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Leave me alone, Sugar!

So, a couple of items:

One – I have been having a HUGE sweet tooth lately. It’s killing me! All I want to do is eat anything sweet, no matter what! AAHHHH! I don’t know what is going on – I don’t know if it’s because it’s almost Christmas and all I see and hear about are delicious treats but believe me, I am NOT giving in that easy. Well, I did have chocolate frozen yogurt, a piece of peppermint bark and three LARGE home made chocolate chip cookies yesterday…. and, um, today I had mint cocoa and some bites of a chocolate brownie. I seriously could have downed the entire thing!

I think I am getting a little used to eating sweets, like my tongue is craving them. Usually when this happens I have to do a restriction for a few weeks until I can get these cravings under control – no gluten, no sugar. It sucks but it works like a charm! AND I feel wonderful afterward! Like a brand new me! =)

Two – Um, I seem to have forgotten… wow. I know I had something else but now I cannot remember for the life of me! Maybe it will come back to me…

Well, J went down FAST tonight! Bath, bottle and night-night! Hopefully he will be in a much better mood tomorrow morning!

Dinner was rather odd, but the combo rocked!


:Sorry for the crappy light: 3 egg whites, some salsa, a veggie patti with Laughing Cow Light cheese, onions, clover sprouts and some more roasted Brussels sprouts.

Like I said: weird combo but worked well! But really, we are totally out of EVERYTHING -  a mandatory grocery trip is to be taken in the morning.

And I though that this was hilarious! J chillin with Lilly!

DSC03460 DSC03461 

Have a wonderful night!

14 thoughts on “Leave me alone, Sugar!

  1. The only thing that is saving me this holiday season is the fact that I am on detox until tomorrow, otherwise I would be in real trouble.The pics of the dog and J are so cute. I love when my babies and furbabies get along.

  2. I just ate some brussel sprouts!I am SNOWED IN!Nice to find your blog,Katie

  3. I'm the same way with sweets – the more I indulge, the more I want, until I overdose on sugar and the very thought finds me grossed out – I haven't been indulging in much sweets because foodie blogs the world over have been posting treats so I'm sick of just looking at them! LOL I got this way at Halloween and Thansgiving, too. The sprouts and salsa are making me hungry!! And honestly, what could be cuter than babios and four-legged animals? 🙂

  4. Tasha, thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your, as well!Funny, my pup's name is Lily, too!I'm craving sweets badly, too. I do believe I ate all $5 worth of fudge from the Amish store near me. It's the best, but shame on me : )

  5. I hope your sweet tooth calms down some! I usually am absolutely ravenous around sweets but this year, I pledged not to make any and I've been fine thus far. Now, it wasn't but 2 weeks ago that I made chocolate chip cookies and ate most of the pan, so that could be it. :)Have a great day today!

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