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Back Update

Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts! It means more to me than you know! =)

I went to the chiropractor this morning. He spent a good 20 minutes watching me walk errrr waddle, measuring to see how hip placement was, popping and massaging. He adjusted me and had me come back later that afternoon as a check up. A lot of heat which is helping quite a bit.

I have had lower back problems before. I had a nasty fall in the winter of 05’, right when Marc and I met. I was going home and as I was walking down his outside stairs I fell on the ice, severely bruising my tailbone. I was out of work for a week and ever since I have suffered with a bad left hip.

We talked about what could have happened and he told me to get a new pair of running shoes STAT. With over 300 miles on them he said with my back sensitivity I need more support. Also I need to start carrying Jordan on my right side more. As I am right handed I carry him with my left arm so I have my right arm free. It has gotten me a killer bicep but has left me with a sore left side.

It still is painful to walk but not nearly as bad. Tomorrow we will talk about when I can run again, but not after I buy a new pair of shoes. =)


9 thoughts on “Back Update”

  1. I really do believe shoes make all the difference! A few months ago, I bought some new running shoes by Adidas. I was in so much pain! I didn't know why. But I realized it was the shoes and switched back to Nikes. Much better.

  2. a few months ago my shoulder was killing me and when i lifted my arm, it would give out and go limp for a few seconds. I went to the chiropractor and found out I had muscle overuse injuries from always carrying and lifting my daughter with only my right arm. I had biceptendonitis, scapultis, and two other "itises" (i can't remember). He told me if I continued, I could have permanent muscle, nerve, and tendon damage. I had always carried my daughter like that, but this didn't happen until she was about 2.5 years. So be careful!

  3. Hope you feel better fast! I know for me carrying a big heavy purse on the same shoulder all the time caused me a lot of pain. Didn't have that problem with the kids- one twin on each hip ;)Have fun picking out new shoes!

  4. hope your chiropractor can fix you right up! funny how the incidentals like carrying a purse or a child or which hand you use to talk on the phone can mess with your alignment and cause serious problems over time!

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