vegan ramblings

Vegan ramblings…

My favorite question is still “ What do you eat??!!” when I state that I do not eat meat or dairy. I get a few seconds of silence mixed with wide eyes and blank stares. I can see the minds of each person working away, trying to piece meals together with no portions of meat or dairy. A lot of the times they are baffled, and when I try explaining what I do eat they come back asking me, “No chicken?” No chicken. “ Well you must eat fish then.” Nope, no fish either.
Blank stares come again.
I simply smile and explain that eating a plant based diet was a goal that I have had for a very long time. A goal that didn’t happen over night. A goal that makes me happy and one that I would never push on anyone else.
By this time, they are all ears; waiting for me to keep talking about this “secret” life I live. So, like any normal person would do,  I talk about kale, garlic, quinoa and how I make almond milk. The more excited I seem about my food choices, the more excited they are about listening and learning from me.
I will also add that I am vegan for a few reasons. The main reason is for the health of myself and the lives of animals – both equally as important to me and they go hand-in-hand. The other is that I am foodie that has an obsession with crisp, colorful vegetables and sweet, juicy fruit.

There really is nothing in life that could be better.
to be continued…