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Heya folks!
Thank you for letting me take a little break! I am always so amazed by the support and encouragement I receive from all of you, my lovely readers!
You know, I first started this blog as my own personal outlet. A place to reflect, write and be myself; mostly about food, health and nutrition. Sure I had wanted a following and dedicated readers but I wanted to be a productive and positive source for individuals searching to live a better life through their eating habits. To help people make changes and to reach goals.
The past few months I have noticed quite a few other bloggers write about the pressure their own personal blog was starting to give them. Pressure to write on a constant basis, pressure to read and comment on other blogs, pressure to read and write emails, etc. While I may not have the most constant posting, or at times quality, I am happy to say that I have created a wonderful balance between life and blog. My blog and the content is something that I am very passionate about but there are many more important things that come before my computer. Blogging can be like having a full time job, easily! But always remember to take a step back and reflect on why you started it to begin with. If you started a blog to become “popular” or to receive attention from others then you are setting yourself up for failure. Do it for yourself, love what you do and write and always remember the key is balance.
Anyway, I just wanted to say a big Thank You to you! The individuals that add a positive sparkle to my blog. =) Muah!
I hope you all will check out my latest recipe, Yellow Curry. Simple amazing and a must try for those that love Thai. Nom Nom Nom!
We finally saw Avatar last night, too. Marc and I bought it yesterday and we had a movie date at home – it was the best! I actually didn’t realize how long the movie was and I fell asleep for the last 30 minutes but finished it up tonight. Simply breathtaking! James Cameron is a genius! If you have seen Avatar, what did you think of it?
This week is going to be a bit crazy for me so please bare with me! PS: I love the publish date option on Live Write. 😉
I have several formspring questions that I promise I will answer, too.
But for now I will leave you with a little Splish Splash in the tub!
jordan bath (2) jordan bath (3)  jordan bath (7) jordan bath (12)

4 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Aw, he's so cute!!!! I had my daughter on our counter at about 2 years old – I'd give her garlic to peel! It's official – I am the last food blogger on Earth not to have had a green monster!

  2. My goodness, you have the cutest son ever! I completely agree with you about the "pressure to blog." I feel bad for not blogging sometimes, but I remind myself (and my readers) that living my life is more important than blogging! I'm going vegan/gluten free for the next month to see if it helps with my stomach issues and I will be trying some of your recipes out! Thanks for having this blog! 😉

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