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Day 1 of my 21 Day Fix EXTREME!

Hey guys! I wanted to share my food, thoughts and reasons why I am doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme! ❤

As most of you know I have been into health and wellness for years now. I am a Clean Eating supporter and advocate, I love anything GREEN and I love a good sweaty workout! My passions turned into a business as I started one-on-one coaching and helping others at a higher level – I have been truly blessed!

But… even the best still slip up and need some guidance! I have been enjoying too many sweets, too much salt, not enough greens and have pretty laid back on my fitness. I needed that motivation back in my life! I have been following and participating in some of the BeachBody programs ( I love PiYo!) and listening to some of my clients and followers comment on how well these programs work for them.

So I thought what the heck! What do I have to lose? I have been really getting serious about competing in my first body competition this year and needed a serious jump start! I was reading about the 21 Day Fix Extreme and how dialed in everything is – from the daily workouts to the super lean and clean nutrition plan… I knew I had to have it!

Day 1 has been pretty amazing for me! I am upping my animal protein for the next 21 days and incorporating a lot more fresh veggies and greens in my plan – more than I was before. It is a very effective program with individual containers to help make is SUPER SIMPLE! No counting calories ( I have never done that ) and makes it virtually fool proof! I feel less bloated today than I have in weeks… yay!

This was my meal plan today:

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