Drinks that Detox your Body!

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Your gut is the powerhouse for your entire body. When you eat or drink the wrong foods, you may feel bloated, sluggish, constipated, have diarrhea, headaches… that’s because food is digested in your intestines and that food is turned into fuel. When you eat whole, plant based foods, you are providing your body with proper fuel to carry you through your day! When you eat processed foods, junk food or fast food, your body is also converting that into fuel. However, those foods provide no nutritional value and is doing more harm than good!

Feel heavy and bloated after eating processed foods? Feel sick after eating greasy food? This is your body saying STOP IT! YOUR POISENING ME!

It’s important to properly detox your intestines. You will feel clear, the bloat will go away and your energy levels will be amazing! I drink lemon water every morning and it’s such a positive way to start my day! I feel so refreshed and cleansed!



5 Super-Easy Drinks that Detoxify Your Body

  1. Warm Lemon Water Cleanse: A glass of warm water with a slice of fresh lemon is a great way to cleanse your body each morning. Your body has been hard at work all night long breaking down food and digesting nutrients. Lemon juice helps flush away any unwanted materials and toxins that are left over from the digestive process. Because lemon juice is similar in atomic composition to digestive juices and saliva, it does a great job breaking down material and encouraging the liver to produce bile.

  2. Sea Salt Water Cleanse: To keep your digestive system functioning at top speed throughout the day, try sipping on a glass of water with a little sea salt. The salt water helps rid the colon and small intestine of waste so that your body can readily absorb nutrients. Add 2 tablespoons of unrefined sea salt or Himalayan salt to 2 quarts of warm water. Pour the mixture into a jar with a lid and shake well. You can add a squeeze of lemon to neutralize the taste. Stay clear of spicy and heavily processed foods while you drink the salt water.

  3. Golden Detox Drink: This drink contains turmeric, which not only boosts metabolism but also possesses a strong detoxifying power and helps the liver break down unwanted and dangerous chemicals. Ginger, lemon juice and cayenne pepper are added for additional cleansing effect. Add ½ teaspoon turmeric, ½ small teaspoon powdered ginger to 2 cups of hot water. Let it sit for a little bit while you put 4 drops of raw stevia concentrate, a pinch of cayenne pepper and the juice from ½ a small organic lemon in another cup. Mix the two cups and sip the warm drink.

  4. Liver Lover Detox Drink: This juice drink encourages the movement of bile and fat to and from the liver. Since the liver is the most vital organ for both metabolism and detoxification, this is a great drink for those looking to drop a few pounds and clean house. Combine 2 medium beets, a 1-inch piece of fresh ginger, 1 organic lemon peeled, a handful of cilantro, 1 Swiss chard leaf and ½ red apple in your juicer. This juice is refreshingly sweet.

  5. Gentle Green Cleanse Drink: Vegetables are loaded with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. For a natural body cleanse combine the following vegetables for a soothing and nutritionally rich detox drink.

2 organic celery stalks
3 organic kale leaves
3 organic carrots
2 organic beets
1 turnip
½ white onion
½ bunch of parsley
½ small head of cabbage
½ medium bunch of fresh organic spinach
2 garlic cloves

Mix all ingredients with purified water in a blender and enjoy.

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Clean Eating Summer School – Gimme Some Sugar!

Hey Clean Eaters!

On my facebook page I asked you to tell me what is most challenging about Clean Eating. I received a lot of responses and I am happy to announce that all of your questions will be answered in my Clean Eating Summer School edition!

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Let’s talk sugar, shall we?

Sugar: so good yet so evil.

Did you know that the average American consumes 100 pounds of sugar and sweetener per year? That breaks down to 30 teaspoons per year. Nearly half of this consumption comes from soda and fruit drinks. These drinks are the number 1 source of calories in the American diet!

While this post is not about soda, it is a good visual for you to see. We eat A LOT of sugar! TOO MUCH SUGAR!

As clean eaters, we need to be aware of hidden sugars and sugar substitutes in our food. Why? Because we need to stop poisoning our beautiful bodies!

I avoid anything with sugar. I know that when I consume sugar my levels go into a spiral and I start craving sugar almost instantly. This is the same with breads and gluten. My body cannot handle them. And I feel so much better without it! I have turned to eating raw desserts which still satisfies my sweet tooth yet does my body wonders!

Here are some excellent clean sweeteners that are safe for you. But remember: we still need to be aware of what we are consuming and we still need to limit sweets.

