Feeling nutty

Good morning!
Yesterday was awesome – simply put.
I started out with a yummy bowl of Stoneyfield vanilla yogurt, strawberries, granola and trail mix.
Then I packed a few things for J as my mom was watching him last night for us. He looooooves his Grandma!
I dressed him a pair of coveralls that she bought him for Christmas – he looks like a little farmer!

DSC03570     DSC03571I met my mom, kissed my boy and headed for the gym to get in a last minute workout. Ran for 30 minutes and did stairs for 15. I was a hot and sweaty mess. It felt great but my legs were definitely tired from the previous days run! I was thinking of taking advantage of not having J this morning and going but my legs are SORE. I think I will stay home and do some ab and arm work.
Oh – and did I mention that J thought it would be nice to give my phone a drink of water in the dog bowl? I guess he thought it was thirsty.
Off to Verizon today to see if I can get a new one. Although, I need to check to see if it dried out over night. Sometimes they still will work even after a day of drinking! 
I met Marc at home at about 3, ate a light lunch of left over soup and Kashi crackers and went and showered.
Then it was show time!
I love driving through Seattle when it’s dark. Errr.. correction. I love being DRIVEN through Seattle when it’s dark. Marc knows his way around the city which is nice. Me? Not so much.
This REI is giant! I love it!
Hi Whole Foods!
I’ve never eaten at this restaurant but I do love the sign.
And of course some Spaceneedle shots.
Then we arrived at the hall!
This hanging mural was made up of ladders, tape measures and other material. It was quite impressive!
We had amazing seats – second tier, front and center. We also had an aisle seat so we didn’t feel so cramped!
Since this was the last showing of the season they “oomphed” the performance a bit; adding some comedy to the music and the performance. They would start randomly play music from the Wizard of Oz, TV shows and so on. It was quite comical and the audience really got into it!
At the intermission Marc and I stepped out and had a quick bite that we pre-ordered.
Pesto rigatoni and a tomato, basil and mozz salad. YUM! I was STARVING so this was a great way to split up the performance!
I also had a nice cup of coffee.
And yes I know – I need to re pain my nails!
Photos were prohibited once the performance started but there was a lot of this:

It was such a flawless  and beautiful performance! I would love to attend more ballets – Romeo and Juliet would be next on my list.
Then we headed back home, stopping for a nice relaxing dinner by the water. Anthony’s is one of our staple restaurants, as Marc opened the Seattle location as executive sous chef. We stopped by their Edmonds location which is a tad closer to our home.
We were not extremely hungry so we opted to share. BUT there are just too many choices on the menu! We started with a nice glass of Merlot – Red Diamond and their crab, shrimp and artichoke bake.
It was very cheesy and rich! Then I just simply ordered a cup or chowder and their house seasonal salad.
Baby spinach, raw mushrooms, parm, bacon all tossed with an herbed dill vinaigrette.
Marc ordered their fish tacos and garlic mashed potatoes, which of course I had a few bites of.
Between rich food and too much bread I was not feeling well last night. I was completely stuffed and had a horrible stomach ache. I had to take some tums before bed – yuck!
It was an amazing evening and a perfect way to end 2009! And yes – I am still in shock 2010 is here!
I have been up since 5:30 this morning, tossing and turning. Of course the morning I don’t have to get up I do – oh well. I am off to FINALLY grab some coffee. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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5 Responses to Feeling nutty

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  2. Leah @ L4L says:

    I did PNB Nutcracker a couple years ago. it was fab. I also love being driven around Seattle! Jodus used to valet at a couple of DT hotels so he really knows Seattle quite well. I on the other hand, I am a sad excuse of a Seattlite.

  3. What a nice night out with the hubs!Paint your nails?! Who has time?! ;)Happy New Year!

  4. happyshoes says:

    That breakfast is gorgeous and everything looks so good!! I went to a Beethoven concert at that hall a few years ago. It was lovely. I'm glad you enjoyed the ballet. 🙂

  5. Chelsea says:

    I have to say that I'm so envious that your Mom lives so close! Your night out looks FAB!

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