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I am blogging from my comfy office bed! I haven’t done this in ages!

Just look at my desk =)


I just got home from the gym, showered and feeling great! The chiropractor appointment was WONDERFUL! Call me weird or sick, but I love to hear my back crack! It makes a world of difference for me and my well being. My lower back is still pretty sore but it was out for 5 days!

I was able to run fairly well tonight with no pain. 3.7 miles in 42 minutes but 10 minutes of that was spent walking at a heavy incline for warm up and cool down. I even sprinted for a few minutes to regain some leg strength.

My iPod is lacking, though. I have been listening to old school Limp Bizkit and Alice in Chains and I need to upload some new tracks. Time to look through our endless stack of cd’s and start burning!

It’s funny because I listen to music when I workout that I normally wouldn’t listen to on an everyday basis. Like a lot of “poppy” music makes me want to go yet I would never listen to that when I am driving. But I am a diehard rock fan – the harder the better. But I LOVE acoustic guitar, too!

Hmm…. I guess I love all types of music, really. Rap, not so much and I have no idea what is “hot” right now. Meh….

What get’s you moving? 

Unfortunately, I didn’t seem to take any pictures of my food today! Granted, my lunch was left over French onion soup and no matter how I shot it, it just didn’t look appealing. But these carrots and hummus did.


Marc and I went to Sushi for an early dinner and I forgot my camera – but rest assured it was AWESOME as usual! Funny, because EVERYTIME we go to sushi I end up leaving my camera. Strange.


Look at these comparison pictures!

December 2008 – 2 months old

It looks like he is going to punch Santa! lol

December 2009 – 14 months old

DSC03151 DSC03145

:sniff sniff:

My baby is not a baby any more! Seriously, it goes entirely too fast!

Here is the picture I am going to use for our Holiday cards:

holiday 2009

I may use one of the stocking pictures (I took 30!) because I sent out a stocking picture last year and it might be a nice comparison for people.

He still has that wonderful smile that melts my heart!


4 thoughts on “Nostalgia”

  1. Great pictures!I'm also a diehard rock fan but I listen to poppy music when working out – something about it motivates me. Have you heard Alice in Chains' new stuff? It's pretty good.

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