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A special lady

It’s Friday!!! What are your plans for the weekend?

My day started with oats! I haven’t had oatmeal in such a long time!


I made my oats with water then topped them with almond butter, pumpkin butter (Thanks Chelsea!) and walnuts. YUM!

Of course I shared them with J 😉

The I made another favorite that I haven’t made in a long time – quinoa!


YUM! I love quinoa! I eat it plain as I love the nutty flavor…. mmmmmmmm!


And what was for lunch?

Quinoa, silly!


I warmed up my leftover veggies from last night, added a spoonful of pesto (I have been on a pesto kick this week!) and quinoa! What a great bowl of goodness!

J and I decided not to waste the entire day in the house so we took a trip to visit my aunt Jeri AKA Aunti Jayco! I love this woman! When I was younger I couldn’t say Jeri so I called her Jayco – cute, huh!

She’s beautiful, fun, STRONG!, LOVES wine and is such a kick in the pants to be around! It was my first time visiting her new place so I was really excited to see it. ADORABLE! I wish I would have taken some pictures. I love it! We are going to go wine tasting soon – I cannot wait. Hopefully my fun-loving cousin, her daughter, can go with us. Crazy times, I tell you!

I was a little hungry when J and I arrived back home so I made a piece of toast with some almond butter to hold me over until gym time.


I was also busy baking cookies. These are for Amanda who won them in my give away. She is going to LOVE them! And of course I made extra because I love them too. =)


The gym was great – very sweaty! I did 4.5 miles on the treadmill running at a 9 minute mile pace for two miles and a 10 minute pace for the other two, with a cool down of 5 minutes. Then I hit the stairs for 15 minutes. I am up to level 14 and it was was easy! My legs have gotten incredibly strong since I have been running. I was very excited tonight! =) The some stretching and core work.

I blended up an amazing drink when I got home. Frozen berries, a few peach slices, almond milk and an apple.


I also had a handful of pistachios and some of this:


It’s not my favorite but it works in a pinch. 😉

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


PS – I am going to miss him! =( So sad!


14 thoughts on “A special lady

  1. Great oat pic, makes me want to get up and make a bowl right now 🙂 I love Quinoa flakes, but I haven't experimented much with the actual grain. I know I'd like it, I think I've just been lazy :p

  2. I was so into oats from around March until October and then I just couldn't do it anymore! I'd have them with almond butter, some agave nectar and cinnamon. Now I have to have cheerios! I love quinoa. I make it for my little guy (11.5 months) with his other grains and beans for bfast!

  3. oo pesto and quinoa i never tried that! ive always been a pasta sauce girl…but being that i absolutely lurveee pesto im thinking this has got to be my next go to quinoa dinner! thnx for the ideass

  4. quinoa and oats are probably my favorite grains so i'm loving this post 🙂 i usually eat my quinoa seasoned but today i tried it plain. you're right, the nutty flavor is AMAZING! and i'm super excited about the cookies. thanks again! you're so sweet and they look delicious! have a lovely day!xox

  5. Love almond butter! Yummers. Ahhh – looks like you've gotten off to a good weekend, healthy start…I on the other hand feel like a complete (and gross) failure after consuming what must have been pounds of chocolate last night…without even craving it…I think the morning/day after is always harder – regret/anxiety/anger SUCKS…But seeing your comment on my post – that made me smile a little 😉 – I must add you to my Roll girl. Cheers.

  6. Glad you had such a wonderful time with your aunt! I'm going to miss Conan, I can't wait to see what he has up his sleeve next!

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