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Chicken Noodle Soup with Gluten Free Noodles

You all know I love making soup. We have all been feeling under the weather the past week and I thought a big batch of healing chicken noodle soup was in order!

chicken noodle soup

I used boneless chicken thighs, fresh thyme and gluten free noodles. And of course I used Maninis Gluten Free Noodles because Maninis is the only certified gluten free company that uses ancient grains instead of corn and soy and produces FRESH pasta instead of dried pasta. For the chicken noodle soup I used their lasagna strips and cut them into smaller strips. I did this because I wanted my noodles wider and shorter than fettuccini noodles. They came out perfectly!


  You can now find Maninis Gluten Free products on Amazon!


  • You can use fresh thyme sprigs or poultry seasoning, I like the different herbs in poultry seasoning but I really enjoy using fresh herbs. 
  • Always salt and pepper each layer – the base, the stock and finished product. But go light on salt since you can’t take it away.
  • Add as many veggies as you like. If you like a lot of carrots then add more – it will only help the flavor!
  • Short on time? Buy a rotisserie chicken and shred it up.
  • Remember to season your raw chicken breast while you cook. I chopped the breast up into small cubes prior to cooking, adding salt, pepper, dried parsley, onion powder and garlic powder. You want the chicken to have it’s own similar flavor to the stock.

chicken noodle soup4


  • 2 quarts chicken broth, vegetable broth or water
  • 4 boneless chicken thighs, cubed
  • 1 medium yellow onion, chopped
  • 4 large carrots, chopped
  • 4 celery stalks, chopped
  • 3 cups fresh gluten free pasta
  • 1 clove garlic, finely minced
  • salt and pepper
  • poultry seasoning, about 3 tablespoons OR a mixture of fresh herbs (thyme, rosemary, basil, parleys)
  • extra virgin olive oil, about 3 tablespoons

Pre-cook your chicken in the same pot you are going to cook your soup in. Add a few teaspoons of olive oil to the bottom of the pan and add your chicken pieces. Add a pinch of salt and pepper and let it cook through entirely.

Once the chicken is cooked, add the celery, onion, carrots and garlic. Stir until softened but not brown (about 10 minutes). Add a pinch more salt and pepper to taste and your poultry seasoning, if you are using, or your fresh herbs. You can always add more as the soup cooks so go easy at first.

Add the chicken broth or liquid – I used organic, free range chicken broth. Bring to a boil. Cover and let cook until the vegetables are slightly cooked through.

Add the fresh noodles and let simmer for 5-10 minutes. The noodles will continue to cook even once you take the soup off of the heat. They cook fast so continue to watch them.

You can garnish with fresh parsley leaves if desired.


chicken noodle soup2 

chicken noodle soup5


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Healing Vegetable Soup

healing soup3

Yes, I know it’s summer and most of you are enjoying hot summer days by eating cool fruit and drinking refreshing ice tea. But there is always room for soup in my kitchen. I just love soup! The trick is to get up and start cooking first thing to avoid heating up your house during the day.

I created this soup a few months ago to help with Jordan’s head cold that he had. There is something magical about homemade soup… especially from moms. Soup and hugs can cure just about anything.

healing soup2

You can view the full recipe on my Just a Pinch recipe page here. Save this recipe for a rainy day or when you or your family are under the weather. Let the healing begin!

healing soup1  


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Vegan Carrot Cumin Soup

Hey all! I have been on a carrot kick the past few weeks. Juiced carrots, carrots in my salad, roasted carrots, carrots eaten raw… and of course carrot soup! Carrot soup can be enjoyed either hot or chilled and packs a ton of flavor, nutrients and fiber. This is a quick and easy soup that is made in less than an hour and is very easy on your wallet.

Carrot and cumin soup (3)

Carrot Cumin Soup – serves 4/6

· 3 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil

· 3 medium yellow onions, chopped

· 4 cups chopped carrots

· 6 cloves of garlic, whole

· 32 oz veggie stock or water

· Salt and pepper to taste

· 2 tablespoons cumin

· 3 tablespoons dried dill

In a large pot, heat oil on medium. Add onion and a pinch of salt. Let cook until soft translucent, about 10 minutes. Add garlic and carrots and let cook for another 10 minutes.