Maple Syrup

Pure maple syrup comes from maple trees and it’s pure goodness. It is my sweetener of choice because it provides and excellent source of magnesium and a good source of zinc. I buy Grade B maple syrup as it has a richer flavor and more minerals than Grade A. You can find pure maple syrup in most stores, too. And while it is more expensive than the toxic fake maple syrup, you don’t need nearly as much. I use maple syrup on my homemade pancakes, on oats, in my sweet potatoes, homemade Asian marinades, and sometimes I will put a splash in my coffee with almond milk!

Dates are natures candy! They are gooey, soft and super sweet! Dates are a very popular fruit with an amazing nutritional kick. They are virtually fat free, provide wonderful sources of iron, potassium, dietary fiber and give an excellent source of natural energy. I eat them as a snack with nut butter when I am craving something sweet. I also put a date or two in my smoothies, homemade almond milk and chopped up with an apple. Kids love them, too! Since they are so sweet, they make an excellent snack for kids!

Raw Honey
Honey is straight up an amazing super food. However, I do have rules when it comes to honey. It must be raw, locally produced and bought straight from the farmer. Honey from the store has been processed and pasteurized, killing the important enzymes and minerals raw honey has.  Honey is believed to be the worlds oldest sweetener. Honey is very versatile and can be used in several ways. Just like maple syrup, you can put it in your morning oats, use it in recipes, sweeten hot tea and it also helps with your seasonal allergies.


Raw, Organic Sugar  {in moderation}
raw sugar

I do not bake anymore. But I know that many of you do and I wanted to give an option that is better than white sugar. Even though it is raw, organic sugar, it is still sugar, folks. Which means it still has no nutritional value and should be avoided. It is better than white sugar which has been heated, bleached and processed. But again, your baking should be limited. Yet, I know home amazing fresh baked cookies smell… oh yes!  

Sweeteners that didn’t make the list:

Agave – there are too many conflicting options and facts with agave, and most state agave is not good for you. I would avoid it if I were you. Here is a great article that has great information regarding agave.

Stevia – I use liquid stevia from time to time. But I never really cared for the taste. It tastes… chemically. I read Dr. Mercola and trust his advice. Stevia is his sweetener of choice. But I am just not a fan.

White Sugar – Duh.

Corn Syrup – Duh x 2

Artificial Sweeteners – AVOID!!!

Tips for limiting your sugar intake

  • Use ripe bananas or plain apple sauce in baked goods to help reduce sugar
  • If you are craving sugar, try a 3 day sugar detox! Refined sugar is highly addictive and your body is experiencing withdrawals. The longer you can go without consuming any sugar, the better you will feel.
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners! AT ALL COSTS!
  • Drink plenty of water

As always, limit your sugar intake and stick to whole fruits. The more you avoid sugar, the less your cravings will be and the better you will look and feel!



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Clean Eating Summer School: Know the rules!

For those that have been reading my blog know that clean eating is a way of life. It’s not a quick fix diet, it’s not an intense program for you to lose 10 pounds in a week and it’s not temporary. It’s a lifestyle.

The pros of eating clean? You will start to feel better, lose weight naturally, your skin will glow, you will have sustained energy and you will start to love your life again! Who wouldn’t want that?!

Even though the concept of clean eating is very simple, taking the steps to start can be very intimidating to those that are new to the idea and concept. Here are my top rules that I live by for clean eating.


1 – Clean Eating is a way of life! 

No Diet. No Miracle Pill. No starvation.

My motto is: Eat from the Earth. This translates to eating whole foods in their most natural state. Start slow and evaluate one meal at a time. Start with breakfast. Make a habit of eating a very “earthy” breakfast. Fresh smoothies, oats with a splash of pure maple syrup and nut butter, eggs with spinach or sprouted toast with nut butter and an apple are great choices. Eating foods in their most natural state not only taste better but they ARE better for you.

And remember: this is NOT a diet! Changing the way you eat can take some time. However, once you are used to a certain way you will never go back to your old eating habits again! 

2 – Be a veghead! 

I use the 80/20 rule – 80% produce and 20% other. Out of that 80% I eat mostly raw fruits and vegetables, too. The “other” could be plant based protein, grains, beans and legumes, oats, eggs or organic dairy. If you eat meat then your meat would fall under this 20% rule as well.

Why 80% produce? Fruits and vegetables are very nutrient dense and full of natural, soluble fiber. Not only are they best food for your body, they help reduce free-radicals and protect you from disease. Besides, fresh produce tastes amazing! 

3 – Shop the outer circle at your grocery store

Have you ever noticed that the inside of the store is filled with processed foods that are shelf stable? While every store is different, it’s safe to say that the outside of the aisles is where you want to do majority of your grocery shopping. This is where you will find all of that wonderful produce, bulk bin items (nuts, grains, dried fruits), meat and seafood and other fresh specialty items, like hummus and dairy.

