Obsessions Part 1

I often find myself fixated on certain items. More often than not it’s something  quirky, eclectic, geeky, nerdy and random. This is an exact showcase of who I am inside: quirky, eclectic, geeky, nerdy and random.

I have always had an obsession with random dishes, primarily mugs, and unique kitchens. I find a lot of “gems” at thrift stores and garage sales, and it was always a dream of mine to have a kitchen that showcased my collections.

Here are some items and pictures that I have been loving…

it's an amelie kind of day

…from the lovely Raining Sheep Blog 

Vintage Pyrex


I would love to display my bulk foods like this!


Tea Mug Cozy

bird in the hand

… from A Bird In The Hand ( I ADORE this kitchen!)


Dishes, dishes, dishes…

pyrex plates

Pyrex Dishes

And last but not least…

conan mug 
Conan Mug