Add your liquid and herbs and bring to a boil on high heat. Reduce heat to low, cover and let cook for 20 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool for 5-10 minutes.

Once cooled, gently pour into a blender and blend until smooth. Add more liquid if needed to achieve desired consistency. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Serve hot or chilled. Pairs well with a raw kale salad.

Carrot and cumin soup (1)


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Potato, Lentil and Collard Green Soup


I am not a huge potato fan. But when Manifest Vegan posted this recipe  I was inspired. With the addition of cumin and turmeric this soup is far from bland and boring.


  • 6 Yukon Gold potatoes chopped into 1 inch pieces
  • 4 cloves of garlic chopped finely
  • 1 cup sliced mushrooms
  • 5 leaves fresh collard greens or kale
  • 1 cup dried lentils
  • 6- cups or water or vegetable broth
  • 3 tsp cumin
  • 2 tsp turmeric
  • 1 tblespn dried basil
  • drizzle of olive oil or other cooking oil
  • 1 medium yellow onion, chopped
  • salt and pepper to taste, I used sea salt & white pepper


Heat oil in a large stock pot on medium heat. Add onion, potatoes, garlic, mushrooms, salt and pepper. Cook until onion is soft.

Add water, lentils and the remaining spices. Trim leaves of collard greens, discarding the stems. Cut greens into thin pieces and add to soup. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to medium low, cover and let simmer for 45-60 minutes, or until lentils are cooked to your liking.

Serve hot. Serves 6-8



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Vegetable Soup with Adzuki Beans – vegan

adzuki soup1

While at Whole Foods the other day I picked up some Adzuki beans. I first learned about Adzuki beans in The Kind Diet and always wanted to give them a try. I adore beans… they really are a “magical fruit”.

Adzuki beans are from Asia and are similar in size and texture to a black and/or red bean. They have a great earthy flavor and packed full healthy properties.

This is a simple vegetable soup yet rich in flavor and texture. Remember, add your own combo of vegetables to change the taste and texture.

adzuki soup3

  • medium yellow onion, chopped
  • 3 large carrots, chopped
  • 2 large stalks of celery, chopped
  • 5 cloves of garlic, diced
  • half of a large sweet potato, chopped into bite size pieces
  • 1 red bell pepper, chopped
  • 3 large leaves of collard greens, chopped into thin strips
  • 1 cup of dried Adzuki beans, uncooked
  • 1/2 cup chopped fresh flat leaf parsley (a must!)
  • 1/4 cup dried basil
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 6 cups water and/or vegetable broth
  • salt and pepper to taste

Start by boiling water, a pinch of salt and adzuki beans in a pot. Boil for about 20 minutes, just until they are starting to get  a little soft but still crunchy.

In a large soup pot, add oil and turn on stove to medium. Add onion, celery, carrots, garlic, sweet potato, red bell pepper and a pinch of salt. Cook down until onion has wilted and the vegetables are hot.

Add 6 cups of liquid, either broth or water. Add beans, basil, salt and pepper. Turn up to high and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium low, cover and let simmer until beans and vegetables are soft. About 30 minutes. Add parsley and greens the last 5 minutes of cooking.

Serve with crusty bread!

adzuki soup2


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White Bean and Kale Soup

I wanted this soup to be simple, yet elegant. It may look complex but your taste buds will enjoy this soups delicate flavor of vegetables and herbs.

