Positive Beginnings – Journal Prompt #1



Well hello 2014!
The start of a new year always brings about a sense of excitement and positivity in the air, don’t they?! Don’t let this NEW YEAR pass you by – this year is yours and I hope you grab it by the horns! To help inspire you, let your dreams grow and make the most of every opportunity, journaling is the perfect tool to use!

To start you off on your journey and help you stay motivated while you’re journaling, I am creating a new journal prompt each day in 2014! I hope this will allow you to stay focused and motivated all year long! Whether you want to journal in the morning with a hot cup of coffee, during the middle of the day or at night before you turn into bed, use these prompts when you need some help writing.

Journaling Prompt #1:

It’s January 1st – Explore your dreams and goals! What are you wanting this year? What do you want to accomplish? These can be as detailed or as simple as you like! Remember: writing your goals down on paper is making a promise to yourself that you are worthy of accomplishment and happiness! Need some extra help writing out your goals for 2014? Check out my Goal Writing 101 post!

Happy Journaling!
XxOo – Tasha

love letters, self help

{Love Letters} #1 Find your PASSION!

Hello beautiful! Happy Monday once again!

Today I wanted to reach out to you personally and share some thoughts of wisdom with you about PASSION.

One subject that I love talking about is PASSION! Passion is what drives us in our own life. Having passion allows us to reach our goals and dreams and to create a life worth living!

But what if you lack passion and drive? Do you ask yourself “What is my purpose in life? What do I need to do? Where do I start?” 


I have been there before: feeling very blah in my life and I was basically skimming by with no direction. I wasn’t putting any energy into myself or my life. I felt depressed and out of touch with myself. So I started self exploring and looking at myself in the mirror. I pretty much gave myself a mental slap and said “WAKE UP!”. I started getting to know myself again – asking important questions, creating a vision that I felt happy about and started to listen to my HEART instead of my MIND.

It’s true we all have a calling in life. And when you are on the right path you can feel it! You wake up thinking about that passion, you work hard towards it and you dream about it when you sleep! Your passion is a positive subject that you cannot help but to be so freaking excited about! You tell everyone you meet about it and you would shout it from the mountain if you could!

I love helping others and inspiring others to live a beautiful life! THIS is my PASSION! Did you know that I wake up EVERY SINGLE MORNING thinking about how I am going to positively change the world? Did you know that I wake up thinking about YOU and how I can positively change YOU?


Do you find yourself having a difficult time finding your own PASSION in life? You are not alone! Start by sitting down and writing what your ultimate life would look like! If money was no object, what would you do for a career? Where would you live? What kind of legacy would you leave? What do you want to be remember by?

I often times look back to how I was in High School because this is when I felt free, happy and completely like myself! I was a free-spirited hippy and I brought so much happiness in life! PS – My nickname in High School was Sunshine! 🙂 And while I have grown into a woman since my high school days, that inner part of me still wants to be hiking through Nepal, practicing yoga, writing poetry and being completely content.

Always remember: You deserve a BEAUTIFUL LIFE!

XxOo Tasha

Mind and Body

Early Morning



As we are approaching the weekend I am sure most of you are counting down until you can stay up late and sleep in. As the 5:30AM wake up call beckons you Monday through Friday, you start to become a little bitter with possibly your career, your commute or maybe your alarm.

Before I had a family I remember I would sleep as long as I could, sometimes that meant I was in bed until 10AM or later. Granted I have always been a night owl and stay up fairly late. I seem to be very creative at night – a lot of dreaming, writing and visions happen at night. It’s a magical time for me. But I have noticed that the early mornings are just as magical. Mornings where everything is still and calm. Peaceful. Relaxing. Mindful.

I was reading one of my favorite mind and body books, Wherever You Go, There You Are, and I re-read the chapter titled Early Morning. This chapter is about the magical moment as you start your day where you are connecting with yourself. This chapter really resonates with me because even though I love sleeping in, my day always seems more calm, more productive and more positive when I wake up early before any one else does.

I usually sit and do some personal activities to help jump start my brain and and get my creativity flowing. Sometimes I will doodle, or write and reflect. I am always in a mindful place. I don’t judge myself – I am just being me.

I will also take the time to write out my goals for that day and what I want to accomplish by the end of the day. If the weather has blessed me with no rain I will take a nice walk outside to collect my thoughts, re-charge my energy and help get the blood flowing. Or sometimes I will sit cuddled on the couch, coffee in hand and just be. No phone, no computer… just focusing on my breathing. This is also a great time to practice some yoga poses and stretch.

I want to challenge you to try getting up a bit earlier in the morning. It can be before work, school or on your day off. Start at 15 minutes or 30 minutes. And if you just cant get up out of bed, lay in bed and focus on your breathing. Pull your arms close to your chest and hug yourself. Give yourself a mental pep talk to start the day.
I am beautiful! I will accomplish my goals! I am confident and worth everything I want in life!

Be Beautiful, Be Healthy, Be YOU!


Journal it out!



Today was a little challenging for me. Emotionally I was not in a very good place for a little bit. I was frustrated, angry and lost, and stuck in a place that I didn’t want to be in. I was sitting there trying to complete my work and I had this huge negative cloud over me. I had a good mental bitching session with myself (which really does nothing) and then I tried to think of a way to get out of my pity party… and fast!

I instinctively opened up a blank work document and just started to write. I wrote whatever I was thinking! Good, bad, ugly… it didn’t matter! I was the only one that was going to be reading it – there was no judging or critiquing. It was me being venerable, open and honest. After I was done I sat there and read it and then read it again. It was finally making sense and I was able to let go of it. I emailed it to myself (for a learning tool), deleted the document and picked up where I was with my work.

You guys, this is why journaling is SOOOOO effective in your daily living! And why I always have a notebook with me at all times. When you have negative thoughts, or any thoughts for that matter, you need to get them out of your mind. Thoughts that are just floating around in your head are just that… thoughts. And a lot of the time they can cause confusion, procrastination and over time your mind becomes so polluted that you cant even concentrate. Plus, a lot of your energy will be used and wasted by circling these thoughts over and over in your head.

When you take a few minutes to write your thoughts down you are releasing them from your body and your soul. Get those negative thoughts out of you!!! You don’t need them nor do you want them!!!

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