I still venture in to the middle of the store. This is where my coconut and olive oil is, dried herbs, grains, beans and legumes are. I also frequent the frozen food department because this is where I stock up on my frozen fruit for smoothies and some frozen vegetables.  

4 – Bad Sugar! Get out of my food!

Eating clean isn’t about avoiding anything in particular. It’s about choosing simple, unrefined foods and enjoying them. I am a “glass is half full” kind of gal! Don’t think of what you CAN’T eat, think of what you CAN eat! 

I will be the first to admit that I have a HUGE sweet tooth. And when I start to consume too much of refined sugar then I start to CRAVE sugar even more! It is highly addictive and toxic. But this does not mean that I do not enjoy my sweets. I choose sweeteners that are fully natural and raw: dates, pure maple syrup, raw local honey and fresh ripe fruit.  

WARNING: most processed foods contain sugar, which equal cravings and addictions. If you want something sweet, eat cold raw dates (natures candy!), dark chocolate, plain Greek yogurt with honey or fresh cold fruit.  

5 – Hydrate Yo’ Self!

Staying hydrated is important whether you eat clean or not. It’s essential for proper body function and feeling healthy. I tend to find water a bit boring so I am always adding fresh fruit to my water, AKA Spa Water. Also, green tea is a staple in my kitchen. And if I am craving carbonation I pick up a bottle of sparkling water. (This is great for those that are trying to kick the soda habit!) 

6 –  Say what?! Only buy food with ingredients you can pronounce! 

A good general rule: If you can’t pronounce the name of a particular ingredient in the food you’re eating, say Buh-Bye! Highly processed foods are crammed full of chemicals and man-made ingredients that should not be consumed by humans, or any creature for that matter.

A Better rule: only eat what you know! Which takes me back to my entire concept on clean eating – Eat from the Earth!

Thank you for reading the first lesson in my Clean Eating Summer School.

Next time: Ok, so NOW what do I eat?

What are your questions regarding Clean Eating? Post a comment letting me know and I will try to incorporate it into my post!

XxOo  Tasha

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I am…

Labeling yourself can turn into a sticky situation. With labels come high standards and consequences if you accidently, or purposely, steer off course. I see so many individuals get so caught up in the label making – I am this, I am that. But being truthful and honest about what you label yourself is the key. As well as what you believe in.

I try very hard to not label myself as a vegan or vegetarian. If people ask me about my eating styles I say “I eat vegan” because… well… I’m not perfect. 99% of the food I consume follows this basic guideline – eating plant based food. However, am I completely strict on this? No. Why? Well, because I feel there are times when rules can be bent. It’s a choice I can make as long as the situation feels comfortable.


I listen to what my body tells me. I don’t eat like a typical American eating a typical Western diet. I am perfectly fine with having a smoothie for dinner, or a huge bowl of raw veggies for lunch. It’s about satisfying your body and feeding it with the right fuel for your individual and unique way of life.

Do I crave junk food? You bet! I have a HUGE sweet tooth and if I am not careful it can start to take control over me. Junk food is highly addicting. There are many ingredients, most of them un natural ingredients, that act like drugs in our bodies. Sending these little moments of bliss to our brains. We start to crave it and develop habits and thus forms an addiction. I enjoy chocolate just like the next person but I don’t let it control me. I control it by eating a very high percentage of plants and grains. But this has taken a lot of training. It’s a habit for me to shop in the produce section and bulk food section at the market. I rarely skim the middle isles unless there is a specific item on my list. I never set foot in the meat department because I have no need for meat in my diet. I will occasionally by a carton of Organic, Free Range eggs and a few dairy items for Jordan but for the most part I buy fresh produce.


I am not joking when I say diets do not work. You need to change your eating habits for life. It takes time, effort but with some patience you will start to learn new ways and love the fact you are eating fresh, whole foods. And then cooking becomes enjoyable again! Mixing fresh ingredients and blending spices to create the perfect meal is so rewarding!


It doesn’t matter if you are a vegetarian, vegan, omnivore or carnivore… you must follow the same principles of eating healthy, eating from the Earth and eating what your body needs.

Just for fun, here are a few things I AM:
I am a proud mom!
I am a Daughter and Grand Daughter who is loved.
I am an artist.
I am a unique individual that has developed into her own person and loves her quirky ways.
I am a coffee drinker… not going to stop and you cant make me!
I am an introvert… too much at times.
I am determined, stubborn and sometimes thickheaded.
But all I want in life is happiness, love and respect.

Healthy Eating

Grocery Haul!

Hey loves!

