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Jamba Juice – Live Fruitfully!

You all know how healthy and essential smoothies are… and how much I LOVE them! And while I eat most of my food from home, there are times when I am traveling or out and about and I am craving something healthy to eat and snack on.


Jamba Juice has definetly saved me while I have been on the go. Especially if I am traveling, in between meetings or running errands and need a quick pick me up! Hunger doesn’t stop when you are working! But having a healthier option to choose from is why I love Jamba Juice.

The Fruit and Veggie blends are my favorite!


I switch it up from the Apple n’ Green to the Berry UpBeet. They even have a new flavor called the Tropical Harvest which has a mixture of butternut squash, carrot, sweet potato, peaches, and mangos. It is both gluten free and dairy free AND really delicious!


Jordan also loves his Jamba Juice and they have a great kids menu. He usually chooses the Strawberry Gone Bananas or the Blueberry Strawberry Blast Off. They have a new Beet flavor for kids but he wasn’t game to try it. He is a creature of habit! 🙂
He usually picks out something small to eat with his smoothie, like a banana. I love that they offer fresh fruit and nuts for snacks. Having these options allows families to have more healthy options when eating on the go and traveling.

The whole concept behind Jamba Juice is to provide a healthy option for individuals that are on a time scheduled and want more options than a greasy hamburger to eat. I think that is great! Some may argue that Jamba Juice may not be the cleanest option… but it sure is better than fast food! And I am all for making small changes that last a lifetime! ( My suggestion is to stay away from any flavor that has added sugar, ice cream, yogurt and so on. I always pick full fruit and vegetable blends. Not sure which flavors they have? Check out their website! )


So tell me, what is your favorite smoothie at Jamba Juice?

Also, feel free to check out their interactive website that is jammed with information and fun games for the kiddos!
They also have a very friendly facebook fan page, twitter account and delicious Pinterest profile!

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Thanks again Moms MeetSM and Jamba Juice for hooking me up with a giftcard!

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