goal must be REAL – something you can see, touch or feel. If you see yourself being healthier or having financial stability, these goals may be nearly impossible to reach. But running a marathon is tangible. Losing 25 pounds is tangible. Seeing a specific number in your bank account is tangible.

4. Write them down! The act of writing your goals out increases the chance that these goals will be achieved! Write every. Single. Day. I swear, it works!

BONUS 5. Share them! Shout your goals out to the world! Let those around you keep you accountable! And when you reach your goal (because I know you will!) shout it out AGAIN!

So tell me, what are some of your goals that you feel are too big? Do you think with this action plan you would be able to achieve them?

You deserve every single dream that you have!!!

XxOo Tasha

Dreams and Goals

Monday Motivation

 Happy Monday!

You might not know this but I am starting to LOVE Monday again!

Monday’s bring opportunity. Opportunity to start things you have been putting off or opportunity to look at something that didn’t work and try it again. Monday’s are the new Friday, in my opinion!

This weekend I mentioned some changes were happening and I will slowly tell you about them. The fist major change is that I am now staying home, blogging, developing recipes, working with companies and being a brand ambassador, and of course being more available for my family. I am planning on creating some brand new content, eating programs and implementing some fresh, positive ideas! I am also working on my health and wellness coaching and starting to build my client base. Positive changes! I am very happy and optimistic about the future and what is waiting for me! I will share more as it starts to unfold!


Today was the start of Jordan’s new Pre-K, too! He was in a pre-school setting for the past 6 months and now I started him in a part time Pre-K environment to help him get ready for Kindergarten! And he is now only going part time, 3 days a week, instead of all 5. This way he still gets ample time with Mommy and Daddy and wont feel so overwhelmed.


He was really excited! He is such a big boy!

After we dropped him off at his school, it was time for some coffee and breakfast.


Oats with local, raw honey for him.


A smoothie and coffee for me.


It’s going to be another BEAUTIFUL day in Seattle, today! But my plans include cleaning the house from top to bottom! Including getting rid of any unnecessary pantry and fridge items. I am starting my detox today – no gluten, no sugar, no soy, no dairy – heavy raw fruits and vegetables, beans, grains, nuts, organic eggs and fish/protein as needed. I am developing the program today/tonight and will be posting it soon!


A little fact about me: Tulips are my favorite flower! I bought these in Seattle this weekend.


And look what we ran into! Another little fact is that we love watching Deadliest Catch. The boats in parked in Seattle right now and we happened to notice this bad boy, The Wizard! Keith and his crew are our favorite! I even tweeted Captain Keith this picture and he loved it! 🙂


     I hope everyone had a safe and beautiful weekend!


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Dreams and Goals

Sunday Dreaming

Hello beautiful!

Happy Sunday! Are you enjoying your day so far? I am sitting here with my coffee and I am completely enjoying my morning! I feel so blessed to be where I am right now – I am helping people with their health and weight, making positive changes in lives and being able to sit comfortably from my living room. I have the biggest smile on my face right now!


Are you smiling right now?

For years I have been searching for my smile. I felt lost and off a path that I knew I should have been on. I have HUGE dreams and passions but I never really understood HOW to achieve them. I thought I was failing at something… I thought I was failing at life. And I will admit that sometimes I still feel I am off of my path but recently it is much more clear!

Here are some tools that have helped me feel as though I was working in the right direction!

  • Start writing them down! Dreams will continue to stay dreams until you write them down!
  • Start attaching goals to those dreams. Goals are action items that have a deadline.
  • Start breaking your goals up into smaller goals. It’s important to understand that there are small steps to take to get you where you need to be. These smaller steps also create motivation because there is a sense of achievement every time you complete a task!
  • Get help! Do you feel that you simply cannot get where you want to go? Contact a professional coach, talk with a family member that owns their own business or talk with someone that is in the industry that you are wanting to get in to! Everyone is very passionate about their life of work and I bet they would be excited to share their story with you!

Whatever your goals and dreams are, believe in yourself! Believe that you have the power to be whoever you want to be!

Stay beautiful, stay healthy, stay YOU!