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Picky Eating

As a parent, I always want to make sure my son, Jordan, has the best. It’s only natural : AKA the motherly instinct. I make sure he has a fresh diaper, clean clothes, a safe and nurturing environment, tools for learning and wholesome food. And of course a never ending supply of hugs and kisses!

April had asked me: I remember in a previous post you mentioned you were going to include more of what Jordan eats in a day. What happened?


Jordan has turned into a picky eater. Of course being his mom I am quite ashamed of this and I cannot help but to feel that I did something wrong – it’s only natural to feel this way, I guess. I always made sure he had a well balanced meal, incorporating a lot of healthy vegetables, fats, fruit and a protein source. The last thing I wanted was for him to grow up not enjoying a wide variety of foods.

Over the past few weeks, Jordan has been refusing foods that he once loved. He was the BEST eater and tried anything that I put on his plate; from brussel sprouts to green beans, pancakes and soup. His list of foods he wont eat is much larger than the list of foods he will eat.

I have been extremely stressed and frustrated because of his refusal. I am worried that he is not getting enough to eat, not enough calories to survive, not enough nutrients and that he is already starting to develop poor eating habits at a young age.

Breath, Tasha. Breath.

I found an article on picky eating at a young age which explained why he has been doing this. It makes a lot of sense and I guess I will have to try to roll with the punches instead of fighting back.  All I can do is offer foods to him and if he doesn’t eat them then that’s fine. I can’t force him to eat, and no, he won’t starve. Believe me, I have tried every attempt to get him to eat.

He does love fruit, though, so I guess he isn’t as bad as some picky eaters. He also loves GM’s. I have been thinking of getting him Kids Super Food to supplement his nutrition.

So lately his meals have been fruit, raisins, black olives and MorningStar “faux” chicken nuggets. I am just hoping he will once be the great eater he has always been.

Has anyone gone through this? If so, what tips can you offer a frazzled mom?