  • 4 cups vegetable stock + 2 cups water
  • 1 bunch chard or kale, washed and torn into larger bite sized pieces – do not include the stems.
  • 1 15 oz can of white beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1 15 oz can of diced tomatoes, drained
  • 2 cups peas, I used frozen
  • 1 yellow onion, chopped into large pieces
  • 2 cloves dices garlic or tablespoon pre-diced garlic
  • 2 cups brown or wild rice (optional – see notes below)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons dried parsley
  • 2 tablespoons dried basil
  • tablespoon dried chili flakes, optional and to taste

In a large pot heat oil on medium. Add chopped onion, garlic and pinch of salt. Stir until softened.
Add greens and a splash of vegetable stock. Wilt uncovered for 5 minutes.
Add the rest of the ingredients and turn up to high, bringing to a light boil. Reduce heat to low and cover, simmering for 30 minutes or longer. Taste, adding more salt and pepper if needed.
Serve with crusty bread – enjoy!
DSC04471 DSC04467

  • I used leftover brown rice that I had in the fridge. You can easily leave this out or sub it with another grain of choice.
  • Use you imagination with vegetable, subbing or leaving out. It will only enhance and define the taste profile.
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Spicy Cabbage Soup

Here is another great guest post/recipe by Maria Rainier! Enjoy!


Keeping Warm

I can’t speak for everywhere else in the United States, but here in my little corner of the Southeast, it has been an incredibly cold winter, already. News flash: winter just started! Here it is, only the beginning of January, and we have already had snow two or three times. In years past, we would never get snow so early and certainly not in any measurable amount. It’s cold. Hat and glove wearing cold. Red noses, rosy cheeks and chapped lips cold. Cold. Cold, cold, cold.

Can you tell I’m cold?

Weather like this calls for hot meals. I love nothing more than to whip up a slew of soups and stews on a chilly day. It is simple to freeze most of what I make on a Sunday afternoon and then leave one or two containers in the fridge for the upcoming week. My husband and I will eat just about anything, but it isn’t always easy to come up with a meal idea that is warm, healthy and full of ingredients that my picky two-year-old will readily eat. Convincing my little one to pass on the peanut butter and jelly (natural almond butter and homemade strawberry preserves, of course) and have some soup isn’t always easy, but he loves my spicy cabbage and bean soup. Since I know he loves it, I find myself making it a lot and it’s fantastic because you can be totally creative with the recipe based on your own tastes and lifestyle.

Here we go…


Spicy Cabbage and Bean Soup

2 boxes of organic broth (chicken or vegetable)

1 jar of salsa verde

1 can (15 oz.) organic black beans, rinsed and drained

1 can (15 oz.) organic cannellini beans, rinsed and drained

1 can (15 oz.) organic diced tomatoes

½ head of organic cabbage, shredded

In a large saucepan over medium heat, combine broth, salsa verde, beans and tomatoes. Stir until heated through. Add shredded cabbage and cook until the cabbage has softened. Serve and enjoy.

Seriously. That’s it. Easy, right? You can adjust the spice of the dish by varying the amount of salsa verde. Want more beans? Go for it. Add more organic beans of whatever variety floats your boat. Adore cabbage? Add more cabbage. Just be aware that if you add more beans or cabbage, you may need to add more organic broth to balance it out and keep the appropriate soup consistency.

Stay warm!

Bio: Maria Rainier is a freelance writer and blog junkie. She is currently a resident blogger at First in Education and performs research surrounding online degrees. In her spare time, she enjoys square-foot gardening, swimming, and avoiding her laptop.


As soon as Maria sent my this recipe I knew I had to make it for all of you. I followed her recipe, for the most part, and it was simple yet delicious! In my version I added chopped cilantro (almost an entire bunch of it), 2 cups of strained tomatoes (that’s all I had on hand) and I sauteed an entire red onion before I added the liquid.

GO EASY on the salsa verde! I added an entire jar of it and it is pretty spicy. I LOVE spicy food so it’s fine for me but if you have spice sensitive people in your household I would only use half.



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An “Everything Lentil” Soup


The more it rains in Seattle the more I crave hearty soup. Hearty soup that has lentils.

What can I say; I am addicted to lentils.

Some of my best meals have been made on the fly with no direction. No recipe. No problem. I peek in the fridge, evaluate my pantry and make a quick sketch in my head of what would work in a pot.

Is it really that simple? Yes. And this is why I love soup.

