The 12th Man

Hey guys! Hope everyone’s Sunday ROCKED!

Mine started out with this:


Scrambled egg whites, a pancake, low acid OJ and Morningstar breakfast links. I admit – I love sausage! Yet, now that I am trying to go veggie I wanted to try these Morningstar breakfast links. I love the texture! None of that yucky, chewy gristle! The flavor could have used more seasoning but overall I really enjoyed them!

Then… it was game time!








The Seattle Seahawks started the 12th Man – meaning we, as fans, are the 12th man on the field. And let me tell you… there is a reason why our stadium is known for the LOUDEST stadiums in the NFL!


This was the only food picture I took the entire game… 😉


I ended up having two of these but at 7.50$ a pop… I made sure I savored every. single. drop.

I also had a few bites of a Caesar salad and Marc got me a cup of fries – yum! The weather was stable and not too chilly. Of course I am always cold so I made sure I dressed in layers.

The game started out rough – an interception and a fumble. Yikes. But we came around and won! GO HAWKS!

We left with 6 minutes left on the clock to beat the crowds. We met my mom to pick up Jordan at her boyfriends parents house, who graciously invited us in for a nice hot home cooked meal. Meat loaf, broccoli, coleslaw and flakey croissant biscuits. Yes, I did eat some meat loaf – I just didn’t want to be rude or have to explain myself. It was good tough 🙂

Even though Marc and I get a little stressed from little J… we miss him when he is gone! Just a night though helps us unwind a bit and let’s us be “us”.

We had a great time last night, too! We went bowling! Of course, I forgot my camera… but rest assured we had a great time! This was our first time bowling together. Out of the 5 years we have been together… I can’t believe it. Neither of us wanted to cook so we opted for Chinese.

I requested Kung Pow Tofu – OMG! It was light yet PACKED with flavor. POW! I also had some white rice to go along with it. Marc got sweet and sour shrimp and pork fried rice. And we shared a big side of hot and sour, which we were not pleased with. 😦 Sad since we LOVE hot and sour soup.



And my fortune:


Well all, I am pooped. Ready for Monday?

OH! Before I forget… CONGRATULATIONS TO THE LADIES THAT WON ARWARDS AT THE FOODBUZZ CONFERENCE! I am sincerely proud of you all and you deserve it! Hopefully I will be able to get a chance to meet you one day! =)


2 thoughts on “The 12th Man”

  1. What a great day! Totally jealous that you got to go to the game!!!! I've only been to one pro game and it was pre-season. Stadium food is ridiculously expensive. I always try to sneak my own in 😉 DEF give Body Pump a try and let me know your thoughts. Happy Monday 🙂

  2. I know you love Baby J very much, but it is great that you two can make time for you two!!! Looks like y'all had fun. Can you believe the price of beer? Highway robbery!

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