I LOVE grocery shopping! Probably one of my favorite things to do… ever! Clothes shopping? Not so much… shoe shopping? Nah. But grocery shopping… YES!!!

grocery trip 1

We were at Trader Joes and Jordan always likes to pick flowers up for me… I LOVE tulips so her picked me out a small bouquet of pink tulips. So sweet! 😉

So here is what my haul consisted of:

Let’s start with the produce!

grocer trip 3

Pretty usual and basic today! For fruit I picked up some oranges, apples, lemons and bags of frozen berries, strawberries and cherries. I prefer veggies over fruit so my fruit load is always MUCH MORE than my fruit! Carrots, celery, onions (yellow and red), avocado, cucumber, red bell pepper, greens (spinach and kale), heirloom tomatoes and cauliflower. I am upping my clean eating and raw food consumption during my 90 day challenge so I wanted to make sure I have plenty of options!

Baking and Spices!

grocery trip 2

Nothing exciting going on here… some pure maple syrup, cocoa powder for my shakes, some random spices I was out of and a box of pancake mix for Jordan on the weekend… he LOVES pancakes! He is DEFINETLY my child! 😉

Random finds!

grocery trip 5

Almond milk (both for home and at my office), hummus, beans, Greek yogurt, quick cooking barley, vegan chocolate chip cookies (for my occasional cookie with coffee ;), dish soap and my beautiful flowers from my favorite little man!

Jordan’s food!

  grocery trip 4 

Ok, so before anyone starts freaking out about all of the “snack” food, I do want to mention that he eats A LOT of fresh vegetables and fruit. He LOVES apples, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers, frozen berries and spinach (in his smoothies, of course!).
He does get a “special” cereal (Panda Cereal!), real fruit yogurt, Organic Z bars, banana chips, gluten free mac and cheese, Smart Dogs (vegan, 100% protein dogs. I eat them too!), chicken noodle soup (for nights that we are busy!), vitamins, 100% fruit Crushers (they are pureed fruit, 100%), and fruit leather. This will last him all week and then some. He knows that he doesn’t get snack on a daily basis but when I buy snacks that are REAL FOOD he thinks he is getting a treat but I know they are at least healthy.

So that is it!

I feel SO MUCH better after I grocery shop! Just seeing all that wonderful produce makes my stomach rumble and my mouth water! 🙂

Do you like grocery shopping? What store do you tend to shop at?

Be Beautiful, Be Healthy, Be YOU!

Mind and Body

My 90 Day Challenge!

Hello loves!

I have been asked by some of you what this 90 Day Challenge is that I have been talking about.

I am always looking for challenges to join to not only challenge my body, but to challenge my mind. I also think joining a challenge where you have amazing support helps your weight loss and health goals. AND challenging yourself is FUN! It really is! It gets you motivated to work out, to eat better and to see the end result!

There are few things that I am doing during this challenge:

  • Meal Replacements

I am replacing 2 meals a day with a shake or a smoothie. Then eating a normal meal and incorporating healthy and clean snacks in between. I am not dieting or restricting… I am simply replacing a meal with a shake. These shakes have the essential nutrients, fiber, protein and vitamins that I would normally consume… and probably EVEN MORE! Let me just say for the record… I was not happy with my eating habits. Too many carbs and sugar and not enough raw foods. I am adding a shake powder that I LOVE to my shakes and smoothies, too.

Check out my Be My Valentine shakethis shake is AMAZING!

valentines shake

  • Water

I am consuming 2 liters of water per day! I retain water and hold sodium so I am pushing the liquids!


  • Gym Time!

I finally found a great gym to join and I am starting to run and lift again. It makes me feel amazing!


  • Supporting My Team!

I have recruited some friends and family members to join this challenge with me and we are such a huge support team for each other! Texting encouraging messages, sending emails, checking in on Facebook and hosting challenge parties! It’s great for those that need that accountability to push through! Plus, we are ALL losing weight, gaining muscles and feeling amazing!

So that is my 90 Day Challenge! Do you have 90 days? If so, contact me! I would love to give you some more information on this AMAZING and EFFECTIVE challenge!!!

Be Beautiful, Be Healthy, Be YOU!

Daily Affirmations

Daily Affirmations – Day 6

What are we made out of?



Water is essential in our daily lives! It helps detoxify you from the inside out! There is no magical number as to how much water you need on a daily basis. If you eat foods that have natural water content in it, like fresh fruit and vegetables, this also counts as your daily water intake. Also, the more active you are, the more you perspire, the more water you need to drink.

I shoot for 2 liters of water per day! This may seem like a lot but I have found a helpful tool that allows me to monitor my water consumption. I found this idea on Pinterest, of course!


Water refreshes and replenishes me. Water helps me maintain my good health and vibrant skin. I love water. I love drinking water. I drink enough water each day.

Be Beautiful, Be Healthy, Be YOU!