Everything Lentil Soup

  • 8 cups water/vegetable stock
  • 2-3 tablespoons EVOO
  • 1 medium yellow onion, chopped
  • 2 large carrots, chopped
  • 2 celery stalks, chopped
  • 2 heaping tablespoons minced garlic
  • 1 sweet potato, chopped
  • 1 red bell pepper, chopped
  • 1/2 head of chard/collard greens, ripped into large pieces + stems
  • 2 cups dry lentils
  • 1 cup uncooked quinoa
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • large handful dried basil and parsley


In a large soup pot, add EVOO and turn on Medium heat. Add chopped onion, carrot, celery and a pinch of salt. Cook until onion is soft, about 5 minutes. Add garlic, red pepper, potato and greens. Cook for another 5 minutes.

Add liquid, lentils and dried herbs. Bring to a boil then turn to medium/low heat and cover. Cook for an hour OR until lentils are soft.

Add dry quinoa, cover and let cook for 12-15 minutes. Taste to see if it needs more salt/pepper. Turn on heat and let sit for 10-20 minutes. Soup will be thick and delicious!



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Lentil Quinoa Soup

So let’s see here… how many times have I written about lentil soup?
More than I can count!

lentil quinoa soup

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: I love lentil soup. It is my go-to comfort food. From start to finish, when I am stressed making lentil soup calms me and fills my belly with hearty goodness.

I had a long day of traveling yesterday and nothing sounded better than a hot bowl of soup. I peeked into my cupboards, searched through the fridge and had enough ingredients to make a delicious batch of soup.

Lentil Quinoa Soup

  • 1 large yellow onion, chopped into bite size pieces
  • 2 large carrots, cut into medium chunks
  • 3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
  • 1 cup fresh chopped mushrooms, any kind
  • 3/4 cup dried brown/green lentils
  • 5 cups of water or vegetable broth
  • 1/2 cup toasted quinoa
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 tablespoon EVOO
  • handful of dried basil and dried oregano

lentil quinoa soup4

In a soup pot, add oil and turn on the burner to medium. Add onion, mushrooms, garlic, carrots and a nice pinch of salt. Let cook until onions are translucent and soft.

Add your liquid, lentils, herbs and turn up the heat to high. Once it has come to a boil, reduce heat to medium low, cover and let cook for an hour. Taste and add more seasonings or salt and pepper.

Once the soup is almost done, start toasting your quinoa in a skillet over medium heat. Toasting the quinoa brings the nutty flavor out! Once it is warm and toasted, add to your soup. Cover and let cook for 15-20 more minutes.

lentil quinoa soup3


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Lentil Soup II

You might be thinking: “How many times is she going to post about Lentil Soup?!”
The truth is Lentil Soup is my most favorite soup to make and eat. Hearty, filling and flavorful, this soup is my go-to soup for a rainy day pick me up. I keep tweaking the recipe, adding in different ingredients, making this soup EVEN better than before.
This batch I added Yams. The result? My favorite batch to date! The yams added a delightful sweet element that worked well with the basil, white pepper and garlic.

DSC06510 DSC06511


  • 2 cups lentils, rinsed and looked over
  • 6-8 cups of vegetable stock or water
  • 1 medium yellow onion
  • 2 cups Garnet Yams
  • 1 heaping tablespoon minced garlic
  • 3-4 carrots, chopped
  • 3-4 celery stalks, chopped
  • 2 tablespoon dried basil
  • 2 tablespoons dried parsley
  • 1-2 bay leaves
  • 2 tablespoons EVOO
  • salt and pepper to taste

In a large soup pot add EVOO and turn on medium heat. Add onion, carrot, celery and a pinch of salt. Let cook for 10 minutes, stiring once every minute. Add garlic and cook for an additional 2 minutes (be sure not to burn the garlic!)
Add your stock/water and turn heat up to high. Add rinsed lentils, yams, basil and parsley. Bring to a boil then reduce heat to a simmer (medium-low) and cover for an hour.
Check often to make sure water level is not too low, adding small amounts at a time.
The end result should be a thick and creamy soup, with the lentils being broke down and soft. Taste to make sure it is seasoned the way you like it, adding more salt and pepper if needed.
Serves 4-6