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Veg Eats Day 3/4 + Water Facts

Helloooooo! Happy Monday!

I must admit this is the most excited and energetic I have felt in a while! And it has nothing to do with eating limited animal products. It has to do with the AMAZING community that is forming with the intention of kindness, nourishment and health – it really is fantastic! Today is day 1 for most and there is such a positive buzz happening! PS – It is not too late to join, either! Check out the community here!

Before I get into my eats I wanted to share some disturbing facts about how much water is actually used to produce animal products. It really is mind blowing to see these numbers!

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30 day challenge, vegan, vegetarian

Veg Eats Day 2

Hey guys! Happy Saturday!

So if you missed yesterday’s post I am joining a 30 day Plant Based Diet challenge hosted by BexLife and Danielle Diamond! You can check out the details and video here.

During the next 30 days I will sharing tips, recipes and facts about plant based eating and living, too. There are huge benefits that are directly related to cutting back your animal product consumption; and I am not only talking about your health here. The environment suffers from animal farms as well as the animals themselves. This is a huge topic that I am planning on tackling over the next 30 days.

So on to my eats!

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