Journal it out!



Today was a little challenging for me. Emotionally I was not in a very good place for a little bit. I was frustrated, angry and lost, and stuck in a place that I didn’t want to be in. I was sitting there trying to complete my work and I had this huge negative cloud over me. I had a good mental bitching session with myself (which really does nothing) and then I tried to think of a way to get out of my pity party… and fast!

I instinctively opened up a blank work document and just started to write. I wrote whatever I was thinking! Good, bad, ugly… it didn’t matter! I was the only one that was going to be reading it – there was no judging or critiquing. It was me being venerable, open and honest. After I was done I sat there and read it and then read it again. It was finally making sense and I was able to let go of it. I emailed it to myself (for a learning tool), deleted the document and picked up where I was with my work.

You guys, this is why journaling is SOOOOO effective in your daily living! And why I always have a notebook with me at all times. When you have negative thoughts, or any thoughts for that matter, you need to get them out of your mind. Thoughts that are just floating around in your head are just that… thoughts. And a lot of the time they can cause confusion, procrastination and over time your mind becomes so polluted that you cant even concentrate. Plus, a lot of your energy will be used and wasted by circling these thoughts over and over in your head.

When you take a few minutes to write your thoughts down you are releasing them from your body and your soul. Get those negative thoughts out of you!!! You don’t need them nor do you want them!!